This is the best I can do for you
who tried to set me straight on the path to virtue when you yourself were known to stray.

And for you who taught me that lies
aren't just told by strangers, but can just as well lurk in the kitchen,
in the bedroom.

This is the best I can do for you,
the one with both brains and beauty whom I refused to hold when you were only hours old.

And you, who stopped short my childhood, cut the innocence from my eyes, and forced me to see something I never wanted to see -
a truth, nonetheless.

I confess,
I am happy where I am and
with who I am.
And I am who I am because of you.

I never wanted to leave,
but I am glad that I did,
sometimes I think.

You all played your parts,
but now my story begins
somewhere away from you,

and the best I can do
is to use what I've learned
and hope that it will make you all
either grit or grin,
and I welcome both.

Lara Oct 8

I'm losing them.

The endless walks

where we made up songs to entertain ourselves.

The boring car rides

where we annoyed each other to kill the time.

The late evenings

where we whispered our darkest and deepest secrets

-that now don't matter anymore- to each other.

The big promises and the silly bets

we made with our pinks.

The little contests in the park, at school, at home, in the streets, everywhere.

I didn't see how much those moments meant to me.

Until I realised that I'm slowly

losing them.


This one is for my sister who's getting married soon
Jane Most Oct 5

There's something that doesn't feel right
When I moved out and told you this was best for me
Or when I didn't say goodbye to my little brother because he was outside playing
are both things I did for logical reasons
But if it was so logical
Why am I laying here alone questioning my reasoning for what I did?
Because now things just don't feel right.

Iska Oct 4

Under all of these false faces,
who are you truly inside?
Behind all of these bright smiles,
how painfully do you cry?
Beneath all of these “happy” words,
how loud is your whispered plea?
How long have you been reaching out, echoing “save me!”?
Just how much do you hide,
behind those bright and sparkly eyes?
We are the same,
you and I,
both bound by our potent lies.

How much have we come to hide,
behind our careful words?
You laugh and i wonder,
how desperate have we grown inside?
Buried under this pile of lies.
How much have we shared of our story,
but of whisperings of the past?
How deeply have ingrained our masks?
How quiet has become our plea?
We’ve mastered the art,
you and I,
both skilled in secrecy.

Under all of my good intentions,
how much do I bleed inside?
Behind all of my brave words,
how deeply do I burn, do I cry?
Beneath all of my blunt “courage”,
how often do I scream the silent plea?
How long have i been holding up,
yet silently begging “save me?”
Just how much can I disguise,
behind my guarded eyes?
We are the same,
you and I,
both bound by the pain we hide.

Jazeera Oct 4

I wait for fourteen years of my life
to be the big sister .
And that waiting was worth it.

Now I'm one , a big sis
I got one charming little brother.

Still I remember the day,
I held him in my arms.
He was so tiny and cute.
I was scared that I may hurt him.

Thanks to the Almighty .
I just don't know
How I should thank my creator
For blessing me, my cute little pie.

I'm new here. Hope you all will support me :)
Eliza Noxon Sep 20

I have four siblings
All younger, all boys
Caleb, Jason, Aaron, Landen

And they are so annoying.

Caleb loves his saxophone and video games and won't stop playing either for long enough to pay attention
Up, Down, Left, Right, A sharp, B flat, D
He never stops talking about chess moves
And if I have to listen to him play Careless Whisper
One More Time

Jason loves penguins and has so much energy
Always running screaming playing and suddenly I'm catching a penguin stuffed animal with my face as he plays his trombone as loudly as possible and I just want him,
To Calm Down

Aaron and Landen are twins
And some people have trouble telling them apart, so one wears blue and one green.
They love Minecraft and YouTube
So much so that I can't tear them from their screens
And it's Lizzie, Lizzie, look at our world, look at our world, look at our world.

And it makes me want to scream
Because I am so proud of my brothers

Caleb loves his saxophone and video games
And he learned how to play my favorite songs by ear
Just because he could. 
He's globally ranked at his favorite game and he's been kicking my ass at chess since he's was 10!
And I remember,
Hey Lizzie, does this sound right?
As he played Careless Whisper,
One More Time

Jason loves Penguins and has so much energy
He's always loud and excited and he knows how to make people smile
He picked up an instrument just like Lizzie and Caleb and I was so happy I almost cried.
And when I was running ragged, anxious, nearly manic,
I remember
Hey Lizzie, want my penguin tonight?
He might help you
Calm Down

Aaron's color is green and he's our tough guy
Green because that's what Aaron means in Gaelic
Landen's color is blue and he's our cuddler
Blue because so are his favorite berries
But I don't need colors to tell them apart
Because their freckles form different constellations
And they love YouTube and Minecraft
They always show me videos they hope will make me laugh and have built masterpieces out of cubes
Suddenly, I don't want to take them from their screens
And I remember
Hey Lizzie! Do you like what we built?
Look at our world!

