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M Solav Jan 5
O like a breeze they stemmed,
From the north, like a storm;
Trampled these feet of ours!

A far reaching spell alone brought
Auguries of a will and ravage;
A hunger to be scorched.

Standing at the crossroad of a time,
Holding the floor tide by tide;
Aiming thus far fair and well.

Nor a soul ever was to complain,
First were they once they came;
And seats taken all the same.

Minuscule down the immense
Must all find where to commence
A motion towards shared quests?

But as these perish, unsheathed swords,
Their sediments to restore the world
And all else shall be vain!

May some through fortune stand and last
Upon all this dream of a burning land
Way up high beyond stars.
Written in September 2016 - for a photopoetry book titled "Thousand Reflections on Lake Qiandao"

— Copyright © M. Solav —
This work may not be used in entirety or in part without the prior approval of its author. Please contact for usage requests. Thank you.
Ken Mears Nov 2019
Some days,

Things go your way

Some days,

Others, you want to cry all day.

When the worst days come

And trust me, they will,

Just start to hum,

And keep going over that hill.

When it feels like the world,

Is tumbling down,

Deep into the underworld,

And you think you may drown.

Hold your head up high,

And just push on,

Keep your face to the sky,

And focus thereon.

When everything around,

Feels like it's ablaze,

While you are fear-bound,

Trapped in a maze.

Think back to the best days,

When you saw the future bright,

For that future is always,

Just within your sight.
A M Ryder Jul 2019
I'd set the world ablaze
Just to watch the flames
Dance in her eyes
Desire Feb 2019
With the width of the universe's expanse,
outer space holding stars within its hands,
of the millions of stars shooting ablaze,
the Sun somehow shines on you everyday.
2-23-19,   0907HRS
emmie cosgrove Apr 2018
Once walking through the clouds of heaven
An angel did spy on the ground below
Curious to learn the ways of the mortals
She shed her halo and carefully packed up her wings
She bid the comfort of heaven farewell, eager for more
And fell to Earth
The world greeted her, ablaze with flames
These flames began to burn around her heart
Promising to keep the Angel warm whilst she ventured on
Heaven envied the joy that the Earth did provide
And heaven wept
Rain poured from the sky
The fire that the Angel fell so in love with had started to die out
As the flames faded, she grew weak
But a spark had always lived inside the Angel
It ran through her blood
She unpacked her wings and attached them to her back
She knew the spark was there
She had grown weary of heaven’s jealousy
And knew it was time to battle
The Angel’s fire was so strong it put out the rain that had tried to **** her
Her wings were aglow with orange and red
For the fire didn’t control her, she controlled it
Umi Mar 2018
Even though humans struggle to live and darkness is easier memorized than light..
Moments of bliss and happiness are still likely to occur,
Perhaps not today perhaps it will take a longer time,
That is what I find very beautiful,
The love of life which rarely is set ablaze by events,
Rejoicing, in the truest bliss alike spiders in their tiny dance,
Forgetting the heavy rain and feeling alive on the highest level,
Even though, it is likely to fade as if it was dust carried away by a gentle breeze of the coming spring, far away till the horizon,
A moment of love can change a persons view of the world,
Motivate them to keep on fighting to experience the sheer amount of joy and happiness carried to them by the purest state of the mind,
Until all the shrapnel of their hearts rejoin and shine beyond the scene, with light coming from above the heavens, golden, free of sin,
And when the sunset ends these cheerful moments, their memories live on, reminding, recalling and pointing out to fight furthermore,
Even though humans stuggle to live wretchedly,
Is what I find very beautiful.

~ Umi
I long for long nights
wearing wool cardigans
in London streets
snow crunching under my leather boots

In my right arm
and a fire burning in my chest.
Every glance into your piercing blue eyes
is the gasoline that keeps my heart ablaze.

The snow begins to fall
and you cry
because this hasn’t happened
we haven’t met
this is a dream
a longing
to one day be with you,
whoever you are.
To my wife, whoever she may be
Cazandra Leia Oh Nov 2017
The sun is forever shining
Calling out to us
To listen to the secrets of the universe
Receive his all knowing light
Within an unforgiving glare
Blazing fire that burns to the touch
We remain adamant
That the truth is only what we know
Only the facts and numbers
But to know if anything at all
We need to understand
To banish the idea
That truth is just about numbers
Fractions facts and statements
Truth is what the universe has to offer
That we blatantly deny our next generations
The truth is creation and imagination
Intensity and insanity
Alan S Bailey Apr 2017
It's hard to believe that we were just
Feet away from each other at one time,
Your dark eyes and brown short hair,
Your soft voice, and my endless crying,
(Still in pain from that day you told me to
Go my own pointless separate way)
You and I, we hold each other so close
From such a great distance-in my mind.
It's just like they all say, love is burning,
My house is in a fire ablaze, I am so burnt up
Over you. I will watch as the skies set fire,
I will wait until it burns down every last
Square inch of this place of evil in it's entire.
There will be no end to my pain
Until this world ends or you and I are
Holding each other just the same!
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