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Giovanna Jul 2020
Sometimes I wonder what life is!
Is it like my mom’s kiss?
Gonna embrace?
Or is it success that I have to chase?
I know the world’s horrible.
Always make you feel invisible.
But what is life like?
A wild cat’s strike?
Or gonna be a child’s dreamlike?

When asked the experienced one,
said it can be chilly as winter and  warm as under the sun.
Life is like a movie with all the drama,
with your sidekick as karma.
strike your best pose,
so that the story pays when one goes!
The golden rule of  life is : One who has the gold makes the rules.
Nandini yadav Jun 2020
बिन कुछ कहे क्यों चले गए तुम,अभी न ऐसे जाना था

अभी तो ज़िन्दगी शुरू हुई थी,जिसे अभी और सजाना था

अपने किरदारों से तुमने,कभी हँसाया तो कभी रुला दिया

बॉलीवुड के चंद हकदारों ने तुम्हें मौत की नींद सुला दिया

भेदभाव की इस नगरी में तुमने,कितना दर्द सहा होगा

सिर्फ टैलेंट के बूते पहचान बनाना,मुश्किल बड़ा रहा होगा

बस,उस पल से और लड़ जाते तुम,जिस पल में तुम टूट गए

हताश हुए,निराश हुए और हयात से यूँ रूठ गए

ज़िंदादिल इंसान थे तुम,तुम्हे चाँद पर घर बसाना था

बिन कुछ कहे क्यों चले गए तुम,अभी न ऐसे जाना था

कुछ वक्त पहले कंगना ने खुद ये राज़ खोला था

भाई भतीजावाद के ख़िलाफ़, सिर्फ उसी ने बोला था

उसकी तीखी बातों पर न कभी किसी ने ग़ौर किया

नेपोटिस्म के सौदागरों ने फिर एक नया शिकार किया

इन तुच्छ लोगों की साजिश में,न खुद को यूँ मिटाना था

बिन कुछ कहे क्यों चले गए तुम, अभी न ऐसे जाना था

आत्महत्या नहीं ये हत्या है,तुम्हे इंसाफ मिलना चाहिए

फिर से कोई सुशांत, अब न शांत होना चाहिए

चला गया वो खामोशी से,अब तो थोड़ी शर्म करो

बॉलीवुड में नेपोटिस्म का ये काला धंधा बन्द करो।

            Did not want to go now ..

Why did you go without saying anything, you did not have to leave now
Life had just started, which still had to be decorated
You laughed at your characters and sometimes made you cry
Bollywood's few entitles put you to death
In this city of discrimination, you must have suffered so much pain
It would have been difficult to identify only on the basis of talent
Just, from that moment you would fight, the moment you broke
Desperate, disappointed and disgusted with the Hyatt
You were a lively person, you had to settle on the moon
Why did you go without saying anything, you did not have to leave now
Kangana opened this secret herself some time ago
Only he spoke against brother nepotism
Nobody noticed his sharp words
Nepotism dealers again hunt a new one
In the conspiracy of these frivolous people, not to erase themselves
Why did you go without saying anything, you did not have to leave now
It's not ******, it's suicide, you should get justice
No Sushant again, no more calm
He has gone silently, now be a little ashamed
Stop this dark business of nepotism in Bollywood.
This is a tribute to sushant singh rajput who made his mark in bollywood only on the basis of his talent. actually this is not ****** but suicide sushant get justice now nepotism hast to be completely eliminated from bollywood and lets boycott all those **** people who promote nepotism
Brent Kincaid Jul 2017
Hyperbole in front of me,
Political effrontery,
Lies dressed up as Scripture,
Treason beyond conjecture.
No hope of restitution
A gutted constitution
Guarded by mercenaries
Who hate blacks and fairies.

A pain to liberal brains
As hope goes down the drain
While major constituencies
Are sold out for SUVs.
Journalists lost their relevance
Kissing the haunches of elephants
In a mad rush every news day
To keep their beloved pay.

