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Giovanna Jan 2021
Thanks for your gift,
love the bruise
you left on my soul.
I will wear it like my favourite tattoo
cause it'll say the story of you!
You tattooed on my soul
Giovanna Jan 2021
Truth is the true deceiver,
hides in plain sight.
The truth is always in front of our eyes, its just that we fail to see it or turn a blind eye to it.
Giovanna Jan 2021
All my poems have,
a sense of betrayal.
A sense of loss.
A sense of hatred.
A sense of melancholy.
A sense of blue.
More importantly,
a sense of You.
Giovanna Jan 2021
The bigger the wound
the more medicine you need.
But no water had the adequate depth
to make her drown.
Giovanna Jan 2021
People are static.
Dynamic are their faces to you
and your position to them.
People never change, their priorities do!
Giovanna Jan 2021
Why do you have to be the moon?
when you can be the star with your own light!
Giovanna Dec 2020
When side by side,
the hues of we
blend in untried
like the serenity of nature with rumpus of birds on a tree.
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