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Cox Oct 2020
It’s when I talk about you to the stars that lights up the sky.
Alex Oct 2020
do you think, when god created us,
they immediately realized their mistake?
the angels must have hated us
they should
they do.

imagine being the perfect epitome of a being,
only to be cast aside for those who create nothing but unbridled chaos.
"it’s what makes them perfect"
they said once, when one of the angels asked about it
"the chaos?" Gabriel asked
"their humanity."

i'm convinced none of them understood exactly what “humanity” means,
and we don’t either.

the day that i reach the end of the road,
when i meet earth, and my soul is the only thing left
and it just so happens
that the god I write about turns out to be real,
i hope they let me ask this question just once
God's Oracle Aug 2020
At my age I lay here awake 3:00 AM on a Thursday Morning yet have to learn to remain still and allow The Lord to help heal my body from the chains of perdition that are constantly rattling at my feet. Fighting to bind me once more to allow my carnal self indulge in Earthly pleasures with a very short temporal joy and comfort that certain actions and activities allow us and our carnal bodies to become either energetic, overly happy, *****, obnoxious, sympathetic,  lethargic, drowsy, unable to maintain proper posture to stand, odd quirks, excessive laughing, unusually hot or cold, euphoric, nervous, hyper or nodding, hypersensitive and lastly grandiose like feelings with boosted self confidence and shift changes in overall mood. For Thousands of years plants and herbal medicines have been created to aid nurture back to health the pain and suffering of the patient must use medicines especially the pain killing medicine administered and prescribed to people suffering from a bad car accident or a serious life threatening injury leaving them in constant excruciating pain needing to take the pain medicine for managing their hurtful pain the person must endure to heal yet only time can slowly heal things like such...the part that Doctors  tend to leave out of their strict warnings about the medicines potential of abuse and alarming rate of people who become hooked to that mellow, easy warmth euphoric/dreamy/drowsy/slightly off balance feeling.  Brings them a temporal time of peace joy and comfort...yet that feeling is the high provided by the medicines form of functionality throughout the human body. Slowly other drugs with similar potential of abuse is high are MDMA, *******, Methamphetamine,  Synthetic Drugs, Nicotine and Alcohol.  Ever since these Drugs became available in the streets millions of people turn to them use them and abuse them to temporarily create that sense of inner peace, fictitious joy, temporary solace, and take the way we feel and block us from displaying our true feelings masking our pain with a temporal method to not feel that pain and suffering if need to be able to alleviate those feelings of terrible pains become bearable to endure. All the other drugs I mentioned earlier also create a what may seem a solid foundation to stand upon to heal your stress, problems, certain circumstances and last but not least our spiritual struggles we carry with us.  This medicating yourself with narcotics to balance and repair what the doctors have finally concluded I as a Mental Patient suffer from the Disease Of Addiction. This is only a mere example of the millions of other addictive behaviors and irresponsible acts we tend to try out to feel as if we are no longer prisoners of what our own minds hearts and bodies desire...yet this is exactly what we must avoid doing to ourselves because is not only wrong to do is unhealthy and has dire repercussions towards our life. Our focus should be figuring out how to spiritually grow up more become a more pure at heart, gentle, genuine, loving towards all, loyal, honest, servicing towards the elderly and disabled, helpful, overall well mannered, respectable and clean. The struggles we face on the daily are for man mainly 1.Females. 2.Finding Comfort 3. Finding Peace 4. Learning to be spiritually still and hear God's voice and gentle guidance through our daily battles 5. Finding Balance 6. Finding Strength & Hope 7. Remembering to put God always first in everything on everything in the presence of anyone 8. Prayer changes things unseen yet to the human eye for this gifts are slowly unlocked by practicing to use our extra sensory energies 9. Denouncing the World to be able to Live beyond this physical Life 10. Seeking God with all your heart mind and soul listening and obeying his commands directed towards your individual path of faith

