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Ahmad Attr Apr 24
Such a windy eve
The dark clouds are covering my porcelain sky
I’ll be leaving tomorrow’s morning
Are the gathering to cry?
My head is muddled and I am frightened
I am restless as it is all too sudden
I’ll be leaving my home, my town soon
With heavy heart, I amble on my balcony
Suddenly, there is gleam
From the distance crevice of heaven
It seems the sun isn’t ready to sleep
The gold feasts at the tips of the smoky clouds
In the cracks of my sky, honey pours all over it

Such a windy eve
I spread my hands open
The cool gust passes through the gaps of my fingers
I can feel it, the farewells
As though I am the heart of this town
Taking in all the essence
I can hear it, every little thumping heart
Every bird, every child
This town, never asleep, never silent
Tomorrow I’ll just be a memory
So Why not a happy one
I look forward to the life calling me
My star will always light the sky, wherever I’ll be
Kirsty Taylor Feb 15
Your body jerks as you heave yourself out of bed.
The clock reads 5am.
Your phone vibrates,
It’s here.
The countdown is over.

A few long hours,
And caffeinated up,
You arrive,
The sun dances on your skin.

Unpack, freshen up,
Then hit the streets.
You wander aimlessly,
And endlessly.

Eating, sleeping, drinking and waking,
Whenever your body clock requires.
The schedule has been stripped,
Your busy days gone.

You set the rules,
You make the decisions.

Want to people watch with a glass of wine,
Why not?
Want to wander and look at the buildings,
Why not?
Want to sleep in,
Why not?

It’s your trip,
Your story,
Your travels.

The only person you have to depend on is you.
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Nikolas Nov 2020
Visually enriched individuals; you flee where you wish to, and close your eyes with the view last in mind.
Nationwide and far away; you meet peoples whom I only read about in books and see diversity in another world.
I wish I could say that I didn't envy you. But I really do;
For sure I have some beloved locations, for sure I meet my family, but in this particular case I'm an empty body, to wish something, I should fear being silenced.
My mind stores it all;
I've engraved the mountains in my head and locked them tightly in my memories, I remember faces, prices, expressions and sounds, my senses get perplexed in a really good way.
I hope to flee and not complain.
First glances are strong and ripe,
First touch is like a midnight musk against my skin,
Right leg goes over and i'm sitting on my black beauty Virago,
She's a warrior, fierce as fire and brings light into my darkness.
Everyone tells me "you're" dangerous but can't they see i enjoy the thrill of the rush between my legs as the rumble dream continues further unto highway 10.
Fresh crisp air, blue sunny sky, these are moments i'll remember when i'm older, true and genuine.
I love my motorcycle and always will,
no one can ever change the rumble dreams i have for my ride.
A lady and her motorcycle. I want to travel the world with you
Himanaya Bajaj Aug 2020
Getting out of one’s comfort zone,
Trying out travelling alone,
Making decisions that are risk-prone,
Is no doubt difficult - like trying to live without a phone!

Often leads to breakdowns,
Often makes one look like a clown
And often makes one frown.

But then if one doesn’t live for these things,
They are just like a bird without wings.
Even if their day-to-day life doesn’t sting,
They miss out on life and all that it brings.
Tori Jul 2020
It’s really, truly morbid, how my vehicle came to me,
Twas’ the death of a friend of a friend of a friend
Of a friend who was close to thee
He was dead when I got your keys.  
I find that I’m quite infatuated, by your shining, crimson flair  
And your window that squeaks, and your faux leather seats,  
Stained carpets and central air
Who knew trucks could be debonair?  
Shall I name all life’s pains that mean naught in you?
Like that person who says, and then he says, and she says
They all say, and then it is true
So, I drive to find new points of view.
We will thrive on gasoline fumes and the human will
Until the ground is ****** dry and wells shot
Till then, freedom, adventure, and hidden hills
Will be ours, you and I, Bombadil.
An ode to my faithful steed, a red ford F-150.
old willow May 2020
Crossing the eastern stream,
I met a friend.
His shell, hard as he slowly
traverse across the water.
Crouching down, I asked him.
Oh turtle, why do you move so slow,
Yet never stop inching forward?
Mitch Prax May 2020
Dear diary;
I have thought a lot
about leaving this all behind
and buying a one-way ticket
to anywhere where no one
knows my name.
I want to forget who I am
and lose myself
in another's culture.
I want to stay until I tire
and do it all again
somewhere else.
zz Feb 2020
There it was
the lonely wooden heart
the last one
in the souvenir shop

With huge wound
right in the middle
Nobody wanted to buy
the broken heart

I have it
put it on my sleeve
it suits me well
I think
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