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2d · 180
Strying 2d
don't lie to me
and tell me you're happy
because I cry every day
and you're making it so hard
to talk to you.
gn - my dog's been having some issues w her bowel movements and it's been frustrating so I'm really tired (currently 2:46 am because she woke me up to do her business lol)
Nov 5 · 955
twilight lover
Strying Nov 5
you glisten in the sunlight,
and glow in the moonlight,
you're my compass,
my direction in life,
the beat in my heart,
and the sparkle in my eyes.
‧͙⁺˚*・༓☾ love you☽༓・*˚⁺‧͙
Oct 22 · 945
Strying Oct 22
the emptiness I feel at night
doesn't go away
in the morning.
Oct 20 · 1.3k
lonely sunsets
Strying Oct 20
all I see are
crashing waves
purple and orange,
and yet my mind
thinks only of you.
Oct 18 · 515
after the cry
Strying Oct 18
the flood
brings the drought,
the everlasting numbness,
only to be ended
by a knife that opens the eyes,
letting tears out once more.
been pretty sad lately
hope everyone is doing okay~feel free to rant in the comments or dms <3
Oct 3 · 470
lost in you
Strying Oct 3
your love
is a vast sky
with stars so bright
I go blind
and can't see anything
but you.
Oct 1 · 786
Strying Oct 1
on pages
and hands
our love
around and around
we draw
and draw
until all your ink ran out,
and now I'm but a line
drifting on a blank canvas.
physics test tmr - wish me luck <3
Sep 26 · 1.0k
Strying Sep 26
a wave of air
a stream of fire
a world ablaze
a person enranged
a life encaged
and eyes
and a smile
and everything
and you.
exhausted, but felt like writing something :)
goodnight everyone <3
Sep 21 · 337
Strying Sep 21
let me out
of this cage,
I can't escape
a world of pain,
and the drought
from all the tears I
no longer have the
energy to produce.
Sep 20 · 634
Strying Sep 20
if I smiled, would you like me then?
if my eyes weren't always filled with tears,
just waiting to be let out of their cages,
would you like me then?
when will I be enough for your love,
is it when all of mine runs out?
actually, imma go do some physics notes, but yall sleep well <3
Sep 14 · 292
Strying Sep 14
of dust passing by
no one in sight
a shy smile
Sep 5 · 523
Strying Sep 5
I light a match
just to see the flame
feel the warmth.
I blow it out
just to feel some power
over anything in my life.
Strying Sep 5
a long way
to a place many never go
surrounded by tall trees
with a path, many don't follow
an open home
hi ~ just wanted to transport myself for a second :)
Strying Aug 31
my friend tells me
she picked up his call because she was scared
a rather tragic start
to a love story
don't you think?
Aug 26 · 700
loneliness and betrayal
Strying Aug 26
so much hate
behind my back
i see you laughing
like a maniac

i leave the call
and everyone joins
i try to help
and they abandon me

i feel so alone
all of the time
like if i never called
theyd never try

music in my room
on these lonesome nights
never with another
till death do i part.
hi, just tried to join the vc my friend was in and she kept leaving after i spent all day going out of my way to support her bc i know shes going through ****. i got off right away bc it made me sad and now i see all of my friends on call with their cameras on. i guess they're better off when im not there.
lowercase on purpose btw
Aug 15 · 230
mixed signals
Strying Aug 15
one moment you're asking me to talk
the next ignoring my response
i cant ignore my feelings
but there is no way i can express them
Jul 31 · 256
poem a day
Strying Jul 31
i've been trying to write a poem a day
as if poetry is a lifeboat
sailing the dark ocean that is my life
Jul 30 · 258
i feel like a failure
Strying Jul 30
in every meaning of the word
and i think ill fail whatever comes next too.

those around me are constantly telling me
i already have.
my mom told me she thinks imma end up living in the streets :D
when i was a kid she told me she thought i would be a star, like performing and all...
Strying Jul 29
so alone
i forgot how it felt to be held

took a cold shower
because i didnt want to remember
but fr i just took a cold shower and it made me feel alive
10/10 recommend, especially while it's still summer
Jul 28 · 522
I've been feeling empty
Strying Jul 28
But it's pushing me to try,
I don't know why.

