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Strying 1d
i've been trying to write a poem a day
as if poetry is a lifeboat
sailing the dark ocean that is my life
Strying 2d
in every meaning of the word
and i think ill fail whatever comes next too.

those around me are constantly telling me
i already have.
my mom told me she thinks imma end up living in the streets :D
when i was a kid she told me she thought i would be a star, like performing and all...
Strying 3d
so alone
i forgot how it felt to be held

took a cold shower
because i didnt want to remember
but fr i just took a cold shower and it made me feel alive
10/10 recommend, especially while it's still summer
Strying 4d
But it's pushing me to try,
I don't know why.

~Maybe my eyes miss having reasons to cry~
kinda just sitting here trying to motivate myself with some techniques my sis gave me earlier this year when I had 0 motivation to even try them and idk if theyre going to help, but i have school soon so, even though im sad and numb, i gotta try to get back to an active life
Strying 5d
I only feel like I'm enough,
when I'm doing things I don't love.
Strying 6d
each day i hope for something better
as though the darkness fades away in the night
and the daytime washes the remains clean

if only reality was like this
and i didn't wake up still teary-eyed,
waiting for dead of night to come again
allowing me to lay my head
and let my pillow catch the waterfall again.
an old draft i kinda liked
Strying 6d
12:30 (please)
12:30 (don't push me away like this)
12:31 (we're different)
12:31 (this trio won't split into two)
12:35 (please)
12:36 (don't leave me out of the loop like this)
12:36 (I'm lonely as it is)
12:41 (don't leave me like this)
12:41 (please)
12:42 (I love you, you're like my sisters)
trying to mix the idea of the online culture of ghosting and how lots of trios end up breaking apart.
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