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You are not like the rain
You never teased my skin
Planting ideas in my head
That grew roots in my heart
The acid Dripping from your tongue,
You burnt me.

The storm raged

The waters haven't calmed since.
I felt love, I Feel love, I bleed hurt
And long for a tsunami
To sweep me from this nightmare.
Come back
Break my skin
Show me what it feels like to love again.
Let me dance in the toxicity
And bathe in the poison
Your scent
Your fumes
A fresh rain falls
I'm drawn back in

Let me drown
Chandler M Feb 15
Missed an hour
No problem
Missed 3 hours
That's a problem
At risk of disease
Not good
I've caught a cold
It's not even winter
Forgot something
What day is it?
Need to visit my grandpa
Hopped in the vehicle
Woke up
To shattered realization
If only I slept
At a daily rhythm
Cayley Raven Feb 12
She likes to walk naked
along the midnight river
for there is a nightmare
denying her sleep

She´s trying to drown it
in depths of the water
but all the drowned fears
keep living indeed

Like moon to the sky
she keeps coming back
a figure of an angel
a statue made of steel

She parleys with her demons
to call off their threats
In clothes she was born with
her soul comes out to heal
Reviews appreciated !
Belle Dec 2019
if i put the same effort into getting out of bed that i do
starving myself
i would be so progressive
im gonna pass out
you dont look too good
i see it in your face
i havent been to school in 3 weeks because
getting out of bed is too hard
so i lay there
depriving my dog of playtime
and walks
so i could sulk in isolation
skipped work to nap
i cannot move
Orchid T Aspen Dec 2019
He prowls,
loose and deadly,
light and hungry.

But they don't tell him,
they don't tell
if they're laughing
or crying.

(Aren't they moving their mouths?)

He pleads,
wanting to fail,
but he warns them, still,

(Why aren't you afraid?)

they don't stop him.

He should run,
save them.

(Please listen!)

He can't,
and black shields him.

(Stop hurting me.)

Void and
and gone,

he stands,

(Don't look at me.)

There are strands
on his fingers,
pulling the bones,



next to nothing
around him,
and black pierces,
picks him.

(Where did they go?)

He hears them part,
then gnashes them,
gnaws them,
his snarls beg from them,

(Where did you go?)

and it panics,
in skin

(Get out of my ears.)

They sicken his eyes,
cover them,
throw them,

(Get out of my ears.)

sense leaves him with nothing.
As nothing,
he stands,


he prowls,



(Move me.)


(Make me.)

and fears,

(Warn me!)



and hungry.

Anastasia Sep 2019
dark purple
under my eyes
not a surprise
i wish i was warm
i'll get swallowed by the swarm
i've been deprived
of sleep at night
i've been deprived
of you holding me tight
دema Mar 2019
Guilt of lack of sleep
makes me decide to go to bed early,

Guilt of lack of accomplishments
makes me unable to sleep thinking about it,

Guilt of sleeping in and time wasted
makes me put 3 alarms at 6:01 am, 6:02 am, and 6:05 am,

Guilt of my emotions eating me up,
makes me unable to get up even when Im wide awake,

It turns out that guilt is the only thing I accomplish, allow to eat my day up, and yet can't decide on lacking.
Cynthia Jan 2019
I remember.

That deserted park,
I do, I do remember!
We used to run around,
Playing hide and seek,
The seven of us.

The hidden pond,
In that old forest,
Don't you remember?
We pushed each other into the water,
The six of us.

That little wooden house,
At the end of our road,
Ah, I would always remember,
We sneaked in,
And deemed it our hide out,
The five of us.

Oh, and our cramped up apartment,
How could I forget?
Watching late night movies,
Waking up tired as ever,
But never with a trace of regret,
The four of us.

And that abandoned theme park,
We always went on the Ferris Wheel,
When it reached the top,
We could see the whole land,
We swore we would travel it all one day,
The three of us.

That dusty old caravan,
Oh my,
Don't you remember?
We used to drive it to the end of the world,
Parked it in a field,
And talked about our future,
Gazing up at the stars,
The two of us.

And how I remember,
Laying down next to you guys,
In a pretty grass field,
Six stones surrounding me,
As I dozed off.

I remember...
Max Jan 2019
I need to sleep
Before I start to weep
Because of sleep deprivation
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