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AE 2d
This language, everblooming
It has so easily poisoned us
But you dust off those empty phrases
Washing stains out of rageful exchanges
This white flag is half in your hand
And half in mine
A haphazard grocery list
Stopped at tomatoes
Continued as a list of those “we would never go there" words
I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry,
Written like punctuation in the spills
Now I'm picking up dinner plates off the walls
So many weapons were thrown and old secrets hashed
A mess left with us drowning in the aftermath
I think the salad is now dressed in curses and ill wishes
But despite all that
I think it's your silence that will **** me
Lux May 26
Last night’s argument was wild,
It hurt my inner child.
Those words caused extreme damage,
A lot more than I can manage.

You have to make everything about you,
I am always wrong no matter what I do.
You say I always put myself first,
Said so many lies I’m about to burst.

I try to please you but you don’t see,
I am not the person I want to be.
I would do anything to take away your pain,
I hate every inch of my brain.

I am sure you meant what you said,
Thanks to that my mind wants me dead.
I wish I could forget those words,
They stuck to me like burns.

I will never see you the same,
You are the one to blame.
Now please let me die in peace,
I hope that brings you ease.
snipes Mar 21
They say it’ll sail away
They say it’ll drive aboard
A boat, a ship let’s tell the difference
The shamefulness of the distinguish

The boat was once lived in
It was something we saw to be built bigger
Each piece bounded by enchanted sealant
But to the storm it was just something to bury
With the last bit of light the sun kisses it goodnight
And with the last secure vest for rescue it’s set for one of us to die
There’s no guess, I’m the wreckage
Sinking down as the sunset took a rest

Can I make a wish with my last breath?

The fall is a story in of itself
A last look that captures it all
The name of the ship
that saved you, Brutus, sails off.

I wish for reassurance
Nigdaw Feb 6
we build a bridge
one brick at a time
that will hold our weight

so we can run into
each others arms again
Strying Dec 2022
the silence hangs in the air suspended,
it doesn't drift,
it just floats,
waiting for someone to make a move,
waiting for something to improve,
but instead,
all that's left,
are careless words,
and broken souls.
just came home and wanted to eat calmly but I guess that doesn't happen in my family lol
Simone Oct 2022
im sorry
I know it takes a while for my thoughts to reach my mouth and
im sorry the delay gives you the
         wrong impression
im sorry I've been hiding how bad my trauma really is because i don't want to be known as the one with depression
im sorry
im sorry
im sorry I tried to reconnect and try to mend the bond when I know you wont change the single frozen sliver of ice in the warmth i know you have.
im sorry
im sorry
im sorry that im no longer sorry for leaving
your ice is contagious and fatal
im sorry I gave up trying to convince you that it is there
im sorry it hurts me more than it should
and im sorry i wasn't tough enough to bear the cold for longer
there is an owl
out there
in the darkness
kept secret
by whispering trees
in shadow
by leaf
and cloud
it seems
to have a question
for any
who will listen
but persistently
it inquires
pausing briefly
an answer
before asking
and again;
whether intended
or not
this interrogation
has infuriated
the old boy
and seemingly
every other canine
in the vicinity
he may say
all is forgiven
but that does not
mean he should
be held to it

these days it means
about as much
as when he says
"i'm fine"
LeV3e May 2022
I'm so obsessed with
Being better that I'll
Be better at being worse to, you

In our worst moments
You'd better remember
The rhythm of the words we spoke, cause

Through better or worse
Until death do us part
My better half is your worst
Nigdaw Apr 2022
the dark brooding cloud
that hangs some way off
is the distance between us
supercell of anxiety
will it rain or just
is the thunder threatening
or just the rumblings
of a fresh summer storm
after a heatwave

we both look at the forecast
for tomorrow
and with heavy hearts
see what the long range
predictions are
there may be some
patches of sunshine
in moments when we forgive and forget
the odd warm day
here and there
but we both know
winter is coming
and snow is on the horizon
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