nd Jan 4
you called me up.
it'd been a while
because i'd felt bad.
you needed help moving
out of that 'memory-infested
fuckin' shit-hole' as you called it.
a rental truck stood in wait outside your house,
as did i.
we didn't wait long.
your face was the same, your body different.
your body screamed late night binge,
watching home videos
and crying into your takeout.
having a wife
and then suddenly not having a wife
will do that to ya.
you wiped a bit of sweat from your forehead
before it could gain traction
and trail down your face
like a salty
when we were done you looked exhausted,
and it was growing late,
but i was scared to leave.
"do you want a beer?" you said
so i think you were scared too.
we sat down on the couch, staring at the wall
almost pretending there was a tv mounted on it.
i resisted the urge
to tell you i was sorry,
cus who cares,
really, and
what if it killed the mood?
looking back
the mood was shitty anyway,
and i should've just hugged you.
Samantha Dec 2017
Few things in life
Bring pleasure
And happiness
Like a friend.

To play games
To share snacks,
To hug,
To love.

To be woken up in the morning
By your notification
That begs and begs
"Get up and play!"

To snuggle with
When it's cold
To stay warm
When snow falls

To hear the
Of their feet
Just out the door.

To go outside
Together, forever
Like siblings
Like roommates.

A man's best friend
And a woman's too
Is a happy, loving,
This was my Hello Poetry submission poem. It's about dogs, of course! Sorry that it doesn't rhyme, I usually rhyme my poetry.
scooby Nov 2017
You are cruel by nature
and not knowing better,
but you will come to learn that is no excuse.
An unfilled form,
you're a hand
half in a glove,
and it makes you careless.
You will later apologize for coming first,

you are a stand in.
See what responsibility looks like stretched over adult bones.
Stretch out yourself.
Pull on it.
You idealize a lighthouse.
You chart a course,
some careless and rambling march,
that well,
isn't really supposed to look like that.
you grow to resent your stretch marks,

always guilty,
you wish you’d known that you’d been responsible all along.
dwell on this, as to make sure it won’t happen again.
Teach your eldest child this lesson and hope
they do better than you.
Blindly feel the yoke’s pull,
old poem i'm dragging up again, alas it didn't age as well as others
Kim Burinaga Oct 2017
Isn't it fun?
To be in the middle?
To have two beautiful siblings?
Some might think
Middle child, less attention
But not for me, never will
So lucky to have
Friends in my sisters.
Tyler Matthew Oct 2017
This is the best I can do for you
who tried to set me straight on the path to virtue when you yourself were known to stray.

And for you who taught me that lies
aren't just told by strangers, but can just as well lurk in the kitchen,
in the bedroom.

This is the best I can do for you,
the one with both brains and beauty whom I refused to hold when you were only hours old.

And you, who stopped short my childhood, cut the innocence from my eyes, and forced me to see something I never wanted to see -
a truth, nonetheless.

I confess,
I am happy where I am and
with who I am.
And I am who I am because of you.

I never wanted to leave,
but I am glad that I did,
sometimes I think.

You all played your parts,
but now my story begins
somewhere away from you,

and the best I can do
is to use what I've learned
and hope that it will make you all
either grit or grin,
and I welcome both.
Lara Oct 2017
I'm losing them.

The endless walks

where we made up songs to entertain ourselves.

The boring car rides

where we annoyed each other to kill the time.

The late evenings

where we whispered our darkest and deepest secrets

-that now don't matter anymore- to each other.

The big promises and the silly bets

we made with our pinks.

The little contests in the park, at school, at home, in the streets, everywhere.

I didn't see how much those moments meant to me.

Until I realised that I'm slowly

losing them.

This one is for my sister who's getting married soon
Jane Most Oct 2017
There's something that doesn't feel right
When I moved out and told you this was best for me
Or when I didn't say goodbye to my little brother because he was outside playing
are both things I did for logical reasons
But if it was so logical
Why am I laying here alone questioning my reasoning for what I did?
Because now things just don't feel right.
Iska Oct 2017
Under all of these false faces,
who are you truly inside?
Behind all of these bright smiles,
how painfully do you cry?
Beneath all of these “happy” words,
how loud is your whispered plea?
How long have you been reaching out, echoing “save me!”?
Just how much do you hide,
behind those bright and sparkly eyes?
We are the same,
you and I,
both bound by our potent lies.

How much have we come to hide,
behind our careful words?
You laugh and i wonder,
how desperate have we grown inside?
Buried under this pile of lies.
How much have we shared of our story,
but of whisperings of the past?
How deeply have ingrained our masks?
How quiet has become our plea?
We’ve mastered the art,
you and I,
both skilled in secrecy.

Under all of my good intentions,
how much do I bleed inside?
Behind all of my brave words,
how deeply do I burn, do I cry?
Beneath all of my blunt “courage”,
how often do I scream the silent plea?
How long have i been holding up,
yet silently begging “save me?”
Just how much can I disguise,
behind my guarded eyes?
We are the same,
you and I,
both bound by the pain we hide.
Jazeera Oct 2017
I wait for fourteen years of my life
to be the big sister .
And that waiting was worth it.

Now I'm one , a big sis
I got one charming little brother.

Still I remember the day,
I held him in my arms.
He was so tiny and cute.
I was scared that I may hurt him.

Thanks to the Almighty .
I just don't know
How I should thank my creator
For blessing me, my cute little pie.
I'm new here. Hope you all will support me :)
Eliza Noxon Sep 2017
I have four siblings
All younger, all boys
Caleb, Jason, Aaron, Landen

And they are so annoying.

Caleb loves his saxophone and video games and won't stop playing either for long enough to pay attention
Up, Down, Left, Right, A sharp, B flat, D
He never stops talking about chess moves
And if I have to listen to him play Careless Whisper
One More Time

Jason loves penguins and has so much energy
Always running screaming playing and suddenly I'm catching a penguin stuffed animal with my face as he plays his trombone as loudly as possible and I just want him,
To Calm Down

Aaron and Landen are twins
And some people have trouble telling them apart, so one wears blue and one green.
They love Minecraft and YouTube
So much so that I can't tear them from their screens
And it's Lizzie, Lizzie, look at our world, look at our world, look at our world.

And it makes me want to scream
Because I am so proud of my brothers

Caleb loves his saxophone and video games
And he learned how to play my favorite songs by ear
Just because he could. 
He's globally ranked at his favorite game and he's been kicking my ass at chess since he's was 10!
And I remember,
Hey Lizzie, does this sound right?
As he played Careless Whisper,
One More Time

Jason loves Penguins and has so much energy
He's always loud and excited and he knows how to make people smile
He picked up an instrument just like Lizzie and Caleb and I was so happy I almost cried.
And when I was running ragged, anxious, nearly manic,
I remember
Hey Lizzie, want my penguin tonight?
He might help you
Calm Down

Aaron's color is green and he's our tough guy
Green because that's what Aaron means in Gaelic
Landen's color is blue and he's our cuddler
Blue because so are his favorite berries
But I don't need colors to tell them apart
Because their freckles form different constellations
And they love YouTube and Minecraft
They always show me videos they hope will make me laugh and have built masterpieces out of cubes
Suddenly, I don't want to take them from their screens
And I remember
Hey Lizzie! Do you like what we built?
Look at our world!

I have four siblings
All younger, all boys
Caleb, Jason, Aaron, Landen

And they are so amazing.
Changed their names fit safety sake lol
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