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fireheart Aug 2020
crashing waves, a siren call
though i don't need it, not at all
i come to you, my black abyss
pull me under, as i dehisce

i won't see you mourn for me
as i become the salt of the sea
Luna Sep 2018
From the tales of
Ruined men
Their names laced around my tongue ,
A sweet curse
Bewitched the eye
And swells them in
dabbles of dagger
I have swallowed,
A cutting edge
A slash on the throat choking in—
Beneath my scaly skin,
Body wrapped around a
Sweat gleaming neck,
And with a puncture
On the lips
It starts bleeding.
[Belinda :old Germanic name meaning snake]
miki Sep 2018
your voice is a curse
that i can never get rid of.
it entices me,
pulls me in
until there is no more rope to be held
and you have to throw me back out again
just to reel me in once more
so you can speak to me
with your voice made of poison.

i can never tell who’s worse.
or you.
Almiel Feb 2016
What hides on the verge of the madness
And why does it luring me in
Faster and faster
Head spinning and spinning
I stand at the edge of the darkness
And staring at it with a grin

How close, for how long can I linger
Caressing it gently with finger tips
Forbidden, forbidden
The conscience is screaming
The darkness grows bigger
And inside me creeps
Saddam Husen Apr 2014
Balm for Your Soul

Every feeling is real
It is new but effectively true
Now track my every wreck
This vital virtue could not control by any rescue.

Feel my ultimate jealousy
for your standing by others end
whether he is your friend
I just want a walk, hand in hand with you.

You are irrestrictive elusive
you are not here yet luring
Fast stimulation for your curing
Violent-nascent, hollow-shadow, hard to spend moments few.

— The End —