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Randy Johnson Jul 2019
A Wizard gave my cousin two choices, become an ogre or praise the new Doctor Who.
It took less than five seconds for him to choose what to do.
He chose to become an ugly green ogre even though it will be for the remainder of his days.
He chose to be an ogre because the new Doctor Who TV show isn't something he'll ever praise.
He became an ogre two years ago and this morning I learned that he doesn't regret it.
He doesn't regret his choice even though he's so ugly that he makes Shrek look like Brad Pitt.
When he was given the choices, he was expected to praise the new Doctor Who.
He has always loved the original Doctor Who TV show but he sure does hate the new.
Nova Jul 2019
I guess I’ll see you again
In two or more years.
Unless you come for Christmas,
I’ll shed many tears.

Dearest cousin, please understand
You were my best friend
While I was missing my other ones.
Why should it end?

The first two lines of a poem comes to mind
When I think about you;
“Miss you, miss you, miss you,
Everything I do.”

So raise a glass to this summer
And all these memories.
And I hope we’ll meet at Christmas
Oh please, please, please.
I had to say goodbye to a good friend and cousin today. We won’t see eachother for years. But he said he and his family could come for Christmas under certain circumstances.
Anya Jul 2019
She looks up
Blinking at the ringlets that suddenly flop into her curious gaze
Gazing down at the strange cracks in the bench in which one’s toes invariably find themselves wedged
Reaching out at the twitching nostril of my stunned ten year old brother
Pointing at the strange piece of white cheese in the sky whose name seems to imitate a cow
Knocking off the hat that seems to magically appear on one’s head and frowning at the peal of laughter following it
Calling out to her father and chewing on the hem of his trousers when he seems to find guests more interesting than his one year old daughter
My cousin is in her own little world
Nova Jul 2019
We never said goodbye.
We never had the chance.
We thought we’d see eachother soon
But now we can’t.

She said she’d be here now
But sometimes things go wrong.
I wish we could meet again
Before I’m up and gone.
This is for my cousin. We only see eachother every few years, and this time she had to leave early to see her dad. We thought we’d see eachother again before I left, bit now I don’t think there will be enough time.
Yeah, I saw my cousin today again after 2 years.
it was fun/
A poem every day.
Dominique Apr 2019
We sit there in the morning,
Me in your shirt, you slipping on mine,
Cold coffee in a cup I know you'll leave
But I give to you any way (it's tradition).
We spent last night inches apart
So close that our hair might have switched
Or your eyesight sharpen and mine diminish
To swap our pupils round.
We chew the names of old friends out like popcorn
Barely a breath given to any individual-
Me asking about yours, you teasing about mine
The two of us (mostly) never not in agreement.
It's been this way, one might say,
For 14 years and a little over that, too,
Not that I remember clutching your hand as we lay
Belly to belly on a baby rug with our parents watching.
Your smell becomes mine, so I associate it with home-
Sweet and fresh like candy tulips and soap.

We may as well be one; this is how little our paths diverge.
This poem means a lot more now than it did then, ironically. This is about the unity I felt with my cousin a few weeks ago- I'd never expressed it in words before and this is a little too chunky for my personal taste so I never published it. Then we got too involved with a boy and after everything that happened, I blocked her off completely. It is bizarre looking back at this now, which is why I have to post it here haha.
Storge is the Greek word for natural or instinctual affection- family love.
Nettie Schulte Apr 2019
There for each other
Thick and thin
They always show up
No matter where you’ve been
They help you when the going gets tough
She is who I look up to
She can always cheer me up
When I’m feeling blue
Built-in best friends
Inspired by my cousin, Hannah. She challenged me to write a poem about her. Thanks for reading!
By M Apr 2019
I felt his hands touching my *******, my thighs
I fought but it changed nothing,
Because I was only 5

He told me that I should like it
Though I begged him to stop
It was more terrifying than I could ever admit

But he pulled me down
When I tried to run
And I felt like I was going to drown

He, who I had trusted
Desecrated my most private places
But he also forced his way into my head

It was only his hands
But to me
It was something I would never fully understand

His brother saw me
And ignored my pleas
As He violated my purity

I finally ran
From Him, my cousin
And the memory of his touch,
His hands.
Dear Cousin, I hate you. I hope you die full of regret and guilt. That in your last moments, you remember what you did to me. Because I can never forget. You destroyed something that was so precious, my sense of safety. And I will never ever forgive you.
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