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Sep 2021 · 360
Le Coup de Foudre No. 28

When I think of eternity
Your name comes to mind

If I had to choose whether
To give myself up or get rid of you,
I would be nothing more than a sigh on the breeze

If I had to choose between heatstroke
And losing you,
I’d be on the first plane to the Sahara

If I had to choose between you
And an eternity of life,
My dear, I would choose you

Every single time
Part twenty-eight; final part....
Sep 2021 · 190
Le Coup de Foudre No. 27
Dancing at Midnight

Sitting with you is like dancing at midnight;
Quiet, serene, calming, and my favorite thing to do
Part twenty-seven
Sep 2021 · 219
Le Coup de Foudre No. 26
Across Time Zones

My love for you is stronger than my lack of understanding regarding time zones
Part twenty-six....
Sep 2021 · 422
Le Coup de Foudre No. 25
Shapelessness of Love

I am a logical person
I think in polygons and geometry
But you come around and the shapes fall apart
Into meaningless squiggles on a page.
There is nothing more beautiful than the shapelessness of love.
Part twenty-five
Sep 2021 · 430
Le Coup de Foudre No. 24
Mornings Together

I’m tired of the nights together;
I want the intimacy of watching the rising sun with you
Part twenty-four....
Sep 2021 · 316
Le Coup de Foudre No. 23
Blood on Cupid’s Arrow

There is blood on Cupid’s Arrow
From where I yanked it from my heart
I refuse to fall in love again
It makes for extremely painful art
Part twenty-three....
Sep 2021 · 230
Le Coup de Foudre No. 22
Sharing an Umbrella

It starts with sharing an umbrella
And ends with sharing our lives
Part twenty-two
Sep 2021 · 173
Le Coup de Foudre No. 21

My darling, the angels themselves
Could sing your praises and it wouldn’t
Be considered blasphemous
Part twenty-one....
Sep 2021 · 429
Le Coup de Foudre No. 20
Eye of the Storm

It’s in the eye of my storm
That I find myself with you
Part twenty....
Sep 2021 · 223
Le Coup de Foudre No. 19
Your Name in All of My Poems

No matter what I write, you influence me
It’s your voice reading the words in my head
It’s your breath in the wind
And I find your name in all of my poems
Part nineteen
Sep 2021 · 549
Le Coup de Foudre No. 18
Wedding Cake

I’m waiting for the day that I can shove wedding cake in your mouth
Eighteenth part....
Sep 2021 · 117
Le Coup de Foudre No. 17
Show Your Love With Your Teeth

Show me the feral side of your love;
Show me the protective side, the carnal side
Show me love with your hands on my hips,
Your breath in my ears
Show me your love with your teeth
Seventeenth part....
Sep 2021 · 136
Le Coup de Foudre No. 16
Your Harbor

When it all becomes too much,
I can be your safe harbor
Sixteenth part....
Sep 2021 · 418
Le Coup de Foudre No. 15

Tenderness has never been my forte
But I am a spring flower for you
Fifteenth part....
Sep 2021 · 86
Le Coup de Foudre No. 14
Wearing Their Clothes

Wearing your clothes would be a special type of heaven
Fourteenth part....
Sep 2021 · 172
Le Coup de Foudre No. 13
My Heart and a Space for Yours

There’s a space in my chest next to my heart
It’s the perfect size for yours to fit safe and sound
Thirteenth part....
Sep 2021 · 171
Le Coup de Foudre No. 12

We were nothing but broken promises
And jagged lies, searching for someone
To make us whole
Twelfth part....
Sep 2021 · 168
Le Coup de Foudre No. 11
Kissing at a Stoplight

Kissing at a stoplight
And ******* off everyone behind us
Eleventh part....
Sep 2021 · 166
Le Coup de Foudre No. 10
Hunting Down Love

