Parents to take our responsibility
Siblings to carry our roller-coaster emotions
Friends to co-create the madness we are
Relatives to form our extended safety networks
Spouse to satiate our mental, physical and lonely desires
Kids to give us those safe & positive vibes for future
Influentials and celebrations to realize our existence

But how about having one nameless relation?
One that doesn't mandate responsibilities?
One that doesn't burden expectations?
One that is Fearless, Formless & Weightless?
One that is 'Carelessly Caring' ?
Nathan Box Jul 8
Being an older brother is tough.

Assuming the role of child and parent at the same time.

You are no saint.

Often expected to be one.

All the pressure, take me back.

Playing in the backyard.

Expected to be a mediator.

You needing some idea of childhood.

Wondering if you’ll ever get one.

All the pressure, take me back.

They look up to you.

Offering words of wisdom when possible.

Letting them fail as you did.

Protecting them as you should.

All the pressure, take me back.

Soon, you’ll be grown.

Love will mean more.

Adult decisions looming before you.

Tears dropping to the carpeted floor.

Pressure I never asked for.
Ollie Jul 4
They say it can take years for the trauma to set in
Makes sense
It’s only now when I panic in backpacks, walking with my friends to a Sonic nearby
And it’s only recently I can’t get the thoughts of cars passing in the dark out of my mind
It’s been two years
From here the memories only get worse
I remember when I was little I would wake up to the sound of my parents screaming at each other
And I wondered for so long, “why did they even get married if they hated each other so much?”
And now I know, now that I’m older
That just because someone is an adult doesn’t mean they know what they’re doing
And it is in part my fault
If I hadn’t been born they wouldn’t need to be married
But that doesn’t stop me from remembering screams from downstairs
And asking where holes in walls and TVs came from most mornings
How I developed a fear of police when I was around seven
I can’t forget any of this
But I can make sure the ace of hearts never finds out about it
my youngest sister was just born. an accident like all the rest of us! she’s almost two months old. since my dad didn’t do a very good job on his other kids, me and my aunts have been working out what’ll happen if things go south with her. we agreed that if i’m old enough and secure, she’ll be in my custody if need be. i don’t know if my dad can actually raise a kid to adulthood, but i am never letting this girl out of my sight
Gemma Jun 25
I used to get excited over
the sound of heavy rain pelting the window frame ,
and the smell of freshly baked food that wafted through the halls of my house to the front door ,
or when my siblings and I got home from school just at the right time so I'd see them on the porch.
Little things meant a lot
But now a lot of things are best forgot
Because the rain that hit the window stopped,
the smell of the food now makes me nauseous,
and my sister and brothers no longer live under the same roof as me
The picture that's stained by my tears of them is the closest thing to those porch meetings that I've got .
David Abraham May 24
Do you remember all the times you said you hate me?
Do you remember all those times you said you didn't care?

Mama, I promise I'll do better.
I'm quite sorry, or don't you see?
Mama, I promise this is the last time
that I make you so mad we lose our hair.
Mama, I promise I'll be more like my sisters,
and I'll be everything you want.
Mama, I promise I've always been here.
You're putting this all out on your kids.
Now, how is that fair?
Mama, I hate this way that we live.

Mama, I always hear you.
I hear you saying,
"You're a monster;
there's not enough going on in your head to distract you!
You're such a bastard."
I feel wrong saying you abuse this family,
especially since others have it worse,
but now I hear everyone saying it,
so I admit it at least a little bit.

Mama, I'm calling him Isaac,
and I'm calling myself David.
I'll never come out to you,
because you're just that predictable
that I know just what you'd do.

Hear the proclamation of Isaac,
everyone we know who knows you thinks you're insane.
Hear the proclamation of Isaac,
people are offering to call someone on you
and take us away.
Hear the proclamation of Isaac,
we know you cannot change,
but it doesn't redeem you.
5 23 2018
I feel sick in my stomach and my throat at the thought that my mother could one day hear these words from my throat. ... I'm very caught up and tied in some struggles with my mother.
Sally A Bayan May 20
.... it's normal...maybe it's not,
maybe, i overdo it....yet, i still do it...
i always think of things to come day time....even late nights,
thinking too much of my children
my children's children...i must always
be there...for when they need help...
i worry too about my siblings
i even think of my siblings' brood
my dear friends and their worries
...thinking how i can help them...
later, i get weary....fed up at times,
exhausted from worrying, wondering
how i could offer even a bit of a remedy
especially when they are too far to be
touched warmly...or, my hands are tied,
....or, not that long to reach out...

i realize before long...i am not alone
decidedly, i refuse to be solaced
by the thought, that my worries
could just be pebbles...not rocks...
i musn't compare at all....

(excerpts from an old posted poem...edited)


© Rosalia Rosario A. Bayan
    May 20, 2018
(excerpts from an old posted poem...edited)
Alex May 6
Out for a walk
Thinking thinking thinking
My little brother’s a king
I'll let no bitch approach him
I’ll let no one hurt him
I’ll take care of him
I’ll take care of him
Take my hand, brother
I’ll take care of you
Brad post Apr 26
Since the day I was born,
you have always been there.
Showing me love,
showing me that you care.

You have watched me grow up,
into the man that I am.
You taught me my manners,
to say ''please'' and ''yes maam''.

It has been a long road,
it's been curved and rough,
but you always stick by me,
and you never give up.

So now I’m thinking back,
to when I was so small.
With you watching Godzilla,
and the cyclops in Krull.

Laughing hysterically,
at the mangy king kong.
Hiding my face in your shirt,
when chucky did wrong.

The hours and hours,
of pitching skills taught,
and the bruises and swellings,
that each lesson brought.

So many memories,
that you have given to me,
and an outlook on life,
that few others can see.

You are the mother,
every child wishes for.
The one I show tears to,
my best friend and more.

So to the mother I love,
I just wanted to say,
that you've made me so proud,
to be your son every day...
I wrote this for my mother on mother’s day a few years back, she is the best mom in the world.
Emily Apr 17
Dear you know who you are,
       Kindly stop being like half the annoying girls in high school and talking about me.
I can always hear it which makes it more entertaining. Because I have a flood of comebacks just waiting for the moment you play dumb and think I don’t know what the heck I’m talking about.
You do not see me running to him saying “she did this” or “she said that”.
No, because I’m trying to be the better person and keep my mouth shut before I hurt your poor, sensitive feelings.
As if it matters if you hurt mine.
It’s people like you who make it hard for me to be that better person because just because you know me makes you think you have the right to talk badly about me out of “loving criticism”.
All because of what? I’m sorry I didn’t want to add a dish to the mountain of dishes you were already doing.
I’m sorry you put your earbuds back in and when I asked you again you were oblivious to what I was asking.
Because I’m SO sorry you can’t wait a few seconds to see if I’m done talking. And I’m so fcking sorry if my face resembles a btch because that is my natural resting face.
So yes I love you and yes you may be a part of my life and I have to suck it up and deal with it.
But that doesn’t give you the right to open your fat mouth and throw dirt on me. So kindly refrain from doing it again and shut the f*ck up.
                           Your sister
My sister and I are always fighting back and forth. I made this to let out some of that anger instead of lashing out at her. I hope one of you can relate to the aggravation of sibling rivalry.
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