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M Solav Jan 2023
Sorry but not sorry
For the things that I have done.
Sorry but not sorry
For all the pain under the sun.

 And all the longing to set ourselves apart
 From the will of the masses,
 Though we clearly stand as one.

 And the reticence to play our part
 In building on new bridges,
 Though we clearly need them now.

  Short story long,
  Long story short -
  Sorry but not sorry
  For writing off this song.

Sorry but not sorry
For all the excuses that I make.
Sorry but not sorry
For not owing back what we take.

 And all the mannerism along which we pretend
 To care so much about the future,
 Though we clearly act for our only sake.

 And the conflicting messages that we must send
 As we aim to **** the messenger,
 Though we clearly all covet his fame.

  Short story long,
  Long story short,
  Sorry but not sorry,
  For writing off this song.

Sorry but not sorry
For casting off one more blame.
Sorry but not sorry
For the ills that one must name.

 And all the finger-pointing with no concrete action
 As we forget the final hour,
 Though we clearly hear the call

 And all the conflicts that we set in motion
 As we bow to the god of power,
 Though it clearly draws our fall

  Short story long,
  Long story short,
  Sorry but not sorry,
  For writing off this song.
Written on January 8th, 2023.

— Copyright © M. Solav —

This work may not be used in entirety or in part without the prior approval of its author. Please contact for usage requests. Thank you.
David Hilburn Jul 2022
Bridge on fire
Flames noted for their honesty, justice
Given a stoic chance, the element of a sire
Waiting on the God given stir, of heaven to spice?

We walk with ourselves and a name
So allowed, so meticulously reasoned
By the tides of tomorrow, the edges of shame
Will us to life, the self and same, since seasoned

Rain may come, a harrowing guidance to destiny's future
Fortunes of simplicity and chaste, the gall
To step forward, and ask a land in all curiosity
Is a found and timid laugh, our only way to an answer's fall?

Succinctly the embittered path, with a rue
Time mushrooming into secrets and pains where with all
Hello, adding sincere to a bonfire of vanity's, a could
And a shoulder of compassion from here to sight eternal...

But the fire persists, the devotion of silence's choice
In the stir of accept, and where winds know a callous insist
The terror of a failing humanity, with a salt to its fame, if not voice
Where has irony and its conscience been, the eyes of hate we visit?

Little harmony, the stuff of patience and liberty's dreams
Still a hand to hold, when peace becomes a risen sort, to avid lead
Long in the truth to overwhelm a shadow, we all know and seem
Where presence of mind has a lover, somewhere sending a remorse's kiss, to me...
I stand here at the doors of a strange land
Being bid farewell by the parting band
Behind me the bridge burnt by me
I seek the keys to my destiny

I look at the rubble called past
Ahead apprehension and opportunities are cast
Failure, hurt and envy are pitted
Against the edifice I hope to build
eurus Nov 2021
this facade has cost me damages beyond repair
bridges to ashes
glitter to sand
i feel undeserving of looking up the sky
how foolish of me to think i'd ever shine as bright
my fear coalesce into a person and i am running
running as fast as i can
exhaustion sitting heavy on my back
chains wrapping around my ankles
i trip over the roots of the past
and suddenly i am falling down a rabbit hole
with no end in sight
the stars, they are more stunning than i recall
i have never seen as many as tonight
oh, they twinkle, they wink at me
as i fall down deeper into the earth
dear stars, you must forgive me for my shameless mistake, okay? okay.
I S A A C Aug 2021
what fantasy should I play into today
watch the fruitful image become laced with dust like Pompeii
what fantasy should I play into today
become just another burnt-out cigarette in your astray
my life is simply a fallacy, nobody truly cares for me, losing my sanity in the name of chastity
my life is unsatisfactory, nobody truly can handle me, confidence beat up no battery, take another shot of vanity
woah, I feel it start to form
woah, the new queen of the swarm
woah, x marks the spot no storm
woah, no longer can conform
to society, their ideology in breach of me
and my values, firmer than statutes
life can bruise, covered in the cool hues
and my bad news is I can still lose
but why focus on the lack and knives wedged in my back
rather not focus on that
discard the cracks and sneak attacks
rather not focus on that
my walls are up and they keep you back
Maria Mitea Apr 2021
it stops in the heat of the day and picks your wildflowers.
it's coming. it certainly comes. out of the world. ones.
white moths will flutter their wings at your years
"if you want. come to dinner. we”ll be us ”

for fear of another step back. every second asks incessantly
"what could have happened"
the eyes remained fix on that crucifix.
chain hanging on the rearview mirror "

a heart that splits in the rain.

- it hurts ... but no ... I can't open the door.
"let's run. run with me. now"
one last look disappears in the flood of rain.
it can hit. anyone. anywhere. anytime.
in silence ... keep your hand on the door handle.
if not. we can say "it was the tyranny of time"
we only need a minute. to open the door to the outside world.
AE Mar 2021
An excerpt from a fairytale:

“You found what you needed from some token of love. Happiness lived at the end of bridges crossed and burned. You swim into an abyss of     oblivion and build a home in a sea of happily ever afters no one has dared to travel past.”

An excerpt from reality:

“What you needed, found you. You spend your days walking across broken bridges, mending what’s left of them and staring out at the horizon. Where the distant sun, ever so close, kisses your skin, and you are where you’re meant to be, manifesting the energy of healing.”
Him Feb 2021
I don't burn bridges, I preserve those wonders of old. I let the waters rise, whilst I remain underneath its ridges and contours.

I don't burn bridges, not because that I am mature.

I don't burn bridges, because I am alone; and a bridge is a well travelled road.
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