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Remember every now and then
to redress the balance and acknowledge
that there are hedgehogs,
cooked breakfasts,
stomach aches from laughing
and the dumb comfort of an afternoon snooze
slow burn Oct 3
if we sat inside a square
and someone were to point out the corners
counted them
assigned them names
and listed them alongside other examples
as if they were trying to tell us that it was a square
could we believe them?

so we are now dreaming
but sleepily awake in our own confusion
drifting once again between reality and fantasy
it's almost weightless and we feel so fast
and warm

wrangling emotions to suggest they are important
when we can't tell each other that they aren't distorted
there exists a lens in the heart of the mind's eye
that seeks to bend the light that beams from the source
pure brightness that feels the way a sunburn does
that if left unchecked might just leave a scar

can we be the sunscreen to each others hearts
so that we might protect one another from stars
that bleed the light that could sear sensitive skin
so we can hope to make our broken selves somewhat whole again
suppose it speaks for itself, dozen ***
Rosmary Penn Sep 26
I am a white rose
Sprinkled with blood
I am an angel
Turned away from love
I am a child
Stripped of purity
I am a soul
That longs to be free

My shadow is white
My heart is of glass
Looking for light
But trapped in the black
My mind is contorted
So I lie down and cry;
Seeking control
But not afraid to die
If you can relate in any way, give it a like. Relatability is medicine the most broken need. <3
The road to healing has been long and hard,
It's made it difficult to put down my guard.

The road to healing is full of ups and downs,
Making me questions all of the sounds.

The road to healing is still not over yet,
And I know it's not something I'll ever forget.

Yes the road has been hard, But I've had others to help me,
My friends and family helped me become free.

Even though it's not quite over,
I'm no longer scared I won't find closure.
Why do I feel like I’m drowning?
If I didn’t get into the pool yet.
There’s only a few moves I do regret.
Needing a lifesaver just to feel safer.
I’ll speak on any topic if you pick the flavor.
Luckily, writing is my form of therapy on paper.
Basically, it’s my only savior when times are major.
Why keep these thoughts in my head?
I rather speak on them now, rather than later.
You can’t express yourself let this be a favor.
Maybe me writing this you can relate to.
We both trying to find an exit to escape thru.
Trying to fight it these feeling is uninvited.
Maybe no one will notice if I try to hide it.
But which will suffer more them or I.
A question I always ask myself.
It’s usually between him or I.
If I free myself from this pain, Will I Rise?
Is the suffering too deep in vain, Will I Die?
But still I try to keep Hope and Will alive.
The moment will be gone and the sun will arrive.
So until this day is over I’ll say “I Will Survive!”
Just Keeping Hope Alive from Drowning...
Giovanna May 25
You finally found someone who understands you more than I,
so I guess I will be saying my final goodbye.

When the night will dawn,
the departed will be looked on.
With them will be I,
whispering in your ears a spooky lullaby.

I wish the nights never end,
cause our bond needs to be amend.
I will sit right next to you,
all the nights through.

Bite off more than one can chew.
Your nights I will haunt.
Black and blue to flaunt.
We will always be together,
my hand holding tight to your death tether.
When you think you are the most important for the one who you love the most.
But the ends are not always happy. Losing the person may tear your soul, taking your life out. Then is the moment you want the person you love with you and try bringing them with you.
Bite by bite their soul you take away, leaving back the body with bruises.
You keep your promise to always stay next to them. You take them with you, to your home- THE HELL.
Zack Ripley May 6
sitting in the dark but not feeling alone.
just trying to hide from the crazy the world has shown.
might come back to this someday.
It’s almost 5 am
And I’m trying to remember
That I’m not the only lonely person
Because right now everyone is alone

So I’m laying on my couch
Typing out this poem
Trying to remind you that you’re not truly alone
Letting you know I’m always here
I’m basically always awake
So if anyone who reads my poetry
Ever wants to talk
I’m here for you
Zack Ripley Jul 2019
It's all been said.
It's all been done.
Think you're broke and lonely?
You're not the only one.
Living in a world so isolated
So cold.
They say the only ones
who survive do what they're told.
But that's just what they want you to think.
They don't want you to find the power you have inside.
So get your thoughts together, wake up and let's ride.
We're going to say
what we need to say
and whether we succeed or die, at least we can say we tried
Zack Ripley Mar 24
I'm with you in spirit
Just like I was before.
I'm right by your side
Even though you can't see me anymore.
I'm with you in spirit
So you have nothing to fear.
You're not in this alone.
I'll always be here.
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