zeldaxlove64 Aug 11

You've got the sweetest smile I have ever seen.
You have blond hair like I did when I was 2.
You have the bluest eyes in the whole world, and I hope they stay that way.
I want you to know that you look more like I do than the rest
of your siblings.
Your mom told me once that you'll never
be as pretty as Kendal or Kaylie,
because you look more like dad and I.
You're so shy, and timid.
That's not a bad thing; it means you wont get into very much trouble.
For how much your mom calls you stupid,
you're actually pretty smart for a two year old.
You get your brains from me.
You're beautiful.
You'll always be beautiful to me.
Be proud of who you are, little sister.
I want you to know that I love you, and I will always love you
with all of my heart.
I don't know when I'll see you again.
Your mom and dad made it pretty clear that I am not a part of the Downey family anymore.
And if that remains true,
maybe someone will tell you that not one of your
sisters love you like I do.
I'm gonna miss you out here, Khloe.
I hope that when you're older you'll remember me and find me.
That you wont be mad that I missed out on so many
years of your life.
I hope that when you're ready, or if you even want to,
you'll come find me and then we'll talk.
But for now, I have to keep my distance from your family.
So I wont be seeing you at all.
And it's extremely painful and my heart breaks a little more everyday.
But I know that it's for the best for me and maybe even for you.
Who am I kidding? It's what's best for your mom,
but we wont tell her that.
I love you, little sister.
I hope to see you sooner rather than later.
Your oldest sister, Jordyn.

The pain is unimaginable to those who do not understand what it's like to lose your family.
Dovey Aug 7

Little girl don't understand
why in Brother's room apple juice bottles
and sweet tarts litter the floor

Or why Sissy always locks herself away
having play dates behind closed doors

The child can't comprehend
her Mamma tries
Only thing she knows is
Mamma won't be home tonight

"Mommy? Are you gonna be home
in time to kiss me before I sleep?
... I don't think I can handle the nightmares by myself

Brother's always dreaming
Sissy's always sleeping
You're gone
and I don't wanna be with anybody else."

Just a little story telling.

What you’ve heard…I’ve found is true,
little sisters follow you.
Not far behind…all through school,
She’s watching close while you play cool.
When trouble brews around the bend
you can send your sister in.
If you ask, then off she goes.
In her heart, a bond still grows.
This gets stronger every day.
Yes, a sister’s love is there to stay.
When everyone else is making tracks
There stands little sister;
she has your back.
With your reputation on the line…
she’s the best defense you’ll ever find!
Is this not your sister? Well, friend, it's mine.

I don’t know what all you’ve been told.
Your sister shares part of your soul.
She’s in all your photos from the past.
A sister’s love is built to last.

gmw 2016

My little sister loves me and I love her back.
Leonila Jul 3

A Sister's Melody

Growing up you and I were so distant
Although we fought things significant
I needed you, there you were in an instant
Boys always after you, my how persistent

A Sister's Melody
It's the song of girls that scold
It's the song of secrets told
Lessons learned and to unfold
Memories, destinies to behold

All grown up now, in different parts
We both have families, united in hearts
I love you so, even though we are apart
Even as differences rise in our paths

A Sister's Melody
It's the song of girls that scold
It's the song of secrets told
Lessons learned and to unfold
Memories, destinies to behold

*Words might be said that sting
Hugs from you, as healing they bring
A way for forgiveness that mends
Thank you sister for everything

Copyright©Leonila 2016

Nathan Raux Jun 13

22, 24, 26
The dearest ages I oh so love,
My sisters, they are,
Closest to my heart,
With them I feel,
Like the sun is near me,
Warmth not heat,
Energy is around me,
Security is a sense they give me,
With their help,
My wisdom is true,
Forever shall I be with them,
In many ways than one,
Because already,
I have won,
My sisters are,
My trophy, my life,
No medal can match their worth,
And that is fact,
So is my love for them
In life they are my trophy,
Always with me,
A prized possession held closely,
With the dearest of remorse,
With the strongest of trust,
With the most powerful of love,
I see them,
They can bark like a dog,
Hiss like a snake, and scratch like a cat,
But like those animals,
They care for their young,
Light to darkness,
Heat to cold,
Food for hunger,
Water for thirst,
My wants and needs,
Do not outweigh them,
They are heavier as ever,
To my measuring of forever,

I wish you would eat on top of the dish.

