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Strying Jul 2022
my eyes still burn
from the last time we locked them
you and I are like
everyone and everything around us
trying to extinguish us
but our eyes
they meet and make a forest fire
they meet and planets explode
it's like there's nothing else
keeping me from moving on
except for the way our eyes
used to ignite at a mere glance.
a forced broken love story
inspiration was my life but also "I burn for you" from Bridgerton
Spriha Kant Sep 2020
Either vent out whatever is boiling inside you and extinguish that fire that is burning your soul and heart or keep quiet with deliveries of fake smiles and live your whole life as a pyre.
Choose wisely !
Just a motivational quote.....
aspen wilde Jun 2020
desperately trying to extinguish the fire of my mind,
burning the pain on paper,
not on the edge of a knife.
Alysha Feb 2019
It pained me to see
her fluorescent gems becoming
nothing more than smoldering embers.

The fire once lighting them,
Payton Jul 2018
You blew me away, like a
                                   feather in the wind.
The very first second I saw you,
                                                   I knew there
was no way I could keep up.  You swept me
             away with your wild currents.
          When I first met you,
                      I thought, I was weak.
I thought you would surely extinguish my flame
  with the tiniest whisper.
          But you showed me that I
                        you to be stronger,
          that I needed you to burn brighter,
not because I was weak, not because I needed a man, but
                      because you were my
other half.
Irina BBota Nov 2017
How pretentious can be the silence
in the mornings of the hot summer days!
I felt nothing no more, for patience
is not limited to formal love and it says:

It was just me. The rest of the world delivers
heavy waves stumbling against my wall,
trying to set right the serpentined rivers
of crying, flowing on my crusty skin of a wooden doll.

The Sun, a dragon that throws flames on his nose,
the Wind, too coward to show his refreshing face,
the Sky, discolored in the distance, it froze,
just the Moon closed his eyes, leaving no trace .

Me and I, were not well together,
but I have found the power to listen to myself,
sipping the sweet-bitter coffee, feeling a bit better,
I was learning again to live, to be an other self.

I knew that one day the blank pages will be coloured,
That the ink stains of my soul will disappear,
That I will forget about the storm that is uncovered,
the call of love will be on my side, without shedding no tear.

I knew that butterflies melody I would hear soon,
Birds chattering happy over the green forest,
That I will never hear poor souls screaming in the noon,
That all this will be simple memories on my wrist.

Now I extinguish my thirst with accords of violin,
Mistrust has deserted from my sleepless earth,
Regrets have become sad songs of flowers on my skin,
In the breeze of the morning, forgetting my wound's birth.
Sarah Elaine May 2017
A dim flame flickers,
     as if it were dancing to a rhythm..
     as if it were alive,
     as if it was reflecting a life.
It fights with itself...
               extinguish, breathe,
     extinguish, breathe.
The light bounces off its surroundings,
Doing a tango with its shadow.
     Light, darkness.
     Good, evil.
     Strength, weakness.
It casts demons on the wall,
It casts illuminations on the wall.

A light breath,
     threatens its dance,
          while the tiny wick
               struggles to provide life.
A drop of oil,
     fuels the glimmer,
          while the air whirls by,
               jeopardizing its fate.

A dim flame flickers,
     bobs and weaves,
     jumps and jives,
     flashes and sparks.
A war between the elements,
               Fire, air...
     Air, fire.
Radiating beauty,
Providing a glimpse of hope and soul,
     Chaotic and raw,
     Wild and free,
     Magnificent and untamed.
Embrace the dark and honor the shine,
Love the twilight and be engulfed in the magic.
gravygod Nov 2016
how I can be ****** back in
to the old ways of abuse
when I know nothing good will come
from you
from me
from both of us
yet I feel the sparkling fire that burns
and it only burns for you
I need you to blow it out
extinguish my flame
before it sets my whole body on fire
then there will be nothing left to do
but follow you
I need you more than I thought I did or didn't
when I tell you I love you
you tell me you like being with me
nothing will ever add up
but everything will subtract
I have thought I reached the end plenty
somehow you reel me back into your grasp
your warm embrace filled with connectivity
as if our hearts are hugging
not our bodies
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