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You asked what am I?
I am just a bunch of unanswered questions which you always ignore and sideline!
Just a face to your questions,
from which you want to escape!
5d · 82
I observed you a lot,
I hope I could have understood you once!
You are the puzzle I could never solve.
Aug 4 · 158
Past is motivation
Giovanna Aug 4
An Invisible permanent scar,
will hitch my wagon to the star.
Some say no time to heal
I say I won't let it make me it's meal.
Some say you need a little brightness.
I say some things are better timeless.
Don't hold on to your past. Also don't forget it completely. Use it as a fuel to launch yourself to better things in life
Jul 28 · 97
You, my aiding pillar
Giovanna Jul 28
In the middle of a war,
maybe with no shore.
Not a defeater.
But no better.
Weary with no sword.
Not metres apart from being floored.

Stuck in the thought spiral.
Tears filled in a barrel.
Your arrival, a hope,
like a climb up rope.

Still in the fight.
Now standing upright.
A finger on the trigger,
with you as my aiding pillar.
There's someone always there to support you
Jul 24 · 136
Nuptial Bliss
Giovanna Jul 24
Writing this piece was a trouble,
says the story of a lovely couple.
A dinky apartment of 2 BHK.
Each day as lively as a flower in a freshly made bouquet.
First light was marked with peck.
Followed with looking for specs on the head.
Before the office came a hug,
that was addictive as a drug.
Their love moved the machine,
and so was their routine.
Today was no different,
For the going to be parent.
The peck, the spec, the hug and lunch.
All love showered in a bunch.
An extra kiss for the bump.
Promised to be back before the moon came up.
Had to return early,
to take her to the hospital securely.
The staff started to prepare.
Sat reciting a prayer.
That happiness was no lie,
when heard his baby girl cry.
Their eyes were full,
when saw their daughter beautiful.
Did it remind you of your partner?
Jul 23 · 327
Sad Delight
Giovanna Jul 23
Is it wrong to be happy when in pain?
No efforts ‘to be’ go in vain.
When you know what the mighty holds for you,
it is the best thing to do.
It’s just that the pain feels so real.
Misery is in the open air site,
and happiness is like all the treasure locked inside.
All the words hurt more than a bite.
What weighs upon when I smile, is not delight.
why does sadness feel more real?
Jul 20 · 104
The Rape
Giovanna Jul 20
Buddies since birth.
Supposed to be the star of the north.
My playmate, my entertainer, my protector.
Like a human lie detector.
The same one face.
The other hard to trace.
Your evil on the rise.
Visible through your nasty eyes.
Your hands all over me.
Push and pull me in like a sea.
Cutting deep into my soul.
Gave me another set of secrets to hold.
All that you should have been was an illusion.
I regret calling you my cousin.
Trust NONE
Jul 12 · 47
Giovanna Jul 12
In this house so big,
where mammoth appears miniature as a twig,
is occupied by my family lil wacky,
and the members lil shabby.

Fancy dress is a quotidian.
And try to talk in lydian.

I love being with them.
Treat me as a rare gem.

We spend time ample.
But they leave me alone in a temple.

Few times their pretend cuts look real,
like denying to heal.

Forever with me.
But a visiter and no guarantee.

People are weirdly overwhelmed by sentiments,
and ask me how am i doing since the car accident.
Do you also forget some incidents but the gones are alive?
Jul 11 · 178
What life is!
Giovanna Jul 11
Sometimes I wonder what life is!
Is it like my mom’s kiss?
Gonna embrace?
Or is it success that I have to chase?
I know the world’s horrible.
Always make you feel invisible.
But what is life like?
A wild cat’s strike?
Or gonna be a child’s dreamlike?

