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Elaine Yu May 17
Fall / by Elaine Yu

i know why it is called “fall”
Like a piece of heaven fall
Wait for us and never fade
Not until your laughter echoed in the valley
Not until the mud splashed on our shoes
Not until you conquered the hill and creek
Not until you gave me your precious self-made hiking stick
Not until you played enough in this fall

That year an angle fall
Ignite my world with a smile
And love I fall into
Never fall apart
Written on my son’s 14 year’s old birthday
Rosie Walker Apr 4
We walked to Sealers Bay, four of us, all women
Bleeding Madonnas on a pilgrimage in the rain, together yet alone
each to her own journey
Moving like the floods of 2011, ready to take out any obstruction
Mud ******* at our feet, rainforest leeches suckling our blood like desperate children
The rhythm of my feet set off a reverie of how I lost my mind just a moment ago.
I found it again, blood pumping in my ears, heart pounding like thunder
The sweat running down my neck made me think of you…wondering where, how, who?  
A futile fancy
Still the rainforest clings to me, my feet echoing on the boardwalk,
the sound of running water filled with tannins
emotions of the forest flowing beneath my feet to Sealers Bay
A beach once stained with the blood of whales lies calm and blue, deceptive
A moment of sunshine found me sprawled on the sand, waves of exertion washed over me
The repose was fleeting.
Nature interrupted sending a shower, and a chill up my spine
A journey is rarely one way and retracing my steps is like retracing a lifetime
…would it have been better if?..
Eventually I turn my mind skyward to a flock of black cockatoos screeching like banshees at the women trudging one foot in front of the other in a winter forest
Nineteen kilometres of contemplation can quieten a busy mind, it is the number of surrender and endurance
The feeling of my toenail lifting in my boot is strangely cathartic
like a mistress, how pain focuses thoughts on the detail
I see tiny red Correas, the *** organs of plants, there for the pleasure of others
My buttocks and calves scream as the incline of the hill steepens, spurring me on
pleasure in pain makes you forget yourself, and the forest
there's just breathe and movement and rhythm
Glistening in the sun
Light-hearted. A release. Fun.
Gliding along. Riding the wind. Drifting. Soaring.
A magical orb, transporting you back to a childhood
So carefree. So happy. So easy.
Floating, without a care in the world.
A moment of pleasure. A moment to treasure.
The freedom. Serenity. Complete lack of responsibility.

Of a bubble
Atop a rock, aloft.
The valley spread below.
A pat of sun melts down my chin
and smears amongst my toes.
The wind brushes my lips,
a kiss of pine and grass,
My soul, it hungered, I was fed
from nature never fast.
Kyle Mouat Feb 11
The cold reveals the air being taken
By a foreigner who has just awaken;
They hear the rain hitting his tent
And smells an earthly scent;

They pack the tent into a pack
And lifts the heavy load onto their back;
Begins the journey over the mountain
To see what beauties in contains;

The thickness of the fog is great
That it makes it difficult to travel straight;
The rain picks up as the wind blows harder
Which makes seeing difficult for the wanderer;

But the fog clears as the winds die,
The rain calms down as it falls from the sky;
The journeyman sees a clearing close by
And what it reveals could make anyone cry;

Drops rain down from heaven above
To the earth that absorbs it like a sponge;
The grass and trees become greener,
The air and ground grows colder;
Truly a beautiful sight for a traveler’s eyes.
The Calm Jan 21
Poems about love,

Walking through an evergreen forest
Leaves of yellow and orange and red
The morning sky bursting through the canopy as we sit in our tent drinking coffee
Excited with what today's hike will bring
When you love nature you always want to be close it
Because I love you , I always want to be close to you
The engagement ring in my pocket gives me inspiration
I want to be as tough as the diamonds that crown its head
I want to be for you, as consistent and unending as the ring itself
So here we are, getting closer to nature, closer to each other.
You, unaware of even how much closer, I want to get to you.

Hues of black and blue with ambient lights of vintage setting.
Nights in Paris and Marseilles near the water,  candles lighting our dinner,
The flame giving my eyes the gift of seeing your beautiful face.
Cheese and grapes, chocolate and wine
Yet, the only taste I crave is that of your lips
To smell your perfume and touch your smooth skin.
Your smile , rivaling every star in the night's sky
Your soul, lecturing the moon on how to glow
Your heart, teaching me how to pray.
Because you exist, I know there must be a God out there.
Because you are here with me. I must pray, that God allows me to stay.

Bright lights and tall buildings as far as the eye can see.
We walk along the Hudson hand in hand.
We keep each other warm.
The autumn winds are cold but I hold your hand in mind. your sweet precious fingers grasp mine
You may not notice it, or maybe you do?
You stare into the horizon but here, I pull you close
I kiss you, as if we were in a movie
Nothing in the world do the Angels pay closer attention to than this kiss
Because as I surely live, so would I die for you.
As surely as my heart beats, it skips a beat when I am with you.
Juhlhaus Jul 2019
In June, I saw
A beautiful white spider
On my backpack.
It was eating a mosquito.
I will write a poem
About it later.
Juhlhaus Jul 2019
O black toad,
Sage of the sodden floor,
Grant me your stoicism
As I my go labored way.
And may you prosper,
Consume legions, grow fat;
Yet deftly elude all
Who would do you injury.
A tribute to the noble toad of the Northwoods.
Jerry Vital Jun 2019
Through the dense forest,
And the deep valley, alone I walk.
Thoughts scattered away like butterflies,
Flying deep into the summer green;
There, the creeks are my only directions
And the mountains, my only inspirations.
After 1000 miles,
I dwell deeper into the great Rockies
Where I walk idly
Lingering through million years of glory.
Down the rift valley,
Rest dazzling shades of blue
With beautiful colour hue
That spurs me to great endeavours
In these enticing landscapes, I wander.
Deeper into these fields of valleys
Through an ethereal world where life just shines
Without a peculiar city that confines;
Like gravity I’m pulled further
By the sounds of the soothing water
And the sight of the giant crests
Along these endless trails, I feel conjure
Following the footprints of the antelopes
As the day fared forth,
And time just hurries on
I lay down quietly through the open meadows
Where only doves reign.
Alex Jun 2019
We stumbled upon a view that wast tailor made for two
It was just you and I under a pale blue sky
I turned to see your smile and stopped to stare a while
Because even then I knew you were more beautiful than the view
You turned to go when the sun drooped low
And I heard your laugh down the golden path
As night consumed light the moon bloomed bright
And the stars blossomed too you know how they do
Lighting this lovely night with and the mood just right
I whispered in your ear “Oh how I love you dear”
Just you and I under a star lit sky
Stumbled upon a scene peaceful and serene
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