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Strying Nov 6
I wrote it on my hands
I etched it to my soul
My happy place
Was taken away
Replaced with
His voice

But you're here
and you touched my hand
and made it all okay.
Strying Nov 5
It never goes away
Always yelling at your body
Telling you
My heart can't take much more,
and if it doesn't stop soon
my heart will break in two,
all because of you.
I hope everyone is okay out there, I know there are a lot of stressful things going on in the world right now <3
Strying Nov 5
I can hear my heart
Though the room isn't silent
I can feel my brain
Running circles in a fray
I'm scared
Fear coursing through my veins
I take a breathe
And start the test.
WISH ME LUCK I have a AP English writing assessment today :o
Strying Nov 3
If there was a distance to cross
I wouldn't take the step
I wouldn't start the journey
I couldn't even take a breathe
Couldn't say the words
and now you're gone.
Strying Nov 3
One last breath.
A moment,
Your face frozen
In my mind
an angel,
fallen from heaven,
and now,
Strying Nov 3
I smile
I laugh
I joke
The door closes
I scream
I cry
I want
Nothing more
Than to die.
:/ true for a lot of people. Many don't even realize they are sad, they don't see their own fake smiles.
Strying Oct 29
I can't stop
Your words
bring me tingles,
over text,
And butterflies form every time
I get a notification.

Your voice alone brings a smile
to my face, but it'll never work.

I'm just kidding myself thinking
that it'll be better this time.
That this is not the exact same as before.

For he left me alone,
and you're already too far away.
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