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Phia Sep 25
You are my favorite chapter
in the story of my life.
Your page is dog eared
so once I reach the end,
I can come back to you.
Random thought I had. I'm not sure if it's any good.
AE Oct 2022
Words were left behind
    on top of the soil
    where they buried
    yesterday's bones

2. suddenly, this cold chill
    that has befriended my spine
    is now a sense of comfort
    that I am still alive

3. Grief, it is love, it is every form of love
    From every story I have ever read
    it is hope and despair
    it is the shadow
    of this rain
    that follows me

4. I hope you see
    that this running clock
    moves in circles
    just like we do
                             the beginning of your journey
                             is closer to the end
                             than you could ever imagine

5. If you are looking for me
    I am searching for that old shadow
    we left with the sun for safekeeping
    thinking about burying old love
Zywa May 2022
I am beautiful,

for me, and for anyone --

who keeps it secret.
identity beauty
Sneha shenoy May 2021
Outer world no more makes difference,
Inner world no more responds to pain.
Fiddleface and I close my eyes,
I feel within everything  as cold as ice.

Why can’t I cry anymore ?
Tears just refuse to come.
Tsunami in my heart,
Yet silent like a grave!

My breath louder than a thunder,
Thoughts lost in uncertainty ,
Eyes lost in nothingness,
lost myself for eternity.

Blank noises from within ?
My death?Aye there you come,
Feeling cold? Or rather cold hearted
I’m buried alive !

- Rose 🌹
I killed me # emotions helped
Terra Levez Nov 2020
He'll pour the sweetest honey words
And you'll willingly take every sticky drop
Not knowing that he'll take you when the amber hardens
And add you to his collection
i dont know why i still reread every one of your poems
Norman Crane Oct 2020
If I grew wings
would you stab them
with pins
and add me
to your collection?

If I grew fins
would your interest
in me
culminate in a classroom

If I grew muscle
would a vivisection
or would you first crush my strength
within an iron vise?
Inspired by Sandra Wyllie's poem If I Grew Wings ( ), whose title and idea I shamelessly stole because I thought it was interesting how two minds could take those starting points and go in completely different directions!
Nat Lipstadt Sep 2020
Nat Lipstadt Aug 2020
The Joni (Mitchell) Collection
Wrote a whole **** collection
Day before the ending
And looking back on recollections
I feel myself sending
A prayer
Into the sky
A brief and utter plea
To the world that I cry
And fly above

Clipped wings surrounding
A scared little kid
Who's looking for some fun
In the summer with the others
But the children are dead eyed
With slack jaws
Unmotivated in the head

So he writes a collection
The day prior to freedom's loss
All those cries and prayers
Find their way and toss
A coin down a well for a lovely embrace
As a Summer Kid looks off
Searching for space.
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