I tried hunting down love, but it always slipped away
Never getting caught in my snares.
I found I had to sit quietly and wait for it to come to me,
Trusting and willing to give me a chance
Tenth part....
Sep 2021 · 329
Le Coup de Foudre No. 9
Keeping Warm

The impatience for the beginning of us
Keeps me warm on cold winter nights
Ninth part....
Sep 2021 · 137
Le Coup de Foudre No. 8
Your Eyes, In Every Life

I would know your eyes in every life
In every incarnation, I would find you
Part eight....
Sep 2021 · 336
Le Coup de Foudre No. 7

Without you, my dreamscapes are barren and cold.
With you, they are indescribably beautiful and joyous
Seventh part....
Sep 2021 · 360
Le Coup de Foudre No. 6
Never Look Away

If I could, I would get lost in your eyes
And never look away
Sixth part....
Sep 2021 · 173
Le Coup de Foudre No. 5
We Consume What We Adore

We consume what we adore…
Maybe that is why I am so hungry for snippets of you
Fifth part....
Sep 2021 · 137
Le Coup de Foudre No. 4

These poems are my devotional to you
They’re my way of keeping myself honest
My affirmation that I am yours for however
Long you wish me to stay
Fourth part....
Sep 2021 · 321
Le Coup de Foudre No. 3
First Date

We promised a beach trip to each other
I count down the days, hours, and minutes
Til my release into your arms.
Third part....
Sep 2021 · 500
Le Coup de Foudre No. 2
Dreaming in City Lights

I dream of you underneath the starry rural skies
And I can’t wait to dream with you ‘neath the bright city lights
Second Part....
Sep 2021 · 54
Le Coup de Foudre No. 1
Love Letters

My gestures could be love letters
With the way that they so blatantly
Call out for you
This is a series of 28 parts. I was recently inspired.
I am scared to let go of my sadness. It has become such a big part of my life that I don’t know what I would be without it, and isn’t it better to stick with something familiar rather than throwing your entire personality away on the off chance that you’ll get better?

I am scared to be left alone in this terrible world filled with terrible people. My fear is so much a part of me that I don’t know what I’d do if not worrying about what is to become of the mess of a person I’ve become, and isn’t it better to stick with something familiar rather than throwing your entire personality away on the off chance that you’ll get better?

I am scared to try and fix myself. I am scared to try and become a better person because if I’m a better person then it will just hurt more when I **** up and isn’t it better to stick with something familiar rather than throwing your entire personality away on the off chance that you’ll get better?
These are the questions that constantly run through my head... and perhaps they will never be answered.
Aug 2021 · 350
Poetry From Broken Boys
I’ve seen myself in love poems from broken boys. I’ve seen myself in the raging ocean, the gusting wind, the blazing heat.

I’ve seen myself in small wildflowers forcing their way through cement, small spots of beauty and tenderness in this broken world.

I’ve seen myself through the cracked mirror in the bathroom and the shattered glances shot at me across rooms.

I found myself in your arms, in the love that you give unconditionally, in the tears in your eyes when you look at me.

I found myself in you.
I may have found myself in you, but I lost myself in you as well
Mar 2021 · 466
Untitled No. 7
What are we,
if not stardust
and bone?

What are we,
if not the strength
that flows through us?

What are we,
if not breath and
blood and spirit?

What are we,
if not feral,
wild, and free?

What are we,
if not human?
I wrote this back in January and completely forgot about it.
Feb 2021 · 143
Inside, I am nothing more than a child
with a branch for a toy sword,
Brandishing it up against
The monsters and villains of my own mind

Inside, I am nothing more than a child,
Crying out for forgiveness for my
Multitude of sins
Against my ancestors of days past

Inside, I am nothing more than a child
That feels as though she isn’t
Good enough for those she loves;
She isn’t good enough to be here

Inside, I am nothing more than a child
That feels as though
She is nothing more than an inconvenience,
That she is nothing more than a burden
I feel like I'm drowning in all the choices that I have to make right now. I'm slowly slipping under the surface
Nov 2020 · 439
Questions I Ask Myself
"Why can't you be normal?"

