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Giovanna Jan 30
Truth is the true deceiver,
hides in plain sight.
The truth is always in front of our eyes, its just that we fail to see it or turn a blind eye to it.
Axle Avatari May 2016
Tell me lies.
Such little white lies.
To you,
I may be,
Just another,
But you should know.
I'm old enough,
To get wise.

Tellin' me lies.
Tellin' me little white lies.
Tell me,
What I see,
In your eyes.

The heart I thought,
Was on fire.
Must've been,
Your own burning desire.

Tellin' me lies.
When you're tellin' me,
Little white lies.
I can hear it,
In your voice,
When you give those,
False alibi's.

I wish I never knew,
And the things,
That you do.

Tellin' me lies.
Tellin' me ***** white lies.
And now,
By your own choice.
You must wear,
Your own disguise.

I wonder how it seems,
For you,
To live,
In your world of,
Never ending Halloweens.

Tellin' me lies.
You're tellin' me lies.
I wonder how you feel.
When all around you,
Love dies.

Hungry eyes,
An' looks that ****.
How hard you try,
To get your fill.

Tellin' me lies.
Tellin' me more,
Little white lies.
But it's never,
The way you planned it.
There are no good,
Good Byes.

Love that is honest an' real,
Is found by so very few.
But how easy it is,
For you to steal,
Love from a fool.

Tellin' me so many lies.
Ain't nothin' new.
Ain't no big surprise.
Only one thing to do.
Say good-bye.
No more lies.

— The End —