Valentia Jan 26

serendipitous memories
and wistful sighs
cherry blossom petals
twirling amidst the skies
efflorescent flowers
ephemeral hours
ethereal sunsets
and starry constellations

anguished thoughts
and secret frustrations
incandescent candles burn
as if awaiting your return
anguish and lingering despair
heartbreak and hollow emptiness
caused by unforsaken pettiness

merely the potential difference
between requited love
and bittersweet limerence

why is limerence so painful?
Victoria Capaldo Nov 2016

I find myself in limerence
With the sea of orange and green;
A forest ignited,
Admiring the ethereal beauty
That mirrors your own.

The sun warms your face.
Your smile warms mine.
An epoch of affection.
Do not leave so soon.

Macy Opsima May 2016

i can hear the misery
of the poets, artists, and kings
of the ages we wasn't born in,
screaming in agony
as they never had the chance
to love,
to encounter,
to witness,
to paint,
to write about,
the finest masterpiece
that is you,
my biggest dream,
my dead star wish,
you are the poison that intoxicates
my veins and i couldn't ask
for anything more.


i have always told myself
not to fall in love with the moment,
moments will fade away
they will burn at the back of my head
but i saw him standing there
with his palm out
for me and only me
as the love-infused music about
fools falling in love
flowed flawlessly around us
that's where i did it.
i fell in love with not only the moment,
i fell in love with the flowers in his mouth
i fell in love with him.

s May 2016

you've got me feeling
light headed
like some kind of coke freak;
but i'm not drunk
and i don't want to be.
i want to
lay in the back seat of your car,
weave my hand into yours,
and make you say my name
as if it were a bible verse.

Macy Opsima Jan 2016

your lips
weren't as soft as a flower's petal

your eyes
weren't the color of the sky

your fingertips
were hills of rocks & dry skin patches

but still
flowers bloom at each step you took

i love you so much,
i don't know what to do

peaseblossoms Jan 2016

soft sounds
spill from our lips
and swirl; i swill
the way you tug
at the corners of
my eyes. your scent
is a bird in
the nest of
my throat,
weak light
floods the room.

january 12th 2016
Elena Andrade Dec 2015

When my eyes first fixed upon him
my bones began to break
my heart began to ache
And as it slipped down to my stomach
the ground began to shake

But I don't even know his name
nope, don't even know his name
but every time I catch a glimpse
I always feel the same

Too many days I felt like
I couldn't even breathe
but a voice I've never heard before
buries me beneath
Below the surface of a fallacy
a fantasy, a stupid girl's dream
I can't begin to believe
that anything I wish for could ever happen to me

I feel so fucking weary
paranoid and dreary
Too many days I've spent just thinking about him near me
Why do I even bother?
What's even the point?
to pine after some boy who's probably smoking a joint

"A quick temper." A friend tells me
"A cheater," he says
but I can't believe anything other than what goes on in my head
my mind's screaming like a banshee
just thinking of what he could be
Thinking about that day when he first fixed his eyes upon me.

Marshie The Mellow Oct 2015

"Do you like looking at the stars?"

I guess. Maybe.

Yes of course. I have ever since.

"What color is your favorite?"

Not quite sure. Rainbow??

Blue! Definitely blue.

"Do you like pizza?"


Yes!  Yes!

You weren't aware
how I was never sure
til' you came but never cared
I've long been searching for a cure
For my uncertainty in life
and cowardice
But you slashed all of those with a knife
And made them all worse
when I thought you had the antidote
never knew I read the wrong note

Now from my faves
they started to become my dislikes
from my midnight craves
now I start to say "yikes"

And that is the summary of your impact
throughout my life~

Marshie The Mellow Aug 2015

Would you care to give me a tour into your breath taking and undeniably fascinating galaxy that is visible from the way your eyes glisten and the way your face light up brighter than the sun up above?

All these love poems are inspired by my friends whom have fallen in love, currently in love and has fallen out of love... hahahaha but there are some stuff inspired by only one person... heuheuheu... XD
Marshie The Mellow Aug 2015

~ You're the living breathing soul of my every word ~ ♡

:3 ♡
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