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Annie Oct 4
The weight of your head,
like the whole globe on your shoulders,
the world on one neck,
the ache of one body.

I’m tired, like all of the stress simply sits on my dreams

while I’m trying to sleep it away,
but I don’t get a break-
not even one day.

At least the bowl isn’t red anymore,
at least the sun is alight.
But I’ve ached for a year now, and it’s still so unclear how
I will heal, or if ever I will.

Keep sunny, keep yellow,
like the lilies in bloom
which sit on the drawers
at the end of my room.

The weight of my head,
like the whole globe on my shoulders,
the world on one neck,
the ache of one body.
Donna Apr 14
Silly blocked up nose
Stupid irratating cough
Float far away please
My daughter my son and now me have this awful virus and I’m totally feeling sorry for myself x
“Love? People love what they can take from you or they love how you make them feel about themselves; but they don’t love you”

An interesting concept indeed
This human made emotional greed
I think you loved me, I do
But I think I was temporary to you
That’s alright though
I guess in the end we reap what we sow
Lyn-Purcell Sep 2018
Feeling overwhelmed
A wave of nausea grows
My mind now pulses
Suddenly Im feeling super sick...
Not even aspirin is helping so go be safe,
I'm gonna hit the hay and post the freeverse tomorrow.
Sorry guys :(
I wish you all a good night!
Lyn ***
jas Jan 2018
drug me up
ice in my veins
chills down my spine
a twitch in my eye
like a fire
burning slow
filling my lungs with a leftover residue
towards a suffocation
of my body

I'm sick..
day 17 of 365
Sam Jun 2017
He watches the world turn from his window.
He sees the beauty as the trees bloom, and dance with the wind.
Birds sing and fly freely. It's a gentle place he thinks. A warm smile on his face. Despite all it's hardships, all the ugliness and turmoil it holds, it's still beautiful.
It seems like the world is miles away from him.
Every now and then, he lets out a few tears, but does his best to stay humble. He wants to run through the meadows, swim in the oceans, climb the highest mountains, but the I.V. in his arm simply won't let him.
He watches the world from his window.
Just wishing he could be a part of it.
AD Snail May 2017
I have told everyone about those strange miss-matched shapes,
That litters my skin,
And tell a tale but I make sure their words are twisted.

No one needs to know the pathetic truth,
The little tale, that repeats back to me, "Your unwell."
That's fine by me; as long as it doesn't come from someone else.

I am still incomplete; still not well enough to look myself in the mirror.
Lacking the focus, to understand that I should be disappointed.

I have tattered the skin upon my body with purple and blue.

This dotted bruising I should feel ashamed of,
But I can never convince myself to stop or be disappointment.

The gently miss-match, unhealthy color to the tone of my skin,
Tells the tale's of my self-hatred and rage,
And all the unwell thoughts that dance around my mind.
Lisa Pike Sep 2016
Evoke me
Provoke me
But don't ever poke me

Thumping, repetitive

Ticker tape parade
No quiet but no silence

Acid house rock
Acid house tabs
Thumping repetitive

I see things, I hear things
Real or not real

I plead you, I need you to bring me back from the brink
Have to drink from the fountain of reality
Franz Bartolome Jun 2016
Being okay is not something you can just achieve overnight, or over a day, or even over a week. It's not something you rush, it's something that takes time, an uncertain length of time.

It would take you on some sort of uncertain journey knowing yourself, like knowing what makes you not okay today, or what makes you feel alright again the next day.

You will really never know when will you be completely okay, that's the truth; but the good thing here is this: you have all the time in world to finally be.

You have all the time for yourself to use it, to take the chance to  finally learn how to say "I'm not okay." at times you're not. Denying the truth to yourself won't help, accepting it and embracing it, would. You have to treasure that downfall moment, everyday; every weekend, in a midst of everything.
You have to do something about it, and what's more to create something from it, of all people; for yourself.

It can be a messy puzzle to fix, it can be a long process to be done with, but remember this:  It's okay to work on being okay, it's okay to find out what would work for you or what would not;

than to fret and work on nothing at all.
Just a thought
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