I have four siblings
All younger, all boys
Caleb, Jason, Aaron, Landen

And they are so amazing.

Changed their names fit safety sake lol
Megan VanKo Sep 13

Dearest Sister,
How come you only think about yourself?

Our dog died and you kicked me out of the room because you wanted to be alone with him
What about me?

You got to sit there for hours with him, holding him as he fell into a sleep he wouldn’t wake up from
But I was sitting in the car
With a Dad that was on the phone with everybody and anybody
Trying to hold it in for as long as I could without breaking apart in front of him.

Dearest Sister,
How come you only think about yourself?

How come you tried to make yourself feel better about kicking me out?
I’m your little sister.
You’re supposed to protect me not break me.

Dearest Sister,
How come you never liked me?

I was only a kid and my first memory of you
Was of you being mean.

Dearest Sister,
Why are people so mean?

You were mean to me
So I was mean to you
And neither of us were willing to fix it
And now it’s too late.

Dearest Sister,
Why is our family so dysfunctional?

Why did you dangle your depression over our parents heads like it was a noose
And if they ever told you not to do something you would kick the chair out from under your feet?

Why did you think that was okay?

Dearest Sister,
You say that you can’t stand being home
So you’re always out
Hanging with your friends,
Driving down the countryside.

What about me?

Have you ever even thought about me?
About how much I needed to escape the mess that is home?

Dearest Sister,
I’m sorry but you messed up.

You ruined any chance of a relationship with me.
The things you have done are toxic to me
And I think about them all of the time.

So now I’m thinking about myself.
I love you,
But I don’t.

Goodbye forever,
Your lonely little sister.

Two different people are "talked to" in this poem
zeldaxlove64 Aug 11

You've got the sweetest smile I have ever seen.
You have blond hair like I did when I was 2.
You have the bluest eyes in the whole world, and I hope they stay that way.
I want you to know that you look more like I do than the rest
of your siblings.
Your mom told me once that you'll never
be as pretty as Kendal or Kaylie,
because you look more like dad and I.
You're so shy, and timid.
That's not a bad thing; it means you wont get into very much trouble.
For how much your mom calls you stupid,
you're actually pretty smart for a two year old.
You get your brains from me.
You're beautiful.
You'll always be beautiful to me.
Be proud of who you are, little sister.
I want you to know that I love you, and I will always love you
with all of my heart.
I don't know when I'll see you again.
Your mom and dad made it pretty clear that I am not a part of the Downey family anymore.
And if that remains true,
maybe someone will tell you that not one of your
sisters love you like I do.
I'm gonna miss you out here, Khloe.
I hope that when you're older you'll remember me and find me.
That you wont be mad that I missed out on so many
years of your life.
I hope that when you're ready, or if you even want to,
you'll come find me and then we'll talk.
But for now, I have to keep my distance from your family.
So I wont be seeing you at all.
And it's extremely painful and my heart breaks a little more everyday.
But I know that it's for the best for me and maybe even for you.
Who am I kidding? It's what's best for your mom,
but we wont tell her that.
I love you, little sister.
I hope to see you sooner rather than later.
Your oldest sister, Jordyn.

The pain is unimaginable to those who do not understand what it's like to lose your family.
Dovey Aug 7

Little girl don't understand
why in Brother's room apple juice bottles
and sweet tarts litter the floor

Or why Sissy always locks herself away
having play dates behind closed doors

The child can't comprehend
her Mamma tries
Only thing she knows is
Mamma won't be home tonight

"Mommy? Are you gonna be home
in time to kiss me before I sleep?
... I don't think I can handle the nightmares by myself

Brother's always dreaming
Sissy's always sleeping
You're gone
and I don't wanna be with anybody else."

Just a little story telling.

What you’ve heard…I’ve found is true,
little sisters follow you.
Not far behind…all through school,
She’s watching close while you play cool.
When trouble brews around the bend
you can send your sister in.
If you ask, then off she goes.
In her heart, a bond still grows.
This gets stronger every day.
Yes, a sister’s love is there to stay.
When everyone else is making tracks
There stands little sister;
she has your back.
With your reputation on the line…
she’s the best defense you’ll ever find!
Is this not your sister? Well, friend, it's mine.

I don’t know what all you’ve been told.
Your sister shares part of your soul.
She’s in all your photos from the past.
A sister’s love is built to last.

gmw 2016

My little sister loves me and I love her back.
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