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old willow May 12
Crossing the eastern stream,
I met a friend.
His shell, hard as he slowly
traverse across the water.
Crouching down, I asked him.
Oh turtle, why do you move so slow,
Yet never stop inching forward?
Mitch Prax May 2
Dear diary;
I have thought a lot
about leaving this all behind
and buying a one-way ticket
to anywhere where no one
knows my name.
I want to forget who I am
and lose myself
in another's culture.
I want to stay until I tire
and do it all again
somewhere else.
zz Feb 21
There it was
the lonely wooden heart
the last one
in the souvenir shop

With huge wound
right in the middle
Nobody wanted to buy
the broken heart

I have it
put it on my sleeve
it suits me well
I think
Mitch Prax Dec 2019
Hand in hand,
standing at the gates of Hell.
Nothing else exists,
but for the flames
of Turkmenistan
burning as bright
as the love
us two.
Thomas Snijders Oct 2019
I’m sailing on an endless sea
And while it’s peaceful
I can’t help but wonder
When I will see land again.

Used to be locked away
Before I went on this voyage.
Dusty and slowly falling apart,
Parts of me replaced over time.

I went out onto the sea
And began travelling.
I don’t know where this will take me,
But I sure hope I won’t sink.
Mitch Prax Oct 2019
city of love-
but without you,
it’s like separating
the Taj Mahal
from this
Mitch Prax Sep 2019
we can just travel
from country to country and
we can disappear

9:40 PM
Mitch Prax Aug 2019
I daydream about
you and the places we could
go around the world

6:29 PM
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