"Why can't you feel emotions like every other human being?"

"Why do you have to be so sensitive?"

"Why did you say that?"

"Why didn't you say anything?"

"Why can't you just. Be. Normal?"
Fun questions; am I right?
I wasn't taken, Mama.
I went willingly, pomegranate
juice staining my lips ******.

I am not helpless, Mama.
I am darkness, power, a Queen.
You gave me flowers and he gave me
his everlasting worship.

I am his queen, Mama, his goddess.
He says that I am the one that
brought him to his knees, Mama,
and he is right. I am a terrible
beauty, and oh, I put him on
his hands and knees in worship.

Do not come looking for me, Mama,
because your innocent flower is
nowhere to be found. All that is
left is blood and bone and
pomegranate juice staining my
hands and mouth and setting me free.
Another one that I've had in my notebook that I never got around to posting.
Nov 2020 · 365
On Icarus
Icarus laughed as he fell;
The golden ichor streaming
From his nose, his mouth,
His spun tresses behind him
Fluttering as angel wings do.

Icarus screamed as he plummeted
to the earth; melted wax
scalding his shoulders where
his wings once were; broken
feathers fluttering in his firey wake.

Apollo mourned as Icarus fell,
not a sound issued from his
doomed lips. His wings, torn
and broken and burned, danced
behind him, more lively than
Icarus would ever be.
I've had this one in my notebook for a while; I just never got around to actually posting it.
Aug 2020 · 197
From Me to You
From me to you and back again
The wine of love stains our hands

The night does sigh in jealousy
Of the searing heat between you and me

Our bodies twist and dance and then
Your walls falter and you let me in

I grip your hands and hold you close
Time freezes with us in lovers’ pose

We twine like two codependent vines
I promise you that you’ll always be mine

Despite all the time we lost
It is you I love the most
For him.
Aug 2020 · 345
Day Two: The Colours of Me
When we met, I was Blue,
Shaking, trembling, sobbing
I was the Pacific Ocean;
Cold and withdrawn.

You said hello, and I was Yellow.
A happy, carefree, summergirl.
Yellow as buttercups, as the sun
Warm and caring and healthy.

As I fell, I turned Orange
A warm and comforting love
A cosy couple, a mug of apple cider couple
And a pile of fallen leaves couple.

I turned Gray when winter came
And chased you away from me
I was cold and lifeless once more
But without me, you were also Gray

We came together a second time
And I was Red as the setting sun
Red as roses, Red as the blood in our veins
Red as the hearts that beat for one another once more.
Day Two of the 30-Day Poetry challenge. Prompt: Colour Personified
Aug 2020 · 166
Day One: Inversion
Upon my beating heart
A little bird perches and trills
Of life’s many wonders
And its numerous thrills

Of love and war, I hear him sing
Of how war does hurt
And of how love does sting

Of loss, he chirps,
And of bloodshed, of death
But it’s my love he sings of
With a final shuddering breath
Doing a 30-day poetry challenge, and I figured I'd start now.
Aug 2020 · 228
Untitled No. 6
I think I am scared to love.
I’m not used to being the vulnerable one;
The one that stays;
the one that is brave.

I do not know how to love.
I don’t know how to let my walls down
To let my fears out
To put my heart on my sleeve.

I want to love.
God, I want to love,
but my hair smells of war
and running and running.
My hair smells of war and running and running and I'm scared to trip and fall into this crazy thing we call love.
Aug 2020 · 139
The Story of My Name
Ephemeral (adj). Lasting for a very short time.

Ephemeral (adj). His love for me; my love for myself.

Ephemeral (adj). The summers of my mind.

Ephemeral (adj). The amount of time I had with him.

Oblivion (n). The state of being unaware of what is happening around you.

Oblivion (n). The state that I live in.

Oblivion (n). The state that I entered when with him.