~Maybe my eyes miss having reasons to cry~
kinda just sitting here trying to motivate myself with some techniques my sis gave me earlier this year when I had 0 motivation to even try them and idk if theyre going to help, but i have school soon so, even though im sad and numb, i gotta try to get back to an active life
Jul 27 · 255
Strying Jul 27
I only feel like I'm enough,
when I'm doing things I don't love.
Jul 26 · 53
cycle of sadness
Strying Jul 26
each day i hope for something better
as though the darkness fades away in the night
and the daytime washes the remains clean

if only reality was like this
and i didn't wake up still teary-eyed,
waiting for dead of night to come again
allowing me to lay my head
and let my pillow catch the waterfall again.
an old draft i kinda liked
Jul 25 · 1.1k
Strying Jul 25
why is it the people I always check in with,
never check in with me?

And even when they do,
it is never more than a simple,
"how are you?"
god im so alone
my besties are in a different state rn and im just here like ??
hope you are all doing well and feel free to rant in the comments, this is a safe space <3
Strying Jul 16
i want love
and im scared of love
and im sick of love
and im so tired.

and yet my heart continues to beat,
as if it's aching for another soul to fall in love with it,
and as if it knows it will once beat to the same rhythm as another;
"love, love, love. what is it good for? absolutely nothing."
Jul 14 · 563
Strying Jul 14
I've tried to hide my emotions for so long,
I'm starting to forget what I'm hiding.

It sometimes comes back to me,
like a dark wave of awakening,
and then back to the light and fake smiles I go.
been really sad recently, it's like sometimes i forget and think ill be fine and make it, and then i go back to being exhausted and wanting to cry all the time.
Jul 14 · 244
killers and the innocent
Strying Jul 14
I often look up at the television
seeing heroes like the black widow,
and warriors like blodreina,
and I want to have this power,
but a society with people like this cannot function.

These people inflict so much pain on civilians,
that they would never be allowed to exist,
in reality.

Hidden under the depths,
they may be discovered,
but killers and the innocent cannot coexist,
despite needing each other to survive.
I really look up to Natasha from the new Black Widow movie. So proud of the actress for getting her own movie finally, but the character itself is amazingly strong and loving. Part of me wishes I grew up to be someone that strong, despite knowing how terrible her childhood was and how much pain she was forced to inflict.
Jun 3 · 526
Strying Jun 3
im numb
but still sad
what is this life
something straight out of hell
its hard to breathe
and i wish i could be happy
but everything is just
so grey
~im still doing finals ah~
Strying Apr 21
have no fear,
don't look back
only take words of wisdom,
from your own soul.
u are ur own inspiration.
Apr 21 · 528
one slip up
Strying Apr 21
and I'm gone.
The drop is so strong I can barely breathe,
and yet everything around me keeps moving.

Time doesn't stand still for anyone.
i dont want to turn back time, i just want everything to stop sometimes
Apr 21 · 80
Strying Apr 21
If everyone dies,
why should I try to get an A?
And if humans are evil,
why do I try to be good?
do we not understand that the stress we put on ourselves is unneeded, u can live your life, or you can die, it's that simple.
Live hard or live easy depends on how people around you treat life.
Sadly, society is mainly made up of people who want complacent slaves who get good grades and end up working a 9 to 5 in an office.
In fact, people will judge you until you make it big, and even then people will keep judging you.
You can't be loved by everyone, and you can't expect that.
But, that should be the norm.
Why do we hate, when we can love?
Why do people make things harder for themselves?
It's like we want people to suffer but then complain when it affects us too.
ok this started out as a poem and ended in a rant so it's cool if u don't read, just idk where to put it all lol
Strying Apr 2
A country road leads to a home.
Beyond rows of trees,
you find a place to hide,
and yet people always seem to be hiding in a place
where they can be found.
Where can one go to never be discovered?
One may wonder if such a place exists.
If it does, how does one get there?
Is death the only path, or can other ways be made.
Can a person scream and not be heard.

