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On the way, during travelling
There’s a lot of obstacles
Lots of breakers, lots of crackers
Lots of turns and lots of miracles
Lots of ups and downs
Lots of animals and peoples though
And even conditions of roads
Are not up to the mark.

But there one thing in our mind
We have to reach anyhow at the end
There’s no matter if fact that
What time it needs.

So, why we stop
After some failures?
On the way of life.
There also obstacles
Miracles, sane and insane peoples
Crust and trough too.

Why we aren’t so crazy
As much as during travelling
Why we aren’t keep in mind that
Anyhow we have to reach our beach

Never stop, never!
During the way of your aim.
Be so insanely crazy about your game
Think why you are doing so.

Keep in mind that  
Plant takes a long time
To become a prolific tree.
They also suffer a lot as we do.
Sufferings are different but pain is same though.
Its all about how people change their aim after some failures and disappointed. And also about how everything in our life teaches us some lesson but depend upon us how we see everything, as a lesson or as a ordinary thing.
Hop on, take a seat
Lets take a ride very quick
We'll go somewhere you've never been
Somewhere you've never seen
I know youre excited
Who wouldnt be
Travelling to a place
To unravel mystery
Look to the left
There you'll see
Buildings built to escape misery
Look to the right
There you'll see
Strangers wishing they were free
Now look at me
Tell me what you see
Before we arrive
At a place called
Tell me what you think.
Allesha Eman Apr 14
I desire to smell the flowers that grow in your allies
The ones that colour the streets even in the darkest light
And walk the trail of stars your people leave behind
When their wandering towards new wonders
As they turn new corners in their lives
I dream of floating in your scent, that dances in the wind
Carrying culture, history, and your nature in its wings
I’ll dance amongst your voices, and sway with their melodies
The laughter will carry me to your quiet little streets
And somewhere in the silence I’ll start to miss my home
Until your stars will start to wrap me in your ethereal glow
And from then on along your yellow brick roads
I’ll make your love my home
Juan Bot Mar 1
A beautiful Friday,
The birds are singing
April in Paris.

The people are dancing
In front of the eiffel tower.
Dancing to the beat of Je t'aime.

A guy is in the corner
Playing jazz on his saxophone.

A good day
In Paris.
A beautiful city expressed in this poem.
I wander like the mind of man,
Present not in the time or place in which he exists

I wander like the fallen leaf,
Sailing the river without resistance,
Bound to it’s eternal current

I wander in my sleep to the strangest of places,
Far beyond the extended arm of my imagination,
And no less so when I am awake

But no matter how far I wander,
I am still right here,
The only place I have ever been
zz Feb 7
I saw the northern lights
and slept on the beach
to watch how the sun
greeted the morning

I cried at  Güell Park
and wept at Monet´s garden
to handle the beauty
I never see again

I kissed a stranger in Rome
and lid the candles in cathedrals  
I met the beautiful people
and make them my friends

And yet
I´d exchange all of that
for the little wrinkle you had
last time you smiled at me
Johnny walker Dec 2018
It's only we who know our
dreams and to where they take us we can share our dreams
but those dreams we dream belong to that Individual who dreamed them travelling one's dreams Is true experience
and at
times can be so real so when travelling my dreams whilst asleep never know where to they will lead
Travelling dreams whilst asleep never know where
they will lead me
Mitch Prax Dec 2018
The city is alive
with its aging streets
and their flashing neon lights.
The hungry inhabitants shed no tear;
the gutters are already overflowing
with broken bottles and promises
and liquid dreams as old as the palace.
This city holds excitement for us all.
But no joy.
Isabel Aghahowa Nov 2018
i'm travelling
to a further place
a hole in the ground
for those unreaching

i'm drifting
and slowly diving
into a deep space
of heavy rain

i'm walking
into consciousness
beyond the mountain
beyond the plain

into a lifeline
i cannot contain

i can't see
i can't breathe
the same way anymore
Michael Sep 2018
Life is flowing,
Rapid and uncertain,
Like a river carving it’s path through the land.
It twists and it turns,
It relents for no man.
Rapids and waterfalls,
Are all part of the journey.
There’s no way to prepare,
So we all set out early.
No matter the course we take,
Or the length of the ride,
Our destination is the same,
We all get there in time.
Some of us fight it,
And that’s ok.
While others lay back,
And let it sweep them away.
Do what you want,
Not just what you think you can.
We only ride once,
So be the best person you can.
A few thoughts on the nature of life.
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