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The mirrors and I start to shatter
I never believed that I was worth it
Nothing else seems to matter

The colors around me blur
I blink back more tears than I’d like to admit
The mirrors and I start to shatter

My hidden scars seem to quiver
All your words bruise me when they hit
Nothing else seems to matter

My shoulders start to shiver
You consider me a hypocrite
The mirrors and I start to shatter

My words trip over each other and slur
I wish sometimes, that I could just quit
Nothing else seems to matter

The ugly thoughts begin to stir
Everything seems to be starlit
The mirrors and I start to shatter
Nothing else seems to matter
It seems to me that many of us feel the same way
he said
when you are crying
          i will dry your tears.
when you feel like self-destructing
          i will sing softly to you for as long as you need.
when you are broken
          i will lie with you, and we can do beautiful nothing together.
when you are wordless
          i will understand.
when you can't move
          i will be there for you.
when the past is choking you
          i will gather you into my arms.

i will love you through everything.
every brokenness
          every fear
                    and every "what if."

it will be you and me,
me and you,
no matter what.
The thing about masks is that someone always sees the string behind your head.
My cries for help

Have been ignored,

I don't think I have the strength

To scream anymore.
The panic
Is more dangerous
Than the pandemic
Children aren't meant to know firsthand of the wars that are fought.
They are not meant to smell of
blood and ash and helplessness.
They aren't meant to be ferocious as feral wolves,
snarling and snapping at anyone that dares to get too close.
They are not meant to have bullets for words,
and knives for hands.
They are not meant to taste of loneliness,
much less of fear and gunmetal.
Children aren't meant to dream of loss
and failure
and sheets of blood that rain down
and paint the buildings
a macabre crimson.
Children aren't meant to become soldiers that fight the wars of their elders.
Don't grow up too fast. Enjoy your childhood while it lasts, because you'll miss it when it's gone.
the silence
hurts more
than the
I get replaced so easily
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