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Nyx Jun 17
Light fingered
Swift and efficient
Conspiring against themselves
Nothing is ever sufficient

Take. Take. Take
Its Mine. Mine. Mine

Morally incorrect
But what a hefty paycheck
Greed is swirling
Such havoc they wreak

People & Things
They glisten and gleam
Yearn to hold them in hand
Thou the theft must be clean

Much like a bird interested,
Infatuated by the sparkle of things
Filling their homes, Their nests
Craving the beauty they bring

Such light fingers
swift and efficient
Never sufficient
Wanting more and more...

It's never enough.

These hearts taken within the dark
hidden by the cloak of night
Treasures of the soul
Give me your light

Interpret it how you wish
c Feb 4
Glistening with the
Naive anticipation
Of great adventure
Scarlett Jul 2018
When her eyes catch the light,
they glisten like stars.
and for a split second,
you can see all that she hides behind them.
The million broken pieces she bottles up,
and the thousands of tears she fought so hard to not shed.
D Holden Jul 2017
Gliding through glistening ripples,
mirroring the milky blue from above.
Viewing the world side-on,
yet gracefully moving forwards.

Golden corn wave their hello.
The passing landscape rolls like revolving stage scenery,
painted by the finest.

She rests at her pilot’s will,
then moves forward once again;
gliding through glistening ripples.
Mollie Grant Dec 2016
Something happens
when your eyes
catch mine
and I have yet to
figure out if
they truly do
glisten or if
I’ve just been getting
drunk off of your
this entire time
and seeing stars.

Fortify me.
maggie W Apr 2014
I'm going to write a sonnet

About love, desperate attempt and jealousy

He walks like wind, wind from Grand Canyon

He talks like honey, honey sweeter than Canaan

His brows spread like hawk

His eyes streams like spring brook

What do I love about him?

Oh, nothing particularly

Maybe it's the way he listens

How his face glows with glistens

Maybe it's his passion

Enlighten my dark age prison

O captain My captain, sail me through tempest amid my heart

Guide me through the time we are apart

— The End —