A single metrical line of poetry.
Sofia May 18

there is a certain kind of motherhood
only an older sister knows is true
to not have borne a son from womb
but to have a friend of same blood
be a son, a gift and a light too
there must be some divinity in this
to be the one he calls on when
the cupboard is kilimanjaro for this little stranger
who is on some days foe and most days love
to be the santamaria as he climbs
on your own young shoulder blades
searching for virgin shores in worn out rooms
to be stronger than the thunder
that rumbles outside his bedroom window
to be stronger than you usually are
for the little boy whose arms cling onto you for peace
even when you are as pale as the moonlight
he claims to have followed him into our home
there is some strange purpose in this
to be guardian, disciplinarian, caretaker and girl
all at once
when our mother is too drunk to hug her son
when our father says nothing but hello
there is a kind of love
only a sister knows hurts this much
when that little snip of a man grows into boyhood
just as he grew out of your arms
when you are no longer every wonder of the world
you are simply a companion
and on good days: a comrade
always a sister and mostly a friend
there is a strange pull of the heart
at the sight of boyhood in motion
to see him cry and laugh and hurt just as you once did
to bear witness to his ripe exploration of the cosmos
and you think to yourself: were you ever this young?
he looks at you with eyes that mirror your own
yes. yes you were
there is a certain kind of motherhood
only an older sister knows is true
it is the nostalgic repetition of summers that once
seemed to last forever
it is holding your brother tight
when he is brave icarus before the fall
even more so when the time for tragedy comes
and your young, young brother realizes
that he does not bleed ichor like the gods
he bleeds red very much like his sister
there is so much love in this

for my little brother
Shane Leigh May 11

You do not love me because I am a daughter –
A woman of strength and intelligence;
A lass with weaknesses and pitfalls –
But I am alive to be
A suitable replacement for a lost son.
I am not him and he was not I.
We were two individuals,
Still are two different entities,
Who bared the image of one another.

Bare My Image For It Stands Alone!
Because my image is alone;
Because I am alone;
Because I am not him and he was not I,
Nor will I ever be and nor will he ever be.
I am his image
But do not wish to live in his image.
I am Unruly!
Only daughter among ten sons –
One of which is lost to me but is part of me:
My reflection,
My brother.

You do not know my pain or even wish to understand it;
All there is is your pain.
My hurt exists, even more so than yours.
I have suffered 800 Days worth of lifetimes;
18,000 Hours of regrets and gay memories;
Millions of Minutes realizing half of me gone;
Every birthday another day of realization.
I dare not mention the growing seconds –
Those of which I count continuously.

So, do not tell me you know my loss.
I do not pretend, or assume, to known yours –
Either which way, it is a terrible loss.
Let that not be what I am;
Let that not be what I become,
For I am not him and he was not I.
I am Acceptance!
A single daughter to a father,
But a pitiful replacement for a mother’s son.

I stepped into my twenty's shoes without a day to spare
and watched my whole anatomy unravel on a stair
the cross I begged my heart to trust was finally in sight
and in a year I'd raise it up eleven mountains high
to faith and hope and love that somehow brought me to this place
in that specific order I began to seek Thy Face
and grieved my only victory for death and sickness' sake
"oh blood of mine I lost you here but we will meet in then"
"my aging hands are trembling to hold you once again"

"I'm glad I know their story."
Yozhik Apr 27

The best part of being an older sister
Is the recycling.  
When a little sister comes to you
Wanting clothes which you outgrew
Looking bright in style.

When a little sister comes to you
With math homework; without a clue
And you can make her smile

When a little sister comes to you
Going through what you’ve been through
Seeking understanding

When a little sister comes to you
And you weave words that still hold true
Never reprimanding

When a little sister comes to you
And you know she’ll never have to do
anything the hard way

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