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Kitty 20h
I feel like an old pair of trousers left in a drawer
only brought out when you’re desperate cause you don’t want to be left naked
vulnerable in your knickers
better than nothing
I don’t fit what you want anymore
but you don’t fit me
so let me be in my drawer
I’ve got clothes for company
they don’t wear me out
whilst I keep them warm
Get away from me
Your presence repulses me
With all honesty
When I said
I meant hold me

I hate you
You make me feel the worst
Truth of the matter is
When I said
I meant I love you

You annoy me
I regret ever saying yes
With overflowing truth
When I said
I meant thank you for choosing me

I promise
To keep you
To live for us
To care about your interests
To be yours and only yours
When I said
I meant it

Individual letters that collect together to form a distinct meaning of speech.

They flood from your mouth with no hesitation.

It seems as if you have no thoughts behind how they would impact me.

They collect around me like a pool of water.

I can feel the letters push and pull me in all directions.

Individual vowels threaten me with their tones and volumes.

As a whole, they stab me with their unfortunate denotation.

This puddle is muddled with my thoughts

I am left to wonder when we became so careless, and when we became so cruel to one another.

I sit here pondering, which part of our time together decided to crack and crumble at the seam.

I can feel my emotions threatening to spill over.

They are teetering on the edge of my makeshift ****

They scream at me making me feel powerless and weak.

I am sure that the disturbance is written on my face.

The moment seems to blur as I attempt to speak.
Terms flow out of me like a river with no ending and with no peace.

It aims to catch you in it's white water tides.

But the entirety of my speech, I fret about the holes that it will bore in you.

Yet in spite of all we have been through, it frustrates me that we do not hesitate to damage each other's walls with our harshness.

We do not feel in the wrong as we watch the each other's wounds seep.

We have lost the ability to pick each other off their feet.

The world feels empty due to the lack of empathy

An eeiry frightful peace.

How long will we walk around with our uncertainty?
Beulin S S Sep 23
I asked for chocolate...
  She answered No!
I asked for ice cream...
  She nodded No!
I begged for juices
   She said No!

She gave me tablets
I said No!
She gave me Tea
  I said No!
She gave me porridge
  I said No!

Punishment for playing in rain
  Gained me a fever...
Anger of my mom showered as rain
  And she said: This is LoVe.
love or anger
Nilia Loh Jul 24
Noir and Blanc.
Swimming side by side.
Both full of pride.
Always arguing who is right,
Bickering with all their might.
Different beliefs,
Both in disbelief.
A pointless war,
not knowing what for.
Dorrance is their name,
Balance is not the way.
Only one can live,
So who is going to leave?
it's about my inner conflict lol
Jon Thenes Jul 19
rude verbal attack

                 heaves from me

can't unmake the bout

become unmanageable

deconstruct our good union
Lisa Conway Jul 2
My enthusiastic joy was tinged with madness
not shame nor remorse could stop my jubilation
your irritation became impatience then anger
pleasure turned to anguish as sadness overcame me
and pain and heartache ravaged deep inside
Then angry words were lost as passion overtook
filling us with desire and excitement
all animosity and distrust melted away
enveloping us in warmth and love
©️ L Conway 2020
An argument and making up
E Jun 26
I am not
Just a random person
Because I have feelings
And opinions
Please respect me
And I’ll respect you
Just because we’re on the Internet
Doesn’t mean you have the right to attack me
Amer Pelides May 19
Words were thrown into a turning wheel,
Twisting and turning their meaning,
Humble and thoughtful they were not,
They were intended to hurt and dismay,
I felt their sting and cold touch,
Why was I the target of such accusations?
Am I the carrion and they the scavenger?
I did not deserve this,
Or maybe I did.
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