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deadhead May 18
gently carve your name
into the bark of my heart
wooden permanence
still love you
Happiness is the ultimate goal
UN recognised after all
Since 2012 it keeps publishing
World happiness reports
India ranks poor 139th of 149
How is it so, it hurts
We are the best culture
Like bacteria
We multiplied and multiplied
Population explosion
Limited resources
Poverty, unemployment
Curse for this nation
But Pakistan is in a better position
With 105th rank in happiness
Despite conditions no better
What's the matter?
Maybe we have a strong
Spiritual foundation
Less content to belong to this world
For we are taught
This world is an illusion
Of birth and death
With no permanent happiness
Work for permanent bliss
In the afterworld or
In salvation
After all Cantril ladder
Self assessment of respondents
In the happiness survey
Depends on their values
And how they value this world
Longing for permanent bliss
And to be one with God
Often makes we Indians sad
That we are in this world!
But times are changing
So the thinking
Shine in this world!
Shine in the afterworld!
I have tried to express me. If you understand me, you may agree with me. If don't, you're bound to disagree. Some may find me incoherent and inconsistent. You are wise enough and know what for a waste paper basket is meant! I know, I can't put my thoughts in others' brains unless some special spiritual connection. You may read my poem 'JUMBLE'.
Amy Ross Feb 9
I want all my idols to be false
All my effects the placebo kind
All my monuments temporary
My loves the fleeting type
Cause I’ve got bones of gold
And I bend easy
Impermanently made
Permanently desiring
Permanence fearing
So make all my monuments temporary
All my loves the fleeting type
I find myself loving things that won't last, to save myself from having to end them. So here's a little ode, to craving but fearing impermanence
when i fell in love
it was not because i was searching
for a soul to patch my wounds
but instead because
you were the first person
that i have ever wanted
to make permanent in my life

photovoltaic Dec 2020
Covering the scars splayed across your fingers,
Reminder, of names, sketches, all written down
Just as permanent as the wounds they cover
The only difference is that they're a little bit prettier
what kind of scars are you trying to cover? or do you show them to the world, not caring who sees?
Rollercoaster Nov 2020
The layers of skin and sheaths
To cover what lies within.
A heart of stone
and a core of darkness
exists dipped in misanthropy.
Whilst the armor moves,
darkness sprinkles down.
It leaves a trail of iniquity
as it goes by on its way
To the permanent sleep of death.
Zack Ripley Oct 2020
Physical death is permanent.
But emotional death,
(numbness, "feeling dead inside)
Is a starfish.
It can grow back
through a process called support
People say we can’t choose who visits us, but it’s our choice whom we will let in. But in my case I have kept my heart open for everyone who barge on my door and knock. I stayed at my place not chasing anyone but because I hoped to be searched, I wanted to be found and the day you came into my life, I welcomed you with open arms because that’s what home should be - to be someone’s shelter and comfort amid the storm.

I remember I asked you about your past relationship and you told me it was the worst. You caught her with another guy and you didn’t make any fuss about it, you were blaming yourself that time and that day I promised I won’t hurt you, that I’ll stay beside you no matter how hard it gets the situation, but deep inside, I wanted to be your permanent address; no matter where you go, I knew you would come back to me because there’s no place like home. I wanted to be your peace where you could find the silence you need and your favorite spot overlooking the city where we could slowly dance the night away; not just a place you could go to because you don’t have anywhere else to stay. I wanted to be the calm in your raging sea, the music that drives you into heaven, and the warmth that you crave for colder days; not just a passerby who would rest on my arms for a while but walk out right away and desert the things we could have been.

I welcomed you with open arms because that’s what home should be -to be someone’s shelter and comfort amid the storm. But I left the door open and decided to leave, because you had the chance to do so.
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