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AM Sep 3
If you are willing to go through
all the pain for her
I know you can do it
for yourself too

To me,
you're worth fighting for
and I can't watch you
let yourself fall from another bridge

I've seen the things
you've done for her
and I can't watch you
let yourself fall from another bridge

All of the things you've given up
just to give up fighting in the end
I can't watch you
let yourself fall from another bridge

If she's worth falling from another bridge
then you should be worth it to yourself

you are to me.
Johnny walker Aug 22
I know I've  had my time with her and that time will be no more but I'm not letting go of
To much we had together that's there's just no letting go to much water
under the
And bridges I've crossed over throughout my life I've never
burned any of them when I reached the other
They're all still standing those bridges of the past lie within my memory every day reminders
of our time
Greg Jones Jul 29
I see that troubled water,
I just cannot be bothered.
I know it looks bad, I know that it looks bad.
Looking for greener times,
Clearing my foggy mind.
I get the tool bag, I’m getting my tool bag.
Distances seems like a lot.
When you’re travelling and everybody just forgot.
It’s been so long since I transitioned into this,
But they only see the old me, they reminisce.
Communication without comprehension,
Though good intentions, is just lack of info retention,
I swear.
I build them up, and they just burn them down.
Then have the audacity to ask why I’m never around.
“Oh, hey, how are you?
You look so familiar.”
School them once, school them twice,
I’m on a different curricular.
I don’t have the time to keep repeating lessons
When all they seem to give me is false confessions.
With change on my mind, the past on my nerves,
I’m building bridges to get to something that I deserve.

It’s 11:30, why you come to see me?
Ain’t seen you for months, girl, now you wanna see me?
Standing on my porch now, saying “You complete me.”
With the low cut tank top, thinking than intrigues me.
Bite your bottom lip, ooh, you thought this would be easy.
Thought that I’d forget just how bad you treat me?
I know all your tricks, yeah, that ****’s beneath me.
You used to be a playlist that I could put on repeat.
All your cute words, they’re just trying to deceive me.
But that bridge is gone now, why don’t you believe me?
Joanna May 24
If we had more love, to see with our hearts and not just our eyes.  

If we had more love, to look past ourselves, and say 'I will try,'
to remember less hurt, and hope in the joy.

Reach out to another without the ties. Make light of frustration,
and say 'we will try,' to look with compassion and forget the games.

Use our lives as markers when there is so much pain. If we just
had more love.
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c May 13
I don’t like
The way
I put all of myself
Into every single thing
I set my mind to

And that included
Loving you
And that included
Burning my bridges
And that included
Wondering why I let myself burn in the process
I don’t like the way I don’t mean anything to you
Sonia Thomas May 1
There are oceans in my body,
In your eyes,
And between us.

I have walked on water before and drowned.
My holy arms and legs said names and wrapped men as presents that they didn't deserve to be.

I am prone to wishful thinking
And my rapidly closing eyes
Are already building sandcastles.

Tear them down.
Tear them down.
Like you wore and tore me down.

Set me on fire and end me.
Nothing and too much are two extremes I have lived in.
Now bridge them and let me die.
/|=====I don't burn bridges=======|\
/|===I just let them structurally====|\
/|=decay because I don't use them=|\
my friend said this once
Johnny walker Mar 17
With nowhere to go and nothing left for me now to go back to for I've burned all bridges a long time ago nothing
or waiting on me for what had that of true love Is all over now and no amount of tears cried will ever bring her
For I burned all my bridges
such a long time ago for when I met my wife to be and all I had done before
I met
all was forgotten as If It never existed for I
burned all
there's no going back burned along with them was memories of my past
For I started living life for real the day I met my wife to be so when she
passed on there
on or turning back for I burnt all my bridges a long time ago the day Helen she became my
The day I met Helen I burnt all my bridges to my past so life for me began the day I married
Helen, I no longer had a past
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