Years may pass, but the only constant
is the endless denial of the end.
There will always be nothing in the end.
Then again,
a blank canvas is exactly what so many artists look for,
What many broken people look for to make a new start?
A blank page is a new story waiting to be written,
a life waiting to be lived,
and a masterpiece waiting to be crafted.
Art is a whole other story,
for every stoke creates one piece of something
that has never been made before,
no matter how detailed one can replicate,
each is new,
as each person is a new.

These are all pretty random thoughts;
put together using words,
sentences, paragraphs,
whatever you want to call it.

In reality, everything we know is made by people.
This is because, even things made by God,
were polluted by people.
Who knows if God wanted the sky named “sky.”
In reality, nothing is reality,
it’s all a concept.
And not all of these ideas can be written.
Everything seems dumb down to what we,
who we consider the most advanced species,
can understand.
To me,
it seems many animals can get by with
just knowing that when it is dark they sleep,
and when it is light they get up.

my point is that if,
humans can turn beauty into false concepts,
people are too a false concept.
Who are humans;
some say we are ****-sapiens.
I say we are beings,
all trying to find a purpose in a broken society,
broken by us.

Why is that in an attempt to educate our young,
we stress them out past levels of asylums just a century ago.
I don’t see what the point of creating a world where people are unhappy is.
And then, they don't allow for an escape from it.
Their personal sad and insanity entertainment.
Our only escape is death,
and suicide is looked down upon.
What does society expect us to do?
Talk to other people,
the root cause of the world’s negatives.

When I say it would be easier to die, it’s the truth.
Death is the easy way out,
and yet why does it feel so hard?
I know it's long, I apologize.
Mar 22 · 548
A withering light
Strying Mar 22
is destined to fade
like a heart
is destined to break,
and every line I write brings me
closer to sanity
but every sentence you take from my lungs,
brings me closer to vanity.

Dear God,
when will I find my humanity?
ah im kinda losing my motivation everywhere and my grades are starting to slip but i cant seem to focus or learn or even care.
Mar 22 · 956
Strying Mar 22
dripping on my page
I can't take this pain
my eyes blur
I can't even see the page anymore
and the writing is doubled unrecognizable lines

I want to disappear.

It's easier for me
to die
than to try

but every time someone asks me if I'm fine,
I lie.
im sad
so ******* sad
i literally say i want to die in front of my parents
it seems like no one cares
or if they do, i never say anything and they dont push hard enough to get me to open up.
Mar 8 · 210
Strying Mar 8
tears in my eyes
it's been an hour
I can barely breathe.

I hear the front door open
I stand and wipe my face 10 times
look in the mirror
give it 3 more wipes.

Fake smile,
bright eyes,
wipe my nose,
I'm ready to go :)
literally my life
Mar 8 · 573
Strying Mar 8
it's not horrid
it's not terrible
it's everything
it's you and her
it's the tears that pour
it's the people laughing
it's everyone clapping
for the joyous occasion
the white dress
the suit
and the girl in tears watching her life dissapear.
POV: watching the love of your life get married to another girl and love someone else. you're never enough, you're never the one.
Mar 8 · 397
i just wanna die
Strying Mar 8
I repeated things so many times,
they've become lies,
and I can't breathe thinking about
the number of times I wished I could
just be alright and yelled why?!
I yell in my head,
why why why
listen to me this once,
I just want to die.
Feb 18 · 889
l'appel du vide
Strying Feb 18
the call of the void.
I may not speak French,
but I seek the same:
existential freedom,
endless darkness,
eternal peace.
writers note ab mood: I really feel like my anxiety is getting worse despite a week off of school.
Feb 11 · 1.1k
another fallen innocent
Strying Feb 11
I gasp for air
I reach for the surface
I fall by the call