Be aware we become desensitized towards the right things and our vision becomes blurry with heaviness settling in our eyesight the adversary tries all day and night daily 24/7 and yes 7 days a week to someway separate your relationship with our Lord making us stumble with traps and snares hidden in our lifetime blueprints learning our likes, dislikes, what we love to do and what we hate to be doing...then formulates ways to somehow interrupt your spiritual journey and provide you that same worldly temporary escape from my problems and refocus my energy on doing worldly things because when the Devil has us running around doing everything he asks of us to do you know daily day by day night by night slowly but surely that your body mind and soul quench for the presence of God thirsty for his water and hungry for his bread. The day is yet to come when I completely delegate myself to NOT ever use drugs again. Nevertheless, I am counting on God's hands and divine plan to finally click with me and start to work on it building the pillars of my faith stronger bigger and evermore beautiful. Knowing that he will never leave me and always and forever forgive my constant sin and nagging transgressions to be blurted out washed away by the holy precious sanctified pure and perfect blood of Jesus Christ. I am far from where I should already be but am no where close from where I began so thanks Lord am grateful to you for everything and everyone who choose to believe in me and allow me to vent it out. To God be the glory honor and everlasting supremacy and it's power to delegate perfect judgement upon the wicked generation of children who have given their lives to serve themselves their God and his system. I am not judging them at all am simply pointing out the obvious but yet even in a fog of thick darkness a state of profound sin and constant transgressions being thrown ed to God's throne he can still save them and shoe them the Light for they are lost souls without the Lord. I believe is never to late to say to yourself with dedication and a sincere open heart fixated on change...then God will for sure work on you till you become part of our sheep once lost now found by the Great Shepherd Herder Of Lost Souls.  No sin is bigger than my God to handle. Remember that as long as Right fights off Wrong in your mind and heart still speaks in that secret tongue bestowing knowledge and wisdom with Firm Gentleness and Loving with an open heart...forgiving with sincere intentions but last and of radical importance to communicate with the Lord via Prayer ... and at least once or twice a week fast and utilize that fast to pray with extra emphasis on the lost ones out there seeking to be one day spotted by the Light Of God.
God can do anything.
Let me guess,
the world’s not fair and it’s against you,
Go on then, give up like you always do,
mope around feeling sorry for yourself,
What’s the matter? Can’t handle the truth?
Would you like me to sugar coat it for you?
Tell you that everything’s going to be fine
and come up with some easy excuse.
Well I’m not going to do that,
cos life’s not easy and you’re not a fool.
You keep acting like the victim all the time
Constantly saying how things aren’t going your way when,
the choice has always been right there in front of you,
You’ve got the tools,
A working brain, a functioning body
So get a grip and stop acting like you haven’t got a clue
Yes, “Life’s not fair”, and things aren’t always going to go your way,
tell me something new.
I hate to break it to ya, but the world isn’t gonna be laid out nicely in front of you.

Every time things don’t go right, are you just going to sit around and wonder why?
stay up late and cry yourself to sleep every night?
Is that really how you want to live your life?
Just become bitter and miserable,
don’t you ever get tired?
Tired of feeling so **** sorry for yourself
when are you going to get it?
the world doesn’t owe you anything, it never has,
so you need to get over this whole negative phase and leave all of that stuff in the past.

The biggest mistake is believing that you don’t have control over your life,
That it’s not a choice, when that couldn’t be further from the truth,
If you want something, you need to chase it,
The only person who can determine your success in life, is you.

You don’t like your job? quit,
Don’t see an opportunity? create one,
Things aren’t going to be handed to you on a plate
you need to work hard for your craft, you need to keep going until you get it done.
What you’re gonna learn is, life is complex,
You’re gonna fail and get rejected time and time again,
If it was easy, everyone would’ve won.

Is it going to be hard? Are you going to struggle?
But don’t let that stop you from fighting for what could be a fantastic opportunity,
You’re fighting for the chance to be who you really want,
and that freedom right there, is worth any amount of money.
So stop saying you’re going to do something and actually do it.
at the end of the day, something worth having never comes easy.

You can’t keep playing the victim card your whole life.
Cos next thing you know it’ll all pass by in a blink of an eye,
You’re sitting there in your death bed -
wondering why you’ve stopped yourself from doing so many things in life.

There will be times where you’re gonna be stuck in jobs you hate
be around people you don’t like
that’s life.
and I’d be doing you an injustice to tell you otherwise,
it’s not always gonna be sunshine and butterflies,
it’s gonna be hard work, determination and in most cases, sacrifice.
but what you need to do is decide whether you’re gonna fight for what’s right.

Trust me I get it,
The world can at times seem intimidating and scary,
but it can also be incredibly wonderful - if you just let it be.
jules May 2020
we breathe the same air
we gaze at the same moon
we bask in the same sunlight
we drink from the same stream
we are children of the forest,
as beautiful as ocean tides
and galaxy skies.
asutrick Apr 2020
Black & white thinking
Respectfully lacks a meeting
Where two minds could both exist
Respectfully taking a risk.

All the holes & cracks
Actually point to what both lacks
A canyon growing vast
Based on nothing but the past.

Tree rings growing together
Will help everyone weather
Wood slices revealing
Our tree of life healing.

All those imperfections
Become organizing motifs
Informing we have choices
For turning over a new leaf.
Sabika H Jan 2020
He performs an act of deformation
Because while the world seems to be
In a period of stagnation,
Out swarms his imagination.

The process of distortion is meditative.
Something natural about using
Force on an object stubborn yet

He casts it on fire.
Bends it
Pulls it
Throws it
Kick it!
Hit it!
Scrape it!
Tear it!
and see it destroyed-
Created into an imagined image.

His urge completed,
He marvels at his god-likeness
To bend objects at his peril
Taken out of its feral
In a process as natural and
Disruptive as
An earthquake or a tsunami.
And yet,
He bares no blame or shame for
Mimicking life in the dead and gone.
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