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Words can't express,
The feelings I find,
I'm so scared to face,
But unwilling to hide,

I have wanted this moment,
For all of my life,
And now that it's here,
I will continue to fight,

There is a new strength inside,
Which continues to grow,
It can't be contained,
And to be shown,

Many people will follow,
This pain they have known,
I'm here to tell you that,
You are not alone.
Rambling on.

Faryal Feb 6
I remember every step I took
every breath I’d take
It would still be a bad day

I remember how I made one bad day
treat me like my whole life was bad

I remember the sudden frightened look
I’d get when trying to do something normal

I remember how every dark thought,
dark moment would take over
trying to be my friend

Only to realize
It wasn’t trying
To be a friend

But I also remember that I’m not alone,
I don’t let loneliness or a bad day break me anymore

I hold myself together and just keep going,
Why feel alone in a world full
of people, when we’re not alone

You are NOT alone

so lets start talking #BellLetsTalk
Hope Weber Feb 7
there once was a girl,
alone in a world,
filled with neglect and hatred.
she learned to use that neglect and hatred on herself.
she ripped her wrists like it was paper every night.
and cried a river till the sun would rise.
she looked in the mirror and did not recognize
the beauty and love she had this whole time.
there once was a girl.
Aztec Cathrine Dec 2018
Depressions back for a visit.
It caught a Hold of Me and my fragile heart.
Once again-
Staring at the ceiling.
Wondering if my wounds are even healing.
Oh no, caught a Hold of Me.
Trying to fight it so my friends don't see.
Don't wanna lie.
But when they walk by-
there always asking if I'm OK.
I say I'm fine even though I want to die.
It Caught a Hold of Me.
Calling for help.
no one sees...
Except for you.
My one true friend-
Need help with depression? Reach out to your friends and family. DOn't try to hide it or fight it on your own. Your not alone.
Jade Nov 2018
I never believed in the idea of Normal
When it’s very presence has indicated a
Between people who fit and people who don’t.
Normal is the thing that points at all of you
And calls you different.
I’ve known the phrase ‘that’s not Normal’
And I’ve had the blessing of not
Caring weather I was.
But do not walk up to someone and say they aren’t
The entire concept of not being or being Normal
Only divides.
Everyone is their own.
And we are all our own.
And that puts us here together.
We are not alone in our loneliness.
So don’t make someone think they
Because we aren’t.
We aren’t alone.
And the important thing is that we’re
Together in our difference.
So so what?
So what if no one’s Normal.
A poem about how even if someone's different, it's important to know that everyone is.
Joanne Russell Oct 2018
People look at me all alone
And like to assume that I'm lonely
Yet they can't seem to see
That I'm not on my own,
Because I can talk to the monsters
under my bed
I can be friends with the voices
in my head
I can get along with the devil
who took my soul
And make room for the ghosts
who filled the hole
I can go play with the creatures
in the woods
Or talk to the man who gives me
my druggy goods,
And I can call all the demons by name
And we can all get together
And be alone with each other
Because we all like our solitary the same
I may seem lonely because I'm alone, but know that if I am "alone" then it means that I like it this way.
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