I hope I will see
another deity
coming from the sky
like a prince or a knight

I wish for the day
I finally see the light
because I'm drowning in denial
and all the plight
I see in my life
where there used to light.
I felt like writing ab something with drowning because I am truly drowning in school work right now and I have two tests tomorrow which I'm not ready for and so many assignments and school is just so hard right now for me.
Hope everyone is doing amazing and I love each and every follower I have on this platform <3
Feb 10 · 266
Genius and Madness
Strying Feb 10
Thank you guys so much for showing so much love for my last poem and I was just thinking about how so many extremely talented people had bad addictions or lost their minds.
On another note, my palm has a bump on it from writing so much and it scares me, and each time I write I worry that it'll be the last time even though it's not as serious at all (I think).
Thanks again ya'll <3
Feb 9 · 1.9k
Strying Feb 9
I wonder if when I die
Someone will find comfort in the poems I write
That when I reach a peace
They too can see some sort of calm in the distance

Like a withering light
A flickering spark
It's fleeting
But enough for you to walk through the tunnel.
I wish my poems to be found after I die, although it's kinda a violation of privacy since I don't write these in my own name, I want to make a difference in the world even if it's just through language.
I recently found an author named Sylvia Plath and im absolutely amazed, yall
should check her out :)
Jan 26 · 305
Strying Jan 26
I try to speak because
I have so many thoughts
and stories to tell
yet I can't find the words
and my head just yells them
arguing back and forth,
what do I say next?

my mind is at war
and I'm just trying to win the battle,
a battle just to open my mouth
but I always seem to lose.
So I just sit there, silent.

And even my tears
seem to
without a sound.
Jan 24 · 76
come home
Strying Jan 24
Sleepless yawns
Headless calls
Waiting up
For someone who never comes
Jan 22 · 280
On my Nerves.
Strying Jan 22
"DOubT ME AgaiN I DaRe YoU!"
she yelled
at the man
who said
she couldn't do it.
he really said i dont do anything in school when i try so hard and got all As but a B+ last semester IM SO DONE
Jan 21 · 216
I Find Poetry Everywhere
Strying Jan 21
Melodies are poetry,
you are poetry,
his eyes were poetry,
and my hands are made of words,
                                                                          and figurative language.
It's hard to breathe and not think of a poem.

"Dust if you must,"
but I will not.

I will live life,
as life is a poem.
And I won't stop until each word is written,
all the pages are used up,
and no stanzas are left to be finished.

No words left unsaid,
because an unfinished poem is like a life abandoned,
as is a guitar song cut off in the middle,
and his eyes losing their glisten.
^.^ have a great day
Strying Jan 21
Pretty and silent.
Unspoken but seen.
her eyes.

Surrounded by death,
she stands,
a light in the dark.

A world taken,
yet she keeps it turning.
She keeps those left going.
She's a lifeline, not a lifesaver.

And when all hope is lost,
her heart beats loud and she stands.
She stands to fight.

Even when no one follows,
her hair is swinging in the wind above them.

She is the queen of the apocalypse.
"Behind every great man is an even greater woman"
she is the queen.
Jan 21 · 247
Strying Jan 21
in and out
if you can breathe
you can live
if you can breathe
you can fight
so dont stop breathing
because i need you.
haha this sounds like an inspirational talk someone would give to someone during an apocalypse
Strying Jan 21
the only release that i find
i pretend that i am fine
when im really falling out of line

find me now
find me then
doesnt matter
its too late

you just cant relate
always in my headspace
<3 hope everyone is doing well
Jan 21 · 92
Open Enrollment
Strying Jan 21
Meaning they can tell you
That you can't do it
And you can take the class
Despite their voices
Despite their downgrading
Despite everyone who limits you
And everyone who doubts you
You can take the class
And you can prove them wrong.

You are strong.
:) you got this :)
Jan 20 · 121
Strying Jan 20
above ground.
keeping my head above the top of the sea
is difficult
especially when bombarded from above.
A hand keeping your head
below the surface,
and just when you think you have gotten a breath in,
it shoves you further down
than ever before,
because that's what life does, that's what it does
"don't know what we're chasing but we all do it."
"guess we're all foolish."
Jan 20 · 1.1k
i cant
Strying Jan 20
You and her together again,
leaving me like a piece of cardboard on the street
you kicked around, but never really wanted.
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