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Jacqueline O Aug 16
Travel towards the sun by day, until weary then turn left if may.  A cottage in the middle of nowhere you seek, will be just beyond your reach.
Brian Turner Aug 15
It was our second visit in six years to Ivy cottage
Inside the kitchen I crossed through the bookmarks of time
What will the future be like for the kids?
At the top of the stairs looking down another bookmark
Will our next home look as nice as this?

Those thoughts and wishes have come true
All I can say Ivy is thank-you
Thank-you for your park of 1000 acres
Thank-you for the swallows who chased me
Thank-you for the future that now faces me
We have visited Ivy Cottage at Margam country park in Wales. The place and furniture has not changed, we have. The second time my memories flooded back when I was in the kitchen and stairs. These are 'the bookmarks of time" as they triggered the same thoughts and hopes from six years ago.
First is a tree who's name wasn't taught
Next, then of course,  a tree now forgot
And then many maples
A spruce and a birch,
Then the last leafless branch upon which these words perch:

Now Into blue sky
Through the swirled clouds I search
On this dock, or a bible
In this lake like a church;

My soul does the backstroke
Toward the blue dream, I lurch.
Tatiana Jul 13
“Haven’t you heard the cottage in the clearing-”
“-upon the mountain?”
“-yes it belongs to a demon.”

And I gripped my angel’s arm to keep them from interfering
with the two mothers' conversation.

“My kids tried to enter it one day
they thought it was abandoned; figured it’d be okay.
But it wasn’t empty! The home came alive!
With shifting shadows that let sinister creatures thrive!
It hissed like a serpent preparing to strike
but its shadow was not unlike
a human in form, tall and thin
with claw-like fingers, a pointy-toothed grin,
and slitted eyes that glowed amber in the dark-”
“I’m glad my children know to only play in the park.
No demons to be found on a swingset
Or buried in the sands to upset
children wanting to explore-”
I interject, “Isn’t this just some old folklore?
A tale told to tiny children to make
them more obedient… or perhaps to fear the snake?”

“What are you doing?” My angel asked
But I did not reply.

“Oh I am sure that my kids exaggerated a bit.
Childish imaginations are like a wicked kit
to build extraordinary nightmares from shadows.
A frightened animal becomes a monster which addles
their minds, tells them not to stray.
But it is an 'evil home' they say."

“That is absurd! It’s just an old cottage!”
My angel was incensed.

“And no child should be digging through its remains,
no matter what secrets it contains.
So if there is a demon, I do not care,
As long as it stays there.”
“And besides, a storm is coming, haven’t you heard?
If the cottage survives its assault, that would be absurd!
Leave that evil thing to rot in the weather-”
“Yes, that’d be a splendid thing! I’d tether
my hope to it like a boat to its dock
and wait out the storm. I'd wait out the clock
to see horrors end their own existence.”
“Yes,” I agreed. “Good riddance!”

And the mothers walked on, angel pulled my arm
turning me to their pinched face.
“Why do you speak such a way?”
“It got them to leave me be.”
“You could’ve said, ‘I live there and I’m no demon.’”
“That would never work.
I’d rather feed into their fears and keep them away
than gave them a single face to openly hate.”
“You’re absurd!” My angel declared
and then grabbed the collar of my coat,
turning it up to protect me from the sting
of the oncoming wind
And perhaps also from the maelstrom
they feared untied boats would be caught in.
Protect me from the frightened visions of children
completing a dare.
And keep me safe from their mothers
who speak about me without knowing I'm there.
And keep me safe from myself
when I speak of why I should not receive care.
I used rhyming here to indicate who is on the same page and who isn't. In this case, the two mothers and the "demon" are all of the same thought that the cottage in the clearing belongs to something evil and terrible. The point of view the poem is in, is this "demon" and the "angel" is the only one not in agreement with this idea at all. So that last stanza does not have a set rhyme scheme because it is conversation between our "demon" and "angel" who are not on the same page or of the same opinion as the "demon" and the mothers. And that is all I'm gonna explain about this. I'm trying to pay more attention to how I write poems and see if that can benefit whatever I'm trying to say.
So let me know what you all think.
call you miss peach
mushroom princess
sugary sweet
my fairy child
cottagecore queen

goodbye i think it's time that i leave
i know that now's no good for you and me
we'll be together one day baby (maybe)
but until that time i'll set you free (oh)

did you cast a spell
because i fell head over heels
i know your type well
fairies and elves get me hurt
because i fall too **** hard

(hi there) hello
looks like it's time that i go
you and me won't work out too well
we'll be together one day (unlikely)
until that time you won't be mine (oh)

call you miss peach
mushroom princess
cottagecore queen
not trying to be mean
but you're just a little too sweet

(hello) goodbye i've got to go
i think it's time that i leave
now's not a good time for you and me
won't be together baby
until you decide to fly by me (oh)

call you miss peach
mushroom princess
and you'll never be

not trying to be mean
but you're just a little too sweet

my cottagecore queen
Tony Tweedy Sep 2019
Separated by half a world but united by their dream,
Two dreamers who would be lovers share in true loves theme.
In cottage upon a hilltop among trees in blossom their love stands,
Nightly, imagine being there together whilst tightly holding hands.

Each knows of the other dreaming love half a world away
Alternating as one loves by night and the other loves by day.
Thoughts so very similar of the love they wish to share.
Knowing that only by dreaming, together can they be there.

Imagined love by day and dreamed love to ease the night,
In mind alone, things that lovers do, tells each the dream is right.
Only by dream and imagined time there in that lovers place,
Can they know the others kiss and passion born of loves embrace.

And So nightly I will go by dream to that cottage on the hill
Where again she awaits and for our love, time is standing still.
It may not be everyone's dream... but I think its pretty good.
B D Caissie Sep 2019
Across the water a house I’ve seen.
It’s stature consists of modest means.

Simple and weathered with limited space. Its view would leave a permanent grin on your face.

With a river at its doorstep and neighbours for trees.
Looks like a cure for suburban disease.

Surrounded by colours of yellow and green.
It’s the richest abode that I’ve ever seen...

Meggie Delaney Apr 2019
I want to press your kisses between the pages of a book
     Like dried flowers from a June day
Your lips flutter over my cheeks, my nose
     the throbbing valley of my throat
And I'm convinced you must be a hummingbird

Each kiss feels like a bouquet
     You must have drank from the foxglove and yarrow before you
     flew to me
Your heart stutters under my palm
      Throbbing fast and full of sweetness

Tell me
     Do you understand how delightful you are?
Drink the sugar water from my garden
The cottage is always a little sunnier with you around.
StoryTallinn Feb 2019
Owl screaming in the night
Bears looking for a fight
At the end of the path
Near the lake, a cottage

There I will rest
Healing my feet
In the chimney
Fire burning bright

When morning comes
With no danger in sight
Then, I will carry on
Building my own freedom
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