Chip-off-the-block jabberwocky;
Son talks his Daddy’s talky.
With no attempt at recompense
The fool makes little sense,
Hiding behind the leverage
He gets from his evil heritage.
There’s no need of morality
Or decency or much formality.

No matter how much criticized,
The wrongly, constantly victimized
Suffer the ignominy yearly
And continue to pay dearly
From our position down on our knees
As they try to rob everyone they see
And we are the casualties of infamy
Because neighbors stand by silently.
Feggyr Citack Mar 2017
I like bananas,
their clothes so cool and smooth...
hmm, no taste required.
Brent Kincaid Dec 2016
Gratitude may have nothing to do with latitude.
It may, but it can pull you out of sad lassitude.
If we are lucky, it results in some kind of beatitude
Felt in welcome happy waves of great amplitude.

Those who repeatedly fail to be grateful
May find their lives unfortunately fateful.
And those whom insist on being disgraceful
May probably end in the mud with a face full.

Many folks exist with morals all eschewed
Not often enough that do so end up *******.
But maybe with their karma thus imbued
They’ll sicken hearing their opinion booed.

While to some it is easy to be disdainful,
Especially those who live without a brain full,
And those to whom greed is the main pull,
Let’s all hope their daily lives are painful .

Now we know how the fools are wooed
We should take steps to not come unglued
And band together when times get rude
And not elect those from a defective brood.

Those who repeatedly fail to be grateful
May find their lives unfortunately fateful.
And those whom insist on being disgraceful
May probably end in the mud with a face full.
Julian Aug 2015
The haystack is the needle and the iceberg is compact
Scions of attrition tremble before the contract
Jaundiced world-weary tears lament the frailty of days and the evanescence of years
Senescence a cruel destruction, distracting garish comfort escorting the fears
Displaced and forlorn love beckons a second chance
Itinerant hopes know no commitment to simple embezzled parlance
Of dice and kin, nepotism’s high-roller antics are the linchpin
Frittered patience staking its bets on internecine dynamics of skin
Affirmative traction of disenfranchised hopes rests on fallow seasons
Traduced mirage tantalizes until the activation of regaled treasons
Shock wed with dismay appoints the tutelage of prestidigitation
Juggled triage aborts an unborn reason and anoints intimidation
Aliens flummox the borders to enlist a new world disorder
Trailblazers succumb to lawlessness and for every dollar gained we lose a quarter
Chaos checkmates as power rests from decrepit hands foisting the meretricious brand
Cattle scorched and sheep scattered as the broken hourglass can no longer count sand
Time toppled serenaded by applause canned
Toppled pyramids blind the eye of providence in the hour of unheralded prominence
The terror of history unfurls the efflorescence of piracy as ghosts work to subvert the invisible hand
Next dictums emerge that say supply on command, and entropy desecrates the land
Phone home to arm the putsch, clone home for aliens we push
Revisionism subverts the instruction of years and empowers the apotheosis of fear and the fourth ***** of George W. Bush
Dynasties envy the anonymity of a bald-eagle cabal of skinhead guffaw
Irascible genocide cavorts under the premise of shock and awe
The lullaby of morons is flinching assent to the supremacy of the unelected and unassailable tyrants
Discarding covenants on the principle of principality and counting on every knight to become errant
Pyrrhic victory of the perverted cross corrals the flock
Openly announced secrets enable the aliens to dock
At the port they are greeted as the victors and granted not only amnesty but indemnity
They brandish the unprecedented concept of an enumerated infinity
To amuse the zero-sum victory they author a new history of utilitarianism dethroning deontology
To the future readers they make contrite apologies
But when the races of men are annihilated by the evil Zen boasting of its utilitarian ken
The rubble of time cannot ascertain exactly how or when
But on the dreaded hour the virus will conspire to elect the most reproachable power
When panic reaches crescendo all the sugar in the world cannot but help to taste anything but sour
Abort the tyrannical machine no matter how convincingly it preens
No matter how much bunkum elevates the enchanting prevarication while concealing the affairs behind the scenes
Voting for balkanized splinters designed to weather the winter sustains the monopoly of sophistry
Ballyhoo saturates the airwaves and suddenly catcalling becomes gallantry
Tune out the pulpit, divest the culprit and impugn systemic venality
Dismantle the verisimilitude of shadows and hoist a giant mirror to reflect stark realities
Cue the curtains fall, the specters grow tall, and the clout is daunted by establishment doubt
The skeletonized truth severs the root but the behemoth armed to the teeth wages a bout
Cartels conspire with arms and fire and resurrect stodgy tenets to prowl like an army of vampires
To feed a fatuous superstition and to empower a censorship of convenience to enthrone a dark empire
Cunning preponderance enlists divisive shills to let the ghastly thriller exact its thrills
Occult obscurantism funds the vulnerable and tramples over the outspoken to actuate its will
Hopes dashed, stocks crashed and strife abundant
Generational dissonance revokes the incumbents
Chapter one of this unsung war come and gone
Stay tuned for the next addendum to see what is lost and who has won.
Brent Kincaid Apr 2015

