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Lyn-Purcell Sep 2018

The Earth sings as water coats,
both whispering with secrets
and languages long lost.
And upon both glides two
beings born on land, made
of water
Both are transient,
come death, they are vapor
while one's of God's water,
the majority are from
the Devil's

Seeing how we are made from water, and when we die we return to the dirt,
I can say we've all had our angel and demon moments.
No man's perfect after all.
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Sankyuu so much!
Lyn x
ohellobeautiful Aug 2018
we are such little beings
in a world that is fleeting
our problems can seem big
but they’re soulfully-freeing
this life is an illusion
so let’s dance to confusion
i know that there’s pain
but it’s light that remains
it is all worth embracing
there is no time for wasting
the dreams in your heart
they won’t ever depart
all they’ve needed is you
to have faith in you, too
you are all that you need
so go on now—believe
SelinaSharday Jul 2018
Who Am I!
Who am I to be!
Where Do I belong..
Where will I end up..

Why was I designed and what Do I live for.
Wonder why I am who I am..
  Wonder why I do the things I do.
  I wonder why people judge the way they do..
    I ask how people hold on to the judgements and criticisms.
      I often see how people keep others in tight cages.
        I see the hatred and it often amazes.

Even with all the answers......
I'd love some favors, I'd Love some forgiveness..I'd love Grace.
It'd be so wonderful to love others as we love ourselves.
It'd be so Blessed should we let go and let God..
It would be so humbling should we forgive as we need forgiving.

See how we don't all have the same views....
See how we all don't believe the same things...
   See how we each reason and have our own logics.
    But can we all at least see we are all still human beings.
Who all needs those basic Things...
         Love! Redemption. Safety..Trust..Peace,,Understanding..
Food..clothes.. shelter.. and family and friends...
Can we place ourselves in someone elses shoes..
Show some some coompassion..
   consider what if you were me.
Live the best we can with the life we are given..
  Open the cage and let the hated free..
Give them To God let him Be..
What ever it is to them He wants to be.

S.a.m 2018 Protected!
We all have been given Life..we wonder what our purpose is..But can we all just love and let live..No matter what our differences..And Forgive and let others be forgiven.. "let God be God for those that believe he is Who He Is..
Pao Jun 2018
colors rot
and so do we

our minds, our souls, our bodies
decaying in the wind
carrying us to unexplored terrain
carrying us to mysterious lands

our minds rot
and so do we

our souls, our bodies
decaying in the dirt
seeping its way into the trees like vines

our bodies rot
and so do we
Non descript hedge rows sculpted into
ornamental animal via botanical artist
wielding pruning shears and chain saw
carved, limned and sculpted with wrist

wrought voila uber prestidigitatiously
head turning botanical picturesque Sun
kist animals at an exhibition transformed
miraculously via Te Deum divine fist ***

ping, whence realistic fauna burst alive
with an explosion of colorful twist and
shout of foliage, where scalloped super
flu us detritus manna for naturalist de

cid Jew us detritus capacious carpet boar
animation punk chew waiting groundswell
Liszt ghost would arise from the grave to pro
deuce magnum opus without a beat missed

such shrubbery mimicking the likeness, sans
glistening fleshy sin yew, and gist about ready
to become bone a fide (green behind the ears)
thriving vox populist, per species and genus

wrought thrashing into birth as delicate crafts
man promised to imbue life, liberty and pursuit
of happiness whittling away leavings, thus did
exist the nascent then omnipresent visible entity

emerging from cocoon an herbalist meta morph
hosed from imagination of skilled, practiced and
mentalist conniver viz extracting the initially
obscure blessed beast, where with august magic

wielding tools of this specialty vis a vis bringing
breathing manifest destiny ala Pinocchio (trans
formed from wood to flesh), whereby finest
dexterous chiseling blistering hands baffle on

lookers as coterie of topiary harvest breaths mind
bogglingly astoundingly authentic rooted ready
to frolic in the grass menagerie a gamesome group
of linkedin live progeny, the MichelAngelo of

dirtiest canvass, an earthen tabula rasa of sorts
where application threshing re: electric cool laid
ahs hid test brings out chlorophyll doppelganger
green hued key luster.
Sage Apr 2018
they can show
they show are flaws
the ones on the outside at least
that all their made for

True eyes can see her soul
See her tears
See her scars
like she couldn't

most importantly
true eyes need true beings
and true beings

true beings can hear crying in the middle of the night
hear her pleas of help
hear her screams

True eyes
need true beings
and true beings
have true souls
ohellobeautiful Dec 2017
within every breath and act of mine
i shine with a divine movement
of the eternal infinite
for i am the infinite
just like you

we are such sacred beings

do not forget
why, to earth you came
or the countless reasons
you do still remain
yes, there is pain at times
but through darkness
our light truly shines
with this growth
we blossom
more toward our divine
always learning to find
the happy thoughts
that roam our mind

this life is beautiful
and so are you
this dream is a blessing
not all get to hold on to

cherish it

you are the blanket
of Love and warmth
for every cold night
you are the lost answer
i have been trying to find
you are the Sun to my shine
you are the reason i rhyme

remember to remind yourself
from time-to-time:
you are worthy of all you seek
emotions do not make you weak
feel everything you possibly can
while you’re still here
do not be afraid to express it
to those that turn a hopeful ear
there is truly no need for you to fear
the light in you is always near

do not quiet down
your heart’s rumble
you do not have to
stay so humble

be explosive
shout your shine

for this is how the world aligns
Divine Dao-3 Mar 2017
A n g e l s



D r e a m s



G r a t i t u d e



J o y

J o y f u l
K i d s


M i r a c l e s

N e v e r l a n d
Never   lands


P o e t s

Q u a n t u u m
R ea lit y


T o t a l i t y


V i s i o n s

W o n d e r s !

  * really exist !*

*Z o e
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