Montana Svoboda Apr 11

Carbon caked to barren
Feet walking on ash then
Dirt ran to water wash
The mess away, right
With grace, if anything at all

Fire forlorn fighting aphotic
Precedence set aside sticks
To burn set aside each other
As well birch bark wrap old
Wounds in words carved from
Apologies and cambium, if  
Anything at
All a semblance of sentiment perhaps
It’ll be found
Clinging to the wayward horizon

never once do we stop smiling as we drive
down to the san lorenzo
we call it the garden of eden.
down until your skin graces the water
cold and breathless
regardless, we've come so far and so we swim

Hannah Hagemann Mar 27

Sandstone Medicine
Teach me your lessons of resilience
Towering hundreds of feet above me
Iron Red-Orange
Made of Earth's blood
You've stood patient
as rivers lashed through you
trying to erode your body
as tectonic force roared upward
looking for something to give
But here you stand
Wearing your scars proudly
Now they adorn you
Like beautiful pieces of jewlrey
Telling stories of a time long before now
Sandstone Medicine
Singing to me songs of resilience

Scarlet McCall Mar 20

A bed of pine needles
and the wind’s lullaby.
A star studded night
breaks to dawn’s pale sky.
High rocky ridge
reached by steep forest trail;
hidden valley below--
grey mist casts a veil.
Miles I will travel,
destination unknown.
On my back I will carry,
like a snail, my home.
I will walk on, walk on;  I will die alone.
Let the birds eat my body; let the sun bleach my bones.

In times like these, don't you want to just go out in the wilderness and forget it all?
ALC Mar 10

Bring on the adventure,
Bring on the pain,
Bring on the laughter,
Bring on the games!

Lets go wild,
Lets just feel free,
Let the wind rush threw us
As we stand tall as trees.

I want my muscles to ache,
I want my back to sweat,
I want to be covered in dirt,
And to be out of breathe.

I want to stare at the precipice
And look straight down.
I want to fall into the abyss
And laugh the whole way down.

I want an adventure
That thrills me to the core.
That leaves me tired and exhausted,
Yet always wanting more.
-ALC March 9, 2017

Snizzlefish Feb 14

White mountains capped in satin,
North face hiding behind a veil of frigid diamonds.

How I long to caress your powdered cheeks.
To float down your ivory aisles.
How I long to toast your champagne kiss.
To hear you softly whisper "I do" beneath my feet.
How I long to traverse across your velvet curves.
To fall head over heels into your feathery embrace.

It's something.

Old friends
New snow
Borrowed time
Blue sky

There's just something about getting cold feet.
I could wed you every single day & never grow tired of this frosted bliss.

Jason Weihl Dec 2016

I passed by that tree the other day.
The one nestled between two thorn bushes
and just past a ravine
along the upper trail of Old Man’s Cave in Hocking Hills,
surrounded by two thousand acres or so
of dense forest.

I laughed to myself because
The old birch hadn’t changed since I had last seen it.
But it certainly felt different.

The same gray cloak of bark
covered the tender matter inside.
Golden foliage still swayed above me
like it did on that brisk November afternoon.

Today is brutally brisk,
but I have to admit that I did stop for a second to reminisce
under the once comforting blanket of its shadow.
I fixed my now nostalgic, sepia-toned gaze on the bark
and traced my fingers over the scar that we left.

I remembered looking for the perfect one with you.
It was this one, we both thought.
And so were you, at least I thought.

My cold blade carved into the robust fortress of its surface
exposing the birch’s reddish-tan, natural finish underneath.
It then became our tree,
not just any tree, in a forest, on a planet full of them.

I remembered you telling me a couple months back about
how much you admired trees,
and how I should read Trees. Reflections and Poems
by Hermann Hesse, and I did almost immediately.

“Trees are sanctuaries.”
was our favorite quote from the poem, we decided.
And it was the most relevant.
Our tree had become a grand symbol
that would carry in our memory,
what it meant to love and be loved.

But now its just that,
another tree in a forest
that we scarred.
And that, now, scars us.

I was so sick
Of all the News,
Especially about this Stupid Presidential Campaign
Between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump
And I was so sick
Of all the Stupid, Cliquish,
Snobbish  Ass Holes in Denver
That I decided that I needed to Escape from the World.
So, I found a Secret Cave
High in the Colorado Rockies
On a U.S.G.S. Topographic Map.
I bushwhacked over steep and slippery hills,
After a long, tough hike,
Found the Cave.
When I walked in,
I saw none other than the Prophet Mohammed,
Sitting there praying with his beads.
I said to him, "Hey, dude, Mohammed?"
"What the heck are you doin' here?"
"Muslims don't believe in Reincarnation, do they?"
Mohammed replied to me sharply.
"Moskowitz, who the hell told you that Buddhists"
"Are the only ones capable of Reincarnation?"
"The Dalai Lama?"
"Don't you know"
"That Allah is capable of all things?"
I felt perplexed.
What was  the Prophet  Mohammed doing here in Colorado
With all these Stoners?
"Listen here, Dude," I told him.
"You're supposed to be in Arabia."
"That's what it says in the Qu'ran!"
Mohammed was not discouraged in the slightest
By my Arrogance
To him,
One cave was just the same as another.
"What difference does it make?"
"All these Categories were created by Human Beings,"
"Not Allah."
He continued,
Pointing his finger at me while preaching.
"Mr. Moskowitz, this entire World is globalized."
"Do you think that I don't know about the Internet?"
"Where do your shoes come from?"
"China, I suppose."
"I told people to seek Wisdom from as far away as China,"
"But I didn't tell them to go to China
"To buy their shoes."
"Either sit and peace and pray with me,"
"Or go on your way so I can pray in this cave in peace!"
I felt that the Prophet Mohammed
Had a valid point about Globalization and Chinese Shoes.
So, I sat and prayed with him,
But eventually, in the relaxing atmosphere
Of that cool, humid cave,
I fell asleep.
When I woke up,
The Prophet Mohammed was gone.
I wondered if I had actually seen him,
Or if I had experienced some sort of Hallucination.
Of course,
Differentiating between Reality and a Hallucination
Is just another Arbitrary Category.
I guess that's what the Prophet Mohammed
Was trying to tell me.

Scott F Hemingway Oct 2016

Strata upon her lope with hope to everyone
when leaves would fall betwixt these righteous paths
whether your forks gathered rain

as autumn found together in sheer delight
where dryness perchance had provoked many living trunks
and maple syrup was flowing from sap
so delicious these hot cakes fulfilled grace and picnics in Eagles Mere.

A recreational community in  Northern Pennsylvania.
Erin Kelly Oct 2016

I ascend the VERY vertical mountain slope
Stepping upon twisty Snake roots and snail shell boulders
I'm a clumsy Billy Goat
The rain falls silently
It leaps off emerald leaves and rolls off ground bound rocks
They glisten with beauty and dangerous slippage
Awkwardly I scramble up an incline
Tarantula style!
Pebbles scramble to escape my scattering feet
And with a less than graceful hop, skip, and jump
I reach the peak!
In a epic display of perfect timing sun beams streak through the parted clouds
For me it's a moment of awe

My first time hiking a mountain was quite a challenge and rewarding adventure
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