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I'm playing your game, yes, I am playing along
I have to protect them so I will be strong
I'd do anything to keep them safe
They can't protect themselves, so I will be brave
Just...don't ask for an explanation please-
William Troup Sep 25
Groaned, my mother did
   as my father wept in glee!
   A piping voice, with flailing hands;
   a struggle, I may always be?

Moaned, my parents did
   as my pasture swayed in seas!
   A fiend afoot, with wasted times;
   a failure, I may forever see?

Frowned, my brother did,
   as my journey cracked its stream!
   A chance away, with wishful smiles;
   a dreamer, I may really seem?

Smiled, my sister did,
   as my riches parked in streets!
   A sonorous voice, with waving hands;
   a struggle, I may always meet ...
Amira Sep 4
They say a sister is a blessing
you’re behavior has me guessing

An absolute annoyance
With a pinch of joyance

From constant fights
To proving your right

Disliked since the birth
Cause you make hell on earth

You act like a *****
we both know who’s a little *******

A pillar of hope
But forever my dope
Wrote this piece for my sister's birthday :)
Trout Sep 2
My vendetta in the open
My emotional lantern calls for you
And turns on automatically every night

It’s your fault, it’s not my job
Sister brother changing mob
Zoe Grace Aug 23
Thank you for trusting me enough
To tell me
Who you truly are
On the inside.

I love you,
No matter what your name is
If you're my sister or my brother
You'll always have a place in my heart
I love you so much. You're my best friend and my favourite.
I feel so touched that you trust me enough to tell me.
I would do anything for you, A. I want you to know that.
AsianTapWater Aug 21
I don’t know what to do anymore.
I don’t know what to think anymore.

Was this really the right choice?
Was he really the right choice?

Once a year was more than enough.
Twice a year was almost too much to handle.

Now we’re at one almost every day.
Now we can barely recover before the pain starts once more.

It was never like this.
It should never have been like this.

But it feels like ever since he became president,
Things have changed for the worse.

Caroline has started avoiding me.
She says she wants to be left alone.

Olivier has started cancelling our therapy sessions
More often than he organises them.

And the strange girl from the West...


Wind blows my long hair into my face
As I watch a dust devil sweep across the lifeless, sandy plains.

It feels like it just happened,
Even though five days have passed.

The screams of terror as gunshots rang through the air.
The realisation that this would be the last day for many of them.

The fear of a young mother
As she spends her last few seconds
Protecting her child.

The way my body ached as I trudged to the border,
Hoping you would help me.
Hoping you would save my people.

The pain in my heart
As you pushed me away,
Called me a murderer.

As I wished, not for the first time,
That you would finally see me,
And realise that my people do not define me.
That you would notice me for who I am.

But you never did notice me.
Not until blood was shed.
Not until innocents have died.
Not until I’ve done something wrong.
Not until those words left your mouth, again.

Heartless killer.

Now our flag has been lowered.
Now there’s no going back.
A poem about the El Paso shooting, in the perspectives of some of my country personification OCs. The first part is North USA, the second is West USA. No South USA because she deals with stuff by pretending to forget about it and going on with her day.
The people North mentions, Caroline and Olivier, are South USA and Canada.  Canada is basically the States' therapist. Sometimes he questions why he does it, but he doesn't mind. Also, North doesn't know much or really care about West, so that's why she's just "strange girl from the West".
The part where West talks about how North and South don't notice her until her people do something wrong is a reference to how they don't see her as a real States. This isn't based on anything, I'm sure you guys all see each other as Americans, even the Hawaiians and Alaskans, North and South just dislike West for no reason.
Pink Hat Jul 28
Let us freeze
The minutes, hours and years
You and I cannot reverse

Let me take us
Into that space
that occupies
Now and another place

What was it how or
Who was it then
that cut Cheshire cat smiles
on our childish faces.

Ahh! The rabbit
the centrepiece of this snapshot
Majestic like a mantlepiece clock
Your fingers on its fur
My arm on your shoulder
I'm the elder brother
It's right, isn't it, that I'm taller.

Lucky me, the light did  
not betray my eyes
They hide within the shadows
On a faded colour photo.
But it's only the light
That made a contrast
You're glowing;
Me? Oh, never mind.

You and I never played
Hide and seek.
That game was reserved
when Dad's late evening feet
drew close to our door.
He balancing himself
against his stupor
Exhaling intoxicated
Dumb, gibberish in
Deafening slurs.

Take me back dear brother
When I held us.
I, the elder
and you, the survivor.
Lost Jun 2
At my brother’s
Graduation party
And they all know
What I did
Three months ago

They try to talk to me
But give up eventually
Because all I have to share
Is how is continually fail

“How’s school?”
“Not great, but that’s okay.”
Inside I know I flunked the semester
And didn’t bother to check my grades

“Where are you living?”
“At my mom’s still.”
“Oh, that’s great!”
Little do they know
I’m moving away
To live with a man
I know they all hate

Sneaking away from the crowd
To smoke cigarettes behind my car
This is the only time I’ve felt
Safe and comfortable so far

No more lies
No more “I’m doing well”
Just alone with my poetry
Alone with myself

Three months ago
I thought of them
Before I swallowed those pills
And tried to leave them

I knew they’d be sad
But I knew they’d move on
Nobody cares
About a no one
Nobody at family gatherings has ever really cared to talk to me beyond the polite surface questions besides a handful of family members who handle socializing better than me and are busy talking to other people. Since I tried to commit suicide, I feel like the judgement I felt before has deeply intensified. I didn’t like family gatherings before, and I definitely don’t now. It’s draining, fake, and isolating. I’d much rather spend time with people who aren’t secretly scrutinizing me. Don’t get me wrong, I love most of my family, but I guess family gatherings just aren’t my thing. If you really care, you’d bother to spend time with me or talk to me outside of these gatherings. That’s how I can separate those who actually give a **** versus those who don’t. I am grateful for the ones who do care and who have checked in on me or touched base with me since my attempt. It made it much clearer to me who really cares. My cousins, grandparents, and great uncle are the only ones I feel like I’d really be able to depend on, but I still feel so estranged from them. I don’t know what my problem is. I wish I could just open up to them.
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