When asked the experienced one,
said it can be chilly as winter and  warm as under the sun.
Life is like a movie with all the drama,
with your sidekick as karma.
strike your best pose,
so that the story pays when one goes!
The golden rule of  life is : One who has the gold makes the rules.
Jun 21 · 26
Roses and Violets
Giovanna Jun 21
The roses have wilted.
The violets are dead.
A ghostly message still unpredicted.
Talking to the one with a hole in the head
suggest me a caption
Jun 13 · 108
Bubble of Glee
Giovanna Jun 13
In my dream bubble,
all the glee is filterable.
No words said.
The blues with the reds,
on a wide spread.
As the clock strikes my happy hour,
there is a prey of my power.
I stand strong over the killed,
with a thirst unfulfilled.
When I said glee could be sieved,
it was misery I picked.
Do u have a thirst like mine?
Jun 9 · 107
Empty Canvas
Giovanna Jun 9
Once upon a time,
A petite girl who smelled of pine.
Not so long ago,
was jumpy at her own shadow.
Spent the whole day playing in the meadow.
Had a many with whom she felt like second self,
who would keep all her mischief to themself.

As the time passed,
all her mischieves were a past.
As Went through the growing process,
her friends grew less.

She grew to be a loner,
every corner called her as their owner.
Considered her closed ones as gones,
leaving her with the purposeless dawns.

With her thoughts weighing upon,
she begged for an amusement to clap on.
Negatives filled her head.
She painted her childhood on the empty canvas,
with her blood so red.
are u loner?
May 25 · 124
Not Alone
Giovanna May 25
You finally found someone who understands you more than I,
so I guess I will be saying my final goodbye.

When the night will dawn,
the departed will be looked on.
With them will be I,
whispering in your ears a spooky lullaby.

I wish the nights never end,
cause our bond needs to be amend.
I will sit right next to you,
all the nights through.

Bite off more than one can chew.
Your nights I will haunt.
Black and blue to flaunt.
We will always be together,
my hand holding tight to your death tether.
When you think you are the most important for the one who you love the most.
But the ends are not always happy. Losing the person may tear your soul, taking your life out. Then is the moment you want the person you love with you and try bringing them with you.
Bite by bite their soul you take away, leaving back the body with bruises.
You keep your promise to always stay next to them. You take them with you, to your home- THE HELL.
May 18 · 65
A Fete
Giovanna May 18
Passes to sell, I went out
but no one knew what's a fete 'bout.
Started at 3:30 with ten,
and came back with nine.
Which was not fine.
Wanted all ten to sell out,
but no one knew what's a fete 'bout.
This episode reflects a disappointing moment in my life when I couldn't sell the passes of my school fete.
May 16 · 100
Planned Death
Giovanna May 16
The woe was overpowering,
the mournful silence blaring.
Going round in circles in the labyrinth of sufferin'.
Thinking about a way out was no sin.
Unswerving and swift was the way out.
My existence was a doubt.
Starved for the last breath,
so I planned myself a death.
"Planned Death" is the third poem in the collection of "The Moon and The Night". It continues from the second poem, "Not Forever". In this poem, the narrator commits  suicide when the pain of losing her family becomes unbearable.
May 15 · 159
Not Forever
Giovanna May 15
I thought you were forever.
Not gonna leave whatsoever.
Neither I nor you knew,
that our fate held something new.

Now you are gone faraways,
leaving after all the heaviness that weighs.
At the moment, it's just me, my memories, my loneliness,
and the nights which had you,
but now are sleepless.
"Not Forever" is the sequel of my first poem "The Moon and The Night".
The Moon and The Night had a melancholic end. Not Forever continues telling about my present situation after all the people I love have left me alone.
May 14 · 85
The Moon and The Night
Giovanna May 14
I start with my poem,                         
when I am down with jeroboam.      
I'll simply tell of the frame.              
Down the river, the moon, the night with a restricted name.          
As the hour of darkness approaches,                                          
the moonlight encroaches.              
Flopped under the cloudless skies,                                                      
far away an owl cries.                        
I call it a night,
when the extinguished darkness arise.
This is the poem I wrote for my family. This signifies their position in my life. The darkness symbolizes adversities and moonlight their love and support.
The end is melancholic. As it ends leaving me alone with my adversities.

— The End —