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Dave Robertson Feb 2022
Thrilled, wrapt, beguiled,
bruised, broken, lost,
tempest toss’d
or star-sky smitten,
it’s your heart we love alone

even if it feels so,
you never are x
Zack Ripley May 2021
You've filled your pretty head
With a million excuses and lies.
Stop wasting your breath;
I've seen and heard it all a million times.
Sorry, little boy,
but you're not as cute as you think.
You may think you're water in a desert,
But I'm not desperate enough to drink.
Because I may be lonely, but I'm not alone.
Dave Robertson Feb 2021
Cold white numerals
from the Teutonic-honest dash:

Not so cold, I guess
but not the weather to press the button
for the windows to drop

I do while accelerating
too fast for the road,
the fresh air has volume
that angry-loves my tired,
house-cat skin

The wub-wub-wub pulse in my ears
has a cause I control
for once
as the next curve beckons
Zack Ripley Feb 2021
Are you afraid? You're not alone.
Are you hungry? Cold?
You're not alone.
Are you barely making it
between paydays?
I'm sure you can guess
where I'm going with this.
You may not want to
connect with anyone.
But just know:
You may have been alone before.
But things have changed;
Your boat's not empty anymore.
Why then?
Why then did you choose?
Why then did you choose to kiss me?
You were right, I never expected it
Lily Priest Jan 2021
She could blow away,
Burnt to blurry ashen pieces
Of limbs cindered to smoke,
Bespoke pain for a
Place of her own making.

She could sink behind the skyline,
Bleeding death to
A time when she was solid,
And she and the sky
Were definitively separate.
That time when she could cry
And clouds could rain.

But now their tears fall the same
And she is blown away.
Shelster Dec 2020
Our stories shared
Healings unfold
Connections being made
Our truths being told

We are not alone
There's someone out there
Like you
Someone who cares

Someone who feels you
and shares what you're going through

Someone who hears you
when all you need is to be listened to

Someone that lifts you
when you're down so deep that no-one sees you

Someone to be that friend to you
when there is no-one around to be there for you

We can find that someone
that someone like you
to connect with,
to grow with
and to never feel alone with.

--Someone like you
Arya Night Oct 2020
I believe you,
Because I believe there is goodness
In talking about the badness.  
Because turning a blind eye is the same as selling your soul.

I believe you,
Because I’ve faced the monsters too.
And I’ve found the monsters under the bed
Are nothing compared the monsters outside.

I believe you,
You’re not alone.
Your monsters are real
They can bleed
They can be defeated.
Dave Robertson Oct 2020
Remember every now and then
to redress the balance and acknowledge
that there are hedgehogs,
cooked breakfasts,
stomach aches from laughing
and the dumb comfort of an afternoon snooze
slow burn Oct 2020
if we sat inside a square
and someone were to point out the corners
counted them
assigned them names
and listed them alongside other examples
as if they were trying to tell us that it was a square
could we believe them?

so we are now dreaming
but sleepily awake in our own confusion
drifting once again between reality and fantasy
it's almost weightless and we feel so fast
and warm

wrangling emotions to suggest they are important
when we can't tell each other that they aren't distorted
there exists a lens in the heart of the mind's eye
that seeks to bend the light that beams from the source
pure brightness that feels the way a sunburn does
that if left unchecked might just leave a scar

can we be the sunscreen to each others hearts
so that we might protect one another from stars
that bleed the light that could sear sensitive skin
so we can hope to make our broken selves somewhat whole again
suppose it speaks for itself, dozen ***
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