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Zywa Sep 25
My things keep quiet,

they are absent in my home --

till I pick them up.
Collection "WoofWoof"
Roses red
Night sky black
Love the feeling of fingernails
Etching lines up and down my back
Outside air is vicious and cold
It's warm beneath my bedsheets
Come defrost against my skin
As senses eagerly meet
Time not exists in this place
Surroundings slowly fade out
The stress weighing down my body
A burden I don't think about
Inhaling electricity
Exhaling loneliness
Grateful for present moment
Escape from daily mess
Relief may be temporary
I will appreciate it just the same
Honestly any emotion
Better than the usual pain
Pain without love is much worse than pain with love
Veritia Venandi Nov 2020
White transparent tiled floor
Arranged in a lively mosaic
Speaks tales of a spooky world alongside me!

The windows and the curtains hugging the plastered walls
With views of flower trees and mountains near and far...
Gets reflected upon the tiled floor
Upside down, shadowy and unreal!

Maybe it is reminder for my heart
That the world I see is only an illusion my mind frames to colour a blank canvas
Maybe the world is true only upside down
The scenaries and sights distorted and fake the usual way...
Maybe it's important to bend your mind all the way
And try to see what can't easily catch the eye...

A sinister universe breaths about me
And only once in a while tugs at me to have a glimpse...
And whenever that happens, it's a moment of all eternity that seems to go worthwhile!
This is a real experience that happened to me when I was kind of doing nothing... My eyes suddenly caught this reflection of the window and trees outside on the tiled floor in the room and I like sort of felt it as a metaphor with the help of which the world was trying to teach me something... That the real world is not what is in front of us. It is usually kinda different, in a way, 'upside down'.
Thank you so much for reading and being a part of my reflections. โค
Giovanna Aug 2020
I am stuck in the black void of space.
Can't tell if things are falling into place.
It's so dark in here.
Light nowhere near.
No purpose to fulfill.
No suffering to ****.
I live a life so usual.
That my existence feels illusional
I don't know what I am writing but it feels me.
Michael R Burch Mar 2020
In this Ordinary Swoon
by Michael R. Burch

In this ordinary swoon
as I pass from life to death,
I feel no heat from the cold, pale moon;
I feel no sympathy for breath.

Who I am and why I came,
I do not know; nor does it matter.
The end of every manโ€™s the same
and every godโ€™s as mad as a hatter.

I do not fear the letting go;
I only fear the clinging on
to hope when thereโ€™s no hope, although
I lift my face to the blazing sun

and feel the greater intensity
of the wilder inferno within me.

Keywords/Tags: swoon, life, death, ordinary, commonplace, usual, average, mediocre, inferno, intensity, passion, cool, cold, pale, moon, blazing, sun
maria Feb 2020
We're in a cafe
drinking coffee.
I'm loving your voice
listening to your lies

what a routine our lives
tied to what's not right
as usual
we forget to love ourselves
by being with people who really don't define us

written on Febuary 07, 2020
ยฉ ,Maria
Ed C May 2019
we start the day again
as though sleep is just a memory,
the wheel keeps spinning
ka? ha
Issachar Bacang Apr 2019
in a thick forest so dark and lonely
one can rely on glimmer if he can only

differentiate, true sunlight from the light of fireflies
for miles, he trecked twilight, guided by the glimmer of fireflies

he followed their luminescent pathways
and found he had from his own path- depart
by their mystic light was lead astray
the story of foolishly giving up one's heart
don't be an idiot
love wisely
or don't at all
PS Feb 2019
Yours is the face in the crowd
I want to see.
Yours is the name that I hear
And I always speak.
Yours is the sound on the wind
The missing breath in between
Mine is the serious thing
I know youโ€™re missing me.

Yours is the song of the south
Of east, north and west too.
Yours is the message I see
But forgo replying to.
Yours is the chart that I read
Yours is the name I wail out with dread
When Iโ€™m alone sobbing in my bed
Full of the missing in between instead.

Yours is the face in the crowd
Iโ€™d rather meet.
Yours is the name that brings pain
The bittersweet.
Yours is the watery depth
Mine is the fire that leaves you bereft
And I know that Iโ€™m still a Queen
But thereโ€™s too much in between.
This came to me and I forgot I wrote it until now.
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