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c 7d
I don’t like
The way
I put all of myself
Into every single thing
I set my mind to

And that included
Loving you
And that included
Burning my bridges
And that included
Wondering why I let myself burn in the process
I don’t like the way I don’t mean anything to you
Sonia Thomas May 1
There are oceans in my body,
In your eyes,
And between us.

I have walked on water before and drowned.
My holy arms and legs said names and wrapped men as presents that they didn't deserve to be.

I am prone to wishful thinking
And my rapidly closing eyes
Are already building sandcastles.

Tear them down.
Tear them down.
Like you wore and tore me down.

Set me on fire and end me.
Nothing and too much are two extremes I have lived in.
Now bridge them and let me die.
/|=====I don't burn bridges=======|\
/|===I just let them structurally====|\
/|=decay because I don't use them=|\
my friend said this once
Johnny walker Mar 17
With nowhere to go and nothing left for me now to go back to for I've burned all bridges a long time ago nothing
or waiting on me for what had that of true love Is all over now and no amount of tears cried will ever bring her
For I burned all my bridges
such a long time ago for when I met my wife to be and all I had done before
I met
all was forgotten as If It never existed for I
burned all
there's no going back burned along with them was memories of my past
For I started living life for real the day I met my wife to be so when she
passed on there
on or turning back for I burnt all my bridges a long time ago the day Helen she became my
The day I met Helen I burnt all my bridges to my past so life for me began the day I married
Helen, I no longer had a past
clever Mar 6
i'd rather stay lost than have to be found.
i can't feel my pulse or my feet on the ground.
but i don't want to die today.
i have bridges to burn and things to say.
and you're sure as **** going to hear them.
six feet under again, baby.

it's not me this time, though.
ChrisG Mar 1
Why do I find beauty in burning my bridges?
Immense heat, a false conclusion and less responsibility.
Damaged to the core
Broken promises, even though I swore.

Why do I find beauty in narcotics?
Escape this reality - caught within a warm grasp.
The reason why I am psychotic,
****, pills and antibiotics.
ive burned a
lot of bridges

whether it was
on purpose or
an accident-
i still don’t know
Hand on my heart I can honestly say half the time now not really aware of
what my purpose In

Is now what I'm supposed
be doing the only purpose
I did know, sadly died last year ago

But can't find a justification for being here
I serve no purpose to this unforgiving government

I don't contribute to their purse anymore being retired and now

I can't find a justification
for my purpose In life so where do I go from here I don't really

I can't go back burnt those bridges long ago I guess I'll have to go with the flow to see where It may lead
No going back burnt those bridges long ago when my sweetheart passed away
Ian Robinson Feb 4
Maybe it is me
Actually it is me
You are quite the dream

Truth is a burden
Heavy sets the beating heart
Even on that day

Beating hearts and a falling start
Recreate the scenes of us falling apart
Incandescent lights
Disrupt the flame
Giving off a new sort of spark
Effectively entrapped in an entangled waltz
Spiraling into the wall


Beaten and battered by frivolous exchange
Understandably we're upset
Reacting not acting
Nevertheless we swing

Lightning flashing
Inside the mind between the hearts
Grasping what we understand
Hoping for the rest
Truly serene

Truth may be a burden
Hardly to fallen stars
Enticed to try again

Wishing for a chance
A way to find the end
Yet I'll I hope we'll never see
Rita Sailor Jan 14
does it even counts as 'sticking around'
if i burned the bridges leading up to your front door?
now i'm in the eye of the storm
convincing myself you're the shelter
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