I’m a tolerant type of person
So, I try to look at others leniently.
You sent the fox to guard the hen house,
That kind of thinking doesn’t makes no sense to me.
I don’t know why you took the stance
That this was such a clever thing to do.
Then with all the chickens gone
You tried hard to blame everyone but you.

You got to look out for that big but.
It gets in the way of so much you say.
You always seem to show that big but.
It’s gonna bit you in the end someday.

Your peers have chosen to trust in you.
They sent you to work to represent their case.
You took it as a treasure chest
And ran amok, and now you are off base.
Your corruption is nearly absolute
You job is to care what the people think
You lost touch with what you are
Right now you don’t know just how much you stink.

You got to look out for that big but.
It gets in the way of so much you say.
You always seem to show that big but.
It’s gonna bite you in the end someday.
Qweyku May 2014
As you attempt to pour more political doctrine down my throat
I check the change in my pocket
the laxative I‘ll have to buy
from my legal drug dealer


Did you not know that your words are;




wholly corruptible?

How do you manage
politically caress your own eardrums
through your sinuses,
the lining of your
and yet,
make me cough?!

Your response to truth is truly painful,
you feel it in your chest,
your ***** heaves and razes
you have a fit gesticulating policies
flipping birds that won’t fly

It’s too late!

Mr "I went to Oxford so I must have the plan"
Mr Self-Interest man
Mr  Ivy-league, Whitehouse, Whitehall...."Cambridge was better",
Mr  I can do all things that superman can.
Mr  “If we win the elections next year”...


Take your leave,
your term is over,
School is out
the old boys no longer love you.

run for
under the
your favoured
currency umbrella.


If you’re African  
"it's okay"  
you can stay a little while longer
and bequeath the throne
to your brothers', sisters', uncles', sons' junior brother!

Turn it into a dy-nasty

Bring on board;

Uncle Nepa,
Sista Tism
Aunt Ivy.


This nonsense is highly unpalatable
I’m past the word puke
my bile sack is empty
because your drunkenness is spreading


y o u’r e

s t i l l

b l o w i n g

m e

f u m e s!

Your democracy
has made your Guinea-Pigs
demi crazy,
has captured this poets’ goat
Slaughtered it
mandated this verbal frenzy


Of this alcoholic experiment
I’m not drinking anymore,
I’ve cried blood!
and now *"my eyes are red"

Looking forward
to being 'tee-totally' sober,

c o n t e m p l a t e

t h i s  

v e r s e

o f

p o e t i c,

p o l i t i c a l,

M U R D E R.

**© Qwey.ku

— The End —