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John-Chris Ward Dec 2020
Do not invite yourself into my inter monologue.
That space in-between my rib cage is no longer in use,
No thanks to you.
What else would you expect me to do?
Lick your face and wipe your eyes?
Boo-hoo cry if you’d like.
If you wanna fight
We can strap up behind it...
But spare empathy?
I have none to share.
When you cold-cocked those lies betwixt my eyes;
Where was your sympathy then?
A calculated crime you didn’t have to commit,
But ya did.
Now I must search for forgiveness?
Crawling through sand, just to watch you lie in it.
The least you can do is apologize,
Because I’ve grown accustomed to your lies.
Never once pegged you as the murdering kind,
But murderers rarely look like murderers
Upon first sight.
Just like a thief in the night
You robbed me hope, my peace;
my everything.
Confession #4
Home is where the heart sings, not where it whispers.

John-Chris Ward Dec 2020
When will you feel the need to apologize without filling the need to be forgiven?
I have decided, that just like trust, there is no need for peace.
What use is that for me?
What good are flowers to a dead man’s grave,
But a gentle reminder that, yet and still, he simply cannot breathe.
Are we truly living or just waiting to grieve?
Confession #2
I am totally at peace with letting people go, because the truth of the matter is; you deserved the right to let go of anything not contributing to your growth.
John-Chris Ward Dec 2020
I cut my hair because you loved it, and I hated everything that reminded me of you.
Confession #1
Terra Levez Nov 2020
He'll pour the sweetest honey words
And you'll willingly take every sticky drop
Not knowing that he'll take you when the amber hardens
And add you to his collection
i dont know why i still reread every one of your poems
Norman Crane Oct 2020
If I grew wings
would you stab them
with pins
and add me
to your collection?

If I grew fins
would your interest
in me
culminate in a classroom

If I grew muscle
would a vivisection
or would you first crush my strength
within an iron vise?
Inspired by Sandra Wyllie's poem If I Grew Wings ( ), whose title and idea I shamelessly stole because I thought it was interesting how two minds could take those starting points and go in completely different directions!
Nat Lipstadt Sep 2020
Nat Lipstadt Aug 2020
The Joni (Mitchell) Collection
Wrote a whole **** collection
Day before the ending
And looking back on recollections
I feel myself sending
A prayer
Into the sky
A brief and utter plea
To the world that I cry
And fly above

Clipped wings surrounding
A scared little kid
Who's looking for some fun
In the summer with the others
But the children are dead eyed
With slack jaws
Unmotivated in the head

So he writes a collection
The day prior to freedom's loss
All those cries and prayers
Find their way and toss
A coin down a well for a lovely embrace
As a Summer Kid looks off
Searching for space.
Amanda Hawk Jul 2020
Worth is your weight in gold

shine you up, so sparkle

then throw you into my collection

I need more, so much more

gather up in handfuls, wondering

how much I can sell the human body for?

your only value

is the price tag around your wrist
Mark Stellinga Jun 2020
I wooed your heart with poetry I’d written just for you, and sang you as a symphony, which stirred my very soul,
Never once suspecting what I thought would make you love me was not a means for doing so of which I had control.

I was just naïve enough to think I could ****** you with clever words of metered rhyme, and, for a while, I felt
My strategy was working well, never once suspecting that one I loved could actually deal the blow my heart was dealt.

Now you call to tell me you’ve discovered your mistake, and - certain that by telling me you’re sorry - I’ll give in,
Never once suspecting that, despite your many charms, your chance is gone forever at a love that - could have been.
Hello all,
I've been a "rhymer" for 57 years, but, while I thrive on the challenge of saying something meaningful in metered rhyme, I do break down now and then and kick out some just-for-fun stuff.  I recently produced a 4 volume set of audio-cd collections that are now available on my site -, and also on ebay under Mark Stellinga Poetry. Now that I've figured how to, I plan to post many more samples - wish me luck.
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