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Leah Carr Apr 11
I love you
but also
I hate you

The confusion and conflict
around the inside of my skull

I failed in my duty

Why does it have to be so complicated?
Just two incidents
But they broke us

But then, what can really happen in
Swan Songs Feb 10
Colourful discussion
Free to be unfair
Our intentions strictly pure
But hastened resolve braced the air

Some misleading understood
Selfishly devoted
I felt compelled to share the truth
Of what I felt should truth itself

But you laughed at me and my blasphemy
You laughed at me and my blasphemy

As if I declared the world was round
The "context" is not an excuse
how can rumors
be only unfortunate news?

The fault is yours but I am the one you accuse

You appeal to reason and want a truce
but why do I feel like I can't choose?
His4Her is a series of poems with different points of view of fictional people
Beckie Davies Dec 2020
I needed you to agree
So that I could be free
Of you
Of them
Of it
I needed you to agree
Because arguments always look better that way
agree with me.
Kai Mar 14
vices binding my soul; ever complying
perfect obedience; never denying
i'm silent no matter how terrifying
i'm on the verge of tears but never crying
my lungs only produce a quiet sighing
i'm screaming final breaths but never dying
and all the while my pain's intensifying
my wings fledged and outstretched but never flying
i try to speak but there's no point replying
i'm done with all your endless justifying

you could've changed, but you're just never trying
the 11 syllables thing is part of the poem. you get lured into thinking it will flow nicely like an iambic pentameter, but then you reach the end of the line and you feel like you have to interrupt yourself to maintain the rhythm. that's because you do. that's how it's meant to be read. the interruption is part of the poem.

you can read this in multiple ways. either one person struggling against another, or two people arguing.
Lee Carter Dec 2020
I argue with you inside my head
Angered by words you've never said.

I write our scripts to my design
Then am vexed when you botch your lines.
Dedicated to the lady.
Aa Harvey Nov 2020
Thanks for something

Thanks for something.
Thanks for nothing.
Thanks for all those words you said.
Go to bed, you’ve said enough.
You’re all out of luck and I’ve got nothing to say.
Go away!  Have a nice day.
Peace be unto me.

Use the force in May, to make them change their mind, maybe.
Little time left for you; time to be crazy.
I’m not listening, no more a slave to ladies.
Use a noun, not a name, hello Baby.

Left all sad at the end of a phone.
Cut the line to the lies…leave me the Hell alone!
I know you better and more than you would like me to believe,
But babe please, don’t be a tease,
Waving your love at me.
If it ain’t real then it ain’t no-thing.

(C)2020 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Kitty Oct 2020
I feel like an old pair of trousers left in a drawer
only brought out when you’re desperate cause you don’t want to be left naked
vulnerable in your knickers
better than nothing
I don’t fit what you want anymore
but you don’t fit me
so let me be in my drawer
I’ve got clothes for company
they don’t wear me out
whilst I keep them warm
Get away from me
Your presence repulses me
With all honesty
When I said
I meant hold me

I hate you
You make me feel the worst
Truth of the matter is
When I said
I meant I love you

You annoy me
I regret ever saying yes
With overflowing truth
When I said
I meant thank you for choosing me

I promise
To keep you
To live for us
To care about your interests
To be yours and only yours
When I said
I meant it
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