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Tommy Randell Sep 13
Online I met
A Poet From Another Planet
It was coincidental
We didn't plan it

But one thing about
Such Close Encounters
For a moment there
Both poets counted

In the scheme of things
Who knows what matters
As one Poet waves
And they briefly natter

Twinkle Twinkle
Another Poet
We thought there was life
But now we know it!
Jay M Apr 24
Lying on the floor
Trying to get cold
Burning on the inside
Nausea plaguing me
Head spinning
Up in the sky
Can't feel this mortal body

A single tear drops
The first drop
Signaling the rainstorm

Trembling violently
Unable to stop myself
Slipping away

Hearing voices
The ground leaving me
I'm being lifted

In arms so strong
I am silent
Hiding in the chill of my bones
Laying still
Heart beating

Grasping tightly to a cord
Then staying just that
Loose, yet there

Back on my feet
Wishing, halfheartedly,
That I had let go

Then again
The other half cries in relief
So glad it remained

Pulled in
Heart beating
Words mumbled
Feeling in my hands fleeting
Unsure what shall win

Then suddenly
All is gone
I find myself eased
Over time
I realize;
Someone cares

- Emily M
April 24th, 2019
Bailey Apr 15
Black dots
Breathe in
Dont panic
You may not be
Do you feel alone?
If you do
know that someone cares for you,
if that someone isn't there know that they want you to be happy when they can't be there.
You're not alone,
you may feel alone but you're not.
Just know someone, or something is watching your back.
And that someone does care.
If someone really doesn't care shut up.
Someone does.
I want to cheer someone up because I am feeling down... Have a nice day, or night!
marc rios Apr 6
With all the hundreds
of celestial objects in our galaxy
  billions of other galaxies in the universe,
do you still think
were alone in space?
It's not easy admitting the spots of your being
that make you dark.
Sometimes there is beauty in the starry nights
while alluring and alive,
these far away places free the thoughts that cage the mind .

I'll stare and wonder, swirling in the starry luster, light years from my pain
Are my problems, problems at all?
Perhaps life is bigger than the rot cratered in the sands.

The blackened sea so vast and strange
Can calm the smoke of heavy emotions
I'll stand and whisper a simple phrase.
I am not alone
Weight shifts
Light goes out
All too much to bare

Vicious circle
Never ending
No time left to spare

Heavy pressure
Hallow ground
Treading to stay afloat

Hurt heart
Shattered mind
Raw emotions that emote

Deep breath
Exhale slow
Let the body mend

Clear vision
Free soul
Know it’s not the end
Words can't express,
The feelings I find,
I'm so scared to face,
But unwilling to hide,

I have wanted this moment,
For all of my life,
And now that it's here,
I will continue to fight,

There is a new strength inside,
Which continues to grow,
It can't be contained,
And to be shown,

Many people will follow,
This pain they have known,
I'm here to tell you that,
You are not alone.
Rambling on.

Faryal Feb 6
I remember every step I took
every breath I’d take
It would still be a bad day

I remember how I made one bad day
treat me like my whole life was bad

I remember the sudden frightened look
I’d get when trying to do something normal

I remember how every dark thought,
dark moment would take over
trying to be my friend

Only to realize
It wasn’t trying
To be a friend

But I also remember that I’m not alone,
I don’t let loneliness or a bad day break me anymore

I hold myself together and just keep going,
Why feel alone in a world full
of people, when we’re not alone

You are NOT alone

so lets start talking #BellLetsTalk
Hope Weber Feb 7
there once was a girl,
alone in a world,
filled with neglect and hatred.
she learned to use that neglect and hatred on herself.
she ripped her wrists like it was paper every night.
and cried a river till the sun would rise.
she looked in the mirror and did not recognize
the beauty and love she had this whole time.
there once was a girl.
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