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Noor Mar 7
Breathe in, breathe out
I close my eyes and picture us
If God can look down on us, what would He say?

I am a ghost ship, lost at sea
I dream about your lips,
I have set my anchor.

Come closer, pull me in
Do you ever think of me?
Or am I just skin, flesh, and ****?

I touch you with my fingertips
And I make three thousand small wishes,
Each for every freckle, every lie.

You laugh like stars,
And I cry like the ocean,
Will I ever be loved?

Breathe in, breathe out
Add one more, to my bruises
My ship can no longer sink.
Cassidy Brown Feb 12
When I see the saints
Casting shadows of thorns

When I see smiles
Hiding cuts

When I see bravery
Huddled in the corner
Crying out its soul
And begging
For help

I bite my tongue
Eric Feb 10
Imprinted on my mind
To think of you a thousand times
Before the minute was over

Hollow as the sounds echo
Nothing to hang onto , I must let go
New hour has begun

But silence fell over the voiceless voice
That feeling of thinking I had a choice.
The dark day has arrived .

Million words , a million ways, to say
I love you, and not a letter missing out of eight.
It's been a week

Eternity line snapped, hopeless string.
And I believed in every Viber of my being.
How many months has it been.

Rewind and please stop , I'm dieing
In your world , I'm not even trying
But my minutes are years .

However long this eternity takes it to be
I'll always wish someday you'll know me
Even after 6 years of "nothing"...
How do you heal a bruise on your mind?
I have yet to find out to erase memories.
How can one person sit on someones mind till that person is crushed? . Every minute of every day . I think of every moment I let slip away . Don't let go of love . Even know love let go of you.
Beat me up

until my skin turns blue

Slice me up

until my blood dries out

Choke me hard

until my throat can't shout

End my life

so i can meet with my lover...

im coming darlin
Lily Jan 30
The things he said hurt her terribly,
His words cut like knives,
But she wasn't allowed to scream
Because then people would see what was happening,
And they would know how terrible he was.  
No punches were thrown, no slaps were
Necessary to bruise her heart.  
Now with every beat her heart grows weaker.  
Her mind weakens with it thinking,
“What if he says it again, what if he hurts me again?  
What if it turns physical?”
She doesn't trust him, doesn't love him
The same way she used to.  
Her heart is damaged, and his words now have
Done too much damage for him to fix it.  
So she must find another, one who has
The capability of fixing her heart without hurting it more, someone with the true skills of a surgeon.  
She finds him, and grows to love him,
This one who has mended and enhanced her heart
In ways she cannot explain, but
She is not destined to be with him,
As her lover drags her back to the
Dark recesses of her mind where
She grows to hate herself because of his hurtful words.  
She prays that one day that
She will have the courage to break out of the cycle
And keep her heart intact and whole;
The way it was supposed to be.
A thought to all of those caught in an abusive relationship; you don't deserve this, and things will get better, but sometimes it's hard to find the courage to let go.  I believe in you <3
Lee Aaun Jan 28
To heal my
bruised self,
are the
KM Hanslik Jan 12
Everything through my eyes,
breathing slow through these
steady styrofoam lungs
origami heart, I fold like the paper that covers your skin
it rustles when you move,
barely a shield against a world of sharp teeth and daggers
but you tell me you're invincible out there
you tell me that armor is just another disguise
I disagree, but I guess that we
are all free to choose how and when we want to be bruised.
redacted Jan 6
im so sorry
i hadnt been hit before
now ive felt it
the shock
                the sting
                               the grief
i cant speak
my body gives up
and they leave a mark

is this what you felt like?
Latifah Dec 2018
The screaming
The shouts
My heart’s bruising
The sword-like words
Like a scolded little kid
I run to the corner
Cover my ears
Pretend I don’t hear
At the cats i stare
“Can they feel my pain”, i wonder.
I forgive you for hurting me.
I forgive you for lying to me,
for betraying me,
for leaving me all alone,
and for ignoring me.
I forgive you
Because hating you hurts.
The memories are like anchor holding me back
Thinking about you.
That time just makes my
Wounds sore,
Brain bruise,
Heart heavy
and the poison in my veins
is hurting me.
So I forgive you.
I know the poison will leave slowly,
so I forgive you to heal me.
I’ll let go of the grudges
To find peace.
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