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DivineDao3 Jun 9


  Vse, kar
           je Sveto
          je Dobro

             Otroci   Svetijo


DivineDao3 Jun 8

Haiku a day
Keeps the dr.
At - - - - bay
Love leisure Hollidays
Yusof Asnan Nov 2017
Beautiful soul.
Impeccable features.
But flaws are imminent.
Even to the brightest.

Her smile obscure.
Like seeds of darkness,
A stiletto of a dagger.
Lurking in the shadow.

Not in her tales,
But of what befell.
Deep of she hid.
Nightmare concealed.

DivineDao3 Apr 2017
If you try harder you'll soon expand your mind's vision
and acknowledge the basic truth about the genuine origin
of people's deeper thinking. It's positioned in the stomach
area or in heart chakra. Never inside active brain, ego tripping, processing machine where most of the thoughts are merely
received thoughts of other people floating around in the
ether. The electromagnetic power in the head is feeble
if we compare it to heart's 5000 times more stronger
energy emanation. And it's no secret that the proper
Mindset for love goes through our bellies.
Paw for your thoughts!

Chinese and Japanese people use for HEART kanji
~ both meanings ~
~ Heart & Mind ~

I think they are genuinly intelligent.
Wisdom is gained through
Subtle intuition ~ love

Soulful vocals shine
Across the din Universe ~
They drone and drone . . .

Koan conundrums -
All phenomenona derive
From life's blushed presence
Is It Better :

To Gesture & Not Speak


To Follow Blindly
And Imitate

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