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It's dank
It's dark
where my other half hides
Strike out at the head
Strike towards the heart
The air is different here
it closes in
if you fight
you cannot win
fair warning
I welcome you
come on in.
Prevost Aug 7
Shattering the sounds of the silence
Buried deeper than we know
Laid upon the layers
We have laid to rest

Breaking the seal
The voices fill their lungs
And sing
And speak
And scream
Shattering the silence ....
When we dead people awaken it is so late
that cannot call it even delayed  
Asking who those out of grave wandering...
salvation preachers after doomsday
but now bundle of zombies dancing with wind’s hey…hey…
In a time of somberness
I have been awakened
Desires to do what I've always wanted
To thrive in darkness is a super power
Become a better person on the other side
Archer Feb 24
Wet sidewalks
Running water
Smells of soils
Odors strong
Sun hits ground
Warming places
Without light
Far too long
Permanent chinooks
Wake from slumber
Banquet needs a butler
Singer needs a song
Adrian Feb 23
Slashing through
The silver visage
Of a golden dream.
Snapped open
With the clap of a book
That cleanly split an
Eternally unified sky,
And resonated through
This stagnant planet.
No idea. Calmer than a sleeping kitten outside.
Pepper Dove Feb 12
Outside my window, dull light peers through
bringing with it a solemn feeling, cold and still
an ache deep within, to escape to faraway places
filled with the warmth of the sun, warming me to my bones
awakening my soul, like an old candle finally lit
a burning, a yearning to brighten this room
casting whimsical shadows on the walls, stories to tell all
of worries turned into hopes, learn to cope anyways
move on with the day, skip along to the song playing
playfully in my heart, dancing like a child
alone in her room, singing into her brush
hair in a tangled mess, I must confess
the music caressed, moving me to a rhythm only my soul knows
blind to the outside world, on the other side
of my window.
When the winter blues kicks in at full, all you have to do to cope
is let the inner child out
Every morning I microwave myself

Reheating stale words on my lips

As I shuffle toward the inevitable

Sleep that never quite takes

In the vain hope that tomorrow

There exists a new "me"

Who is finally ready to become
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