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cold sweat trickled down her spine,
gasping reluctantly for air penetrated
her thoughts, but it was just;
she beamed upwards to sight the welkin,
relinquishedβ€” she stopped abruptly.
hi! i’ve been MIA for quite some time now. i’ve been rly busy with school. i hope everyone is safe! < 3
roz Feb 2021
i wish i can flow out my emotions
and have a taste of it
maybe with a bourbon glass
anything, without complications

just to see if it hints bitterness
a glint of sadness
see if it dances with joy
i hope not for sorrow

mundane aims blandness
and i dont know anymore
seems like i cant feel anything
are they bottled like Jim Beam?
i just feel empty most of the time
Poetria Feb 2020
i have seen you dancing with trees
warm and familiar, with an air that is sweet
in here, you appear, you dance into being
behind my closed eyes, you're watching me breathe

here i am autumn, stretching on beyond decree
opposite these falling leaves,
you are rosy cheeks and beaming teeth
but i insist, i am convinced:
autumn is a beautiful place to be

you are all that i seek,
all i would like to believe is real
so i try to remember if you ever liked me

but you are endlessly sunlit,
hued honey-gold, and evergreen
and this half-eyed fading lucidity,
is the only place we can hope to meet
so i insist, i am convinced:
autumn is my most beautiful dream
perspective: Autumn is the absolute end of all life

written January 2020
Simon Soane Oct 2019
When you sit & nonchalantly beam
it is such an enchanted scene;
oh you,
you'd turn a grey sky walk into a sunshine mile,
with your here,
with your smile.
Bhill Aug 2019
As the sun rises over the tops of the trees
It appears to be yawning
Yawning and stretching out it's beaming arms
Stretching out to share the warmth and love
The warmth and love that is needed by everyone, every day
Everyone that is ready for what the new day will bring...
Do you feel it?

Brian Hill - 2019 # 202
Mornings can be the BEST time of the day.
Are you a morning person?
Anastasia Aug 2019
I've been thinking
About the moon
Her sweet scent
Of jasmine and rose
She glances
Upon the night blossoms
And smiles
Her beaming light
It dances
Upon my skin
And her reflection
Is just as beautiful
As her star-children
Bhill Jul 2019
Morning colors change
They change with the morning sun
The morning sun reigns

It's fiery beams
It's setting within the clouds
It's warmth coming through

Brian Hill - 2019 # 188
How was your morning?
Sabila Siddiqui Jul 2019
Front and center of it all
I am a big burning,
bright gas ball.

Planets spin around my girth,
Like Saturn, Mars,
Venus and Earth.

I am the one that rises
you in the morning
and leaves you stunned
by my leave.
I am the one
who blazes and scorches
and at times
hides behind the clouds.

Even though
I am 149.6 million km away
I am still there to
light your world
and keep you warm.
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