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MindlessSelf Sep 2021
Words cannot describe the pain I feel for you now that you're gone.

The thought of you not being here with us seems so un real.

I wish  it was all just a dream the part were you didn't have to die,

But when I open my eyes I realize you were gone to soon.

Without saying goodbye you left us here with our hearts torn apart.

Now you're in a better place up in heaven with god.

A place where you can be free now,

Free from all the pain you had inside.

Now you're gone to soon but your presence will never be forgotten.
I will miss you dearest cousin..
Jade Wright Apr 2021
Like the moon
a phone cannot capture you.
You’ve never been one to pose
or say ‘cheese’
so I can only hope
that grin
that spark
stays printed in my mind
in the absence of a frame.
M Solav Mar 2021
I just had a talk with death’s closest cousin;
He didn’t speak, but he was kind.
Written on January 8th, 2021.

— Copyright © M. Solav —
This work may not be used in entirety or in part without the prior approval of its author. Please contact for usage requests. Thank you.
Giovanna Jul 2020
Buddies since birth.
Supposed to be the star of the north.
My playmate, my entertainer, my protector.
Like a human lie detector.
The same one face.
The other hard to trace.
Your evil on the rise.
Visible through your nasty eyes.
Your hands all over me.
Push and pull me in like a sea.
Cutting deep into my soul.
Gave me another set of secrets to hold.
All that you should have been was an illusion.
I regret calling you my cousin.
Trust NONE
Raven Mc Chim Jun 2020
The moment I saw you
we became partners
Spending time everyday with you
making us even more better pranksters
The galaxy of memories I shared with you
are always unaccountable
And the moments I spend with you
are always unforgettable

But I never thought that day would day come
when I've to say goodbye to you
Then, indeed that day once came
when you left me without your trace.....
missing you so much
I wish to see you again
PS Apr 2020
He doesn't live close,
And my head does not even reach his nose.

We live states apart,
But he will always have a place in my heart.

He's not a sibling,
But he buys me things.

He buys me food,
But don't be fooled for he can get real rude.

He gets all smart and calls me fat,
He might be 8 years older but he still acts like a brat.

He would act like a man and deny a nap,
But he still falls asleep on my lap.

He might not meet me often,
But meeting him is fun.

He is only my cousin, who could sell a shoe,
But he's the one that I most relate to.
I don't like how relationship between cousins is so underrated
Randy Johnson Jul 2019
A Wizard gave my cousin two choices, become an ogre or praise the new Doctor Who.
It took less than five seconds for him to choose what to do.
He chose to become an ugly green ogre even though it will be for the remainder of his days.
He chose to be an ogre because the new Doctor Who TV show isn't something he'll ever praise.
He became an ogre two years ago and this morning I learned that he doesn't regret it.
He doesn't regret his choice even though he's so ugly that he makes Shrek look like Brad Pitt.
When he was given the choices, he was expected to praise the new Doctor Who.
He has always loved the original Doctor Who TV show but he sure does hate the new.
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