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Nathalie Feb 9
You draw from me

Breaths of desires

That awaken

A flowering love

I bathe in this

Blissful feeling

To which

I surrender

My heart

As I welcome

This pleasure with

Open arms

And honoured grace

I am grateful

For you…

A joyful gift

Born to life.

rofan Dec 2018
to write
to write words that were forever spoken
words that might leave
but never disappear
like a rose it lives, it dies
so it becomes part of a new life
today i might no longer speak
i might no longer hear
today i am only
and i am only me
alone in a part of something,
that is forever awaken
so the more i feel
the less i believe
like the sun
it gave light
to the moon to be bright
i want my words
the fingers that once wrote
it gave certainty
Infinity to my world
so sun,
i hope you never get enable
to make your light reach to every spot of the earth
not like my own words
that never reached
the only rose
that i wanted to reach.
Sara Bullara Dec 2018
I am not a morning person
Not naturally at least
When one would try to wake me early
I’d be likened to a beast

Times have thus since changed
And I’ve been savoring the morning dew
Just get the ol’ gears turning  
That’s all you ought to do

One foot out of the covers
Followed by the other
Swiftly rise upon both
And like that you’re your own mother

It’s a triumph to be horizontal
Out of those sweet sheets
And unless you’re completely mental
Don’t look back or skip a beat

But do not fret I tell myself
There you will return
For a siesta or a slumber
It soon will be your turn
Daniel H Shulman Dec 2018
Calming with the softness of your skin,
Sated of my hunger for your kiss,
Nourished by the state you put me in,
Feeding this soul’s appetite for bliss.

Craving delicacies of your eyes,
Sensing sunrise warmth of your embrace,
Mornings such as this I energize
With anticipation of your face.

Awake to the honey of your tongue
And fluttering eyelash on my cheek,
You’re the morning hope of day still young,
You provide for me the love I seek.
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Karisa Brown Nov 2018
A hidden locus written under my tounge
Rooted at the umbilical cord
Under my bellys sleeve

To be cont.
Johnny walker Nov 2018
Dreamed so much of late
not sure If I'm asleep or
awake, must be the
medication for my
depressive state that I
now take, that sends me to
Sleep for hours on
To where I fly from dream
to dream but even In my
deepest sleep I must
awaken from my dream
like state and return once
more to face the reality of
the real world to where
I must live
My dream like from which I must awake to face again the realities of life
Sara Kellie Oct 2018
You're wringing out my brain
with all that it held.
You've left it all twisted,
confused and in pain.
So I'll just untwist
and fill it up again.
Then . . .
. . . carry on!

Carry on, and on, and on.
OpenWorldView Oct 2018
Writing to you
  made me endure the boring dailiness.

Writing to you
  made me forget my sorrows for a while.

Writing to you
  was like painting with my heart.

Writing to you
  was like loving you with my words.

I should never have stopped.
EP Robles Sep 2018
WHY does sorrow soar as love
and sadness sink like fear
and love burst like anger
when the mouth remain
as "O" and hands clasp
like death as arms flay
like clowns and tears be tears
when the world remains as is
while is is not as good as good
can be?

  Wake me up
when the curtains
have fallen

And as the lights
have dimmed.

:: 09-20-2018 ::
Notes i have none.
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