Oblivion (n). When I can't seem to get out of my head.
I get questions about my username all the time, so I figured I'd write about it.
Aug 2020 · 322
The Written Word
Written word used to be an
extension of my mind; my
       thoughts imprinted onto paper
   in neatly formed sentences.

but now                              
they are jagged
malformed.                    ­            

I can't seem to put the words
together into sentences that  
have meaning.                      

The razor edge of my words
cut me, bleed my body dry
until there's nothing left    
but dust.
I'm tired....
Aug 2020 · 392
I Was Made For You (2)
I was made to feel
your breath on my lips,
your hands on my hips,
and your words in my ears.
Aug 2020 · 288
I Was Made for You (1)
I wasn’t made to love long-distance;
I was made to love up close and personal...
And yet, here I am, loving at a distance once again...
Aug 2020 · 437
Ashes, Ashes; I Fall Down
I'm standing in the ashes of who I used to be,
The binding chains have finally set me free
All of the prison bars that used to surround me
have finally crumbled around my feet

It is his words that finally wake me
His feather-soft sentences ensconce my body
His gentle hands roam lightly
He is the one that sets me free.

I'm standing in the ashes of who I used to be,
Princess of the night, violent and angry
I played my part; they let me be,
until he finally saw me for me.
He's my everything and he doesn't even realise it...
Jul 2020 · 378
He was so young and so doomed.
A boy.
Only 16.
He’d slay his angels and slow dance with his demons,
But he loved with all of his shattered heart,
And that?
Well that was what made him mine.
Jul 2020 · 130
Untitled No. 5
I am not a good person to fall in love with.
I will imprint my lips onto yours until they're the only thing you can taste.
I will trace indelible shapes onto your skin and laugh when you try to wash them off.
They will never come off.
I will take you to parks and waterfalls and bookshops,
and I will make sure that you cannot go anywhere without thoughts of me running endlessly through your head.
I will love you so completely that anyone else's will seem dim by comparison.
I am not a good person to love...
Apr 2020 · 175
Shattering Mirrors
The mirrors and I start to shatter
I never believed that I was worth it
Nothing else seems to matter

The colors around me blur
I blink back more tears than I’d like to admit
The mirrors and I start to shatter

My hidden scars seem to quiver
All your words bruise me when they hit
Nothing else seems to matter

My shoulders start to shiver
You consider me a hypocrite
The mirrors and I start to shatter

My words trip over each other and slur
I wish sometimes, that I could just quit
Nothing else seems to matter

The ugly thoughts begin to stir
Everything seems to be starlit
The mirrors and I start to shatter
Nothing else seems to matter
It seems to me that many of us feel the same way
Mar 2020 · 269
Lost Childhood
Children aren't meant to know firsthand of the wars that are fought.
They are not meant to smell of
blood and ash and helplessness.
They aren't meant to be ferocious as feral wolves,
snarling and snapping at anyone that dares to get too close.
They are not meant to have bullets for words,
and knives for hands.
They are not meant to taste of loneliness,
much less of fear and gunmetal.
Children aren't meant to dream of loss
and failure
and sheets of blood that rain down
and paint the buildings
a macabre crimson.
Children aren't meant to become soldiers that fight the wars of their elders.
Don't grow up too fast. Enjoy your childhood while it lasts, because you'll miss it when it's gone.
Mar 2020 · 360
Salvation? What is That?
We stretch out our hands,
Waiting for salvation.

We watch the dripping sands
Of the hourglass with poignant resignation.

Our society demands
Of us to disregard those in isolation.

But the isolation is the only thing that understands
That this life is really nothing but eternal damnation.
This week has been nothing but stressful, and I'm on the edge of losing my ******* mind.
Mar 2020 · 423
Saying goodnight is always hard,

and perhaps it's because I'm scared of the dark.

Or perhaps I'm scared of what may become visible the next morning.
Goodnight, everyone.
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