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he may say
that all
is forgiven
but that
does not mean
he should
be held
to it

these days
it means
about as much
as when
   he says
"i'm fine"
LeV3e May 12
I'm so obsessed with
Being better that I'll
Be better at being worse to, you

In our worst moments
You'd better remember
The rhythm of the words we spoke, cause

Through better or worse
Until death do us part
My better half is your worst
Nigdaw Apr 7
the dark brooding cloud
that hangs some way off
is the distance between us
supercell of anxiety
will it rain or just
is the thunder threatening
or just the rumblings
of a fresh summer storm
after a heatwave

we both look at the forecast
for tomorrow
and with heavy hearts
see what the long range
predictions are
there may be some
patches of sunshine
in moments when we forgive and forget
the odd warm day
here and there
but we both know
winter is coming
so is your mother to spoil Christmas again
the ice is at it’s thickest
and snow is on the horizon
it just doesn't
come naturally
there's an awkwardness
a failure
to accurately convey
what needs
to be

either that
or uncontrolled words
twist sentences
contort the sentiment
that was intended

feigning the expected
mimicking those witnessed
bought success
in the past
under closer scrutiny
the charade
would be discovered

for now though;
this silence
has drawn on
without response

i've wasted
another chance
Jamesb Jan 17
After every row,
After every disagreement,
Every fight,
There comes conversation and then silence,
And the bigger the discord it seems
Then deeper and more profound
The silence that ensues,

And this one I am in now is
Startling in its totality,
Even words do not disturb
Nor ripple
The absence of communication
And the echoing hum
Upon my mind's ears

It's a sort of stasis
Where time and blood
And passion hang
Suspended in time,
Going nowhere,
From nowhere,
Just there

I know that love will,
Like the suns rays,
Thaw us and warm us
Back to softness and intimacy,
Back to how we "are",
But 'til then and right now we sit,
In silence

And I hate it......
Written in real time this
Leah Carr Jan 14
I'm sitting on your doorstep
I've rung the bell
A thousand times
I know you will not open up
For just a pointless rhyme

But rage is burning in my soul
The aftertaste of youth
So throw open the doors
Let me see inside
Let me see the truth  

Let me in to the heavens
Let me in to your hell
Let me in to the darkness
That I know so well
Let me in to the beauty
Let me see your sin
Just wherever you are
Please let me in

I've caused you pain and anger
I've caused you guilt and shame
I know that our friendship
Will never be the same

But rage is burning in my soul
The aftertaste of youth
So throw open the doors
Let me see in
Let me see the truth

Let me into the heavens
Let me into your hell
Let me into the darkness
That I know so well
Let me in to the beauty
Let me see your sin
Just wherever you are
Please let me in

I'm sitting on your doorstep
Rung the bell for the last time
I know you will not open up
I'll take this as your wave goodbye

And guilt is burning in my throat
The aftertaste of lies
But no matter what
I'll stay sitting on your doorstep
In case
you change
your mind
I'm not entirely sure who this is written to - it could be a number of people. All I know is the emotion behind it.
Hope you enjoy :)
Nigdaw Oct 2021
as I lay down my head
my phone next to me
on the bed
your text
vibrates across the mattress springs
like a technological tinnitus
inside my ear
my consciousness
you want to talk
but not like that
just to make an unarguable point
guilt ridden acronyms
miss-spelt accusations
and inappropriate emojis
convey your emotions
with a twisted sarcastic humour
interlinked with your vent
you know that from the safety of 4G
it aggravates me
I’m bored with it all
too much to even reply
it would make more sense
if you weren’t
abusing me from the spare room
Norman Crane Sep 2021
we spoke / we listened
now we are each other's head-
aches, quietly break-
Norman Crane Sep 2021
coffee cup broken
pieces strewn across the floor
sharp words were spoken
now we are silent;       no more
(s)weeping;    sad ceramic gore
Leah Carr Apr 2021
I love you
but also
I hate you

The confusion and conflict
around the inside of my skull

I failed in my duty

Why does it have to be so complicated?
Just two incidents
But they broke us

But then, what can really happen in
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