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Nick Acosta Apr 10
I try my hardest
Do my best
It’s never enough
So why try?

For me
For you
For loved ones

What happens when it’s the loved one holding you down
Dragging you
The wolf in sheep’s clothing

I still love you
I just can’t look you in the face
I’d rather be burned at the stake
Than hear you say i could’ve done better
Skyler M Apr 1
You can bet I've broken so many metaphorical bones,
You can bet I've collected so many cursed tokens,
You can bet I've been selected to get my head shacked, she said depression,
I said repression,
Cause denying makes the truth all the more shady,
And then I've shaken to fading on the daily,
I'm a killer of a very special Miller,
Or perhaps that was the killer of me.

Now I'm a special boy,
Taken and shaken around like a toy,
You can confirm my death with many people,
Those who build steeples and feasible sentences,
I'm a prototype of a man,
Just watch as I ran to the sand underneath the sparkling grand moon man.

Take me up into the wind,
Bring me to the sinners den,
I will take his rusted hand,
And escape without a stand.

You can bet I've murdered so many beasts,
You can bet I've ruined so many well-lit feasts,
You can bet that I've introspected, to the point where I've retrospected into the infected past,
I keep on regretting going fast,
You're stuck in my head now get out before I pluck you out,
Tuck and roll to **** at everything that I lay eyes on.

Cause denying makes the truth all the more shady,
And then I've shaken to fading on the daily,
I'm a killer of a very special Miller,
Or perhaps that was the killer of me.

Cause denying makes the truth all the more shady,
And then I've shaken to fading on the daily,
I'm a killer of a very special Miller,
Or perhaps that was the killer of me.
A message to that ***** up I called a father.
Lieke Mar 31
i stand here
screaming for your attention
i could climb mount everest
and still it won't be enough

how come they are?
they get kissed and hugged and praised
all i get is a bowl of disappointment
at which i stare with my dumb eyes

i tell myself i don't care
but i'm racing on the inside
looking for a way to break through
notice me, i'm begging you

all i need is a nod of approval
your absence drives me mad
i'll even settle for half a smile
after all, you are my dad.
31 March, 2019
The vampires are my sisters,
We dance in the night.

The ghosts are my brothers,
We cause folk a fright.

The werewolves are my pets,
We play with delight.

The human is my father,
The scariest sight.

He is the least humane of us all.
Aurianna Feb 22
A prayer whispered from a child's lips brought out of fear from a little one's heart.
For hopes that her father will beat her mother tonight instead of her.
Curled up in the corner of her closet apologizing over and over for her selfishness.
The screams from outside her door drowning her innocence in despair and fear that tomorrow it might be her turn.
The man who made her call him "Dad" had completely broken down her mother and every other woman who came into his life.
He made them all believe that they are nothing without him and without him they have nothing.
Financial, spiritual, mental and physical *******.
To the women who came around just to leave, leave her with him.
Too afraid to speak up, afraid for their lives.
The lies he filled her head with the first 13 years of her precious life. The man who helped bring her into this world just to make her hate it the most.
The blood on his fists and his breath in her ears.
"You're mine till you're 18."
That girl is me
MindlessSelf Jan 24
My dad wasn't like your typical  dad you'd see on television

The one's who always had smiles on their faces  and loved their family

My dad was a man who would come home from work with a beer in his hand

At times maybe more than one depending on how drunk he would  be

  If my dad didn't have a beer he would  go insane  to the point of punching someone in their  face

That's how much he loved drinking beer to the point there was nothing left

Unfortunately he passed out on the ground that night with nothing but a beer in his hand.
leena Jan 6
she felt herself falling

but didn't try to catch herself

because she wanted him to do it for her

and she fell

and fell

he never came

she realized he never would

and she learned to love men who wouldn't be there to catch her when she fell

-to my father
Kimmy Oct 2018
“Oh, you sorry fool

You’ve cut your fingers

Plucking on

my puppet strings


When will you learn?

Souls like his

Were not meant

for souls like yours

He will live his

whole entire life

And not once

think twice

About the color of

your eyes”

I jokingly tell my friends

That my daddy issues are

The root of these

crushes on older men

But they don’t know

the hurt

Behind those words

It is hard to explain how

The man I'm

sleeping with

Is/could be my


Because of this

I now have




But I can't


talk about

About what


I try to tell my

friends, they


“Well every


has mood


But they have

Not seen

How crazy

I can be!

I warn boys I am


they laugh



They’ve dealt

with crazy

Girls before

I am too


To tell them


They forget to say

goodnight to me

It feels like

the harshest


The cruelest


And I not knowing

How to deal with this

Constant denial

How do you explain

that to someone?

so blissfully unaware,

This boy

I love

with all

all my heart

And then some

Says he will

fight for me

And I so badly

Want to believe in his


But he does not know

It will be a battle

against himself

Because I

Do not know

how to be

with someone

Because I

Am better off alone

Because I

Ruin people

I have a system,

you see.

I let boys put

Their tongue

in my mouth

Their hands

on my


I let myself


Ill fill the hollow

space in my gut

At least take my

mind off of it

And I always

make sure

They like me


Than I




I cannot

be caught

Off guard


I remember

the day

I told myself

I didn’t need my dad

He has tried

to work his

Way back into

my life

And I hated

him for it

With all

of my


I had never


a human

so much

so I let go

I stopped


to him

To this


I still


he still has not

said sorry

Even if

I'd still



The memories

are crushing

Feels so


I cannot


my dad

For what

he did

To me at 2

Years old

And I have never

felt worse


Anything in

my life!!

So I take a



And dig out

the parts

of me

That still


And I let

men crawl


And I let

them build

a home

So I can finally

be good for


All my friends

Growing up

Called me

a ****


And I want

to scream

They don’t


This is

the only

way I feel

I am worth


This is the

only thing

I can feel

If I could have

it any other


I would

But this is the

way things are

And this

Is the way they will

continue to be.
#daddy #issues #**** #*** #men
This is a poem pretty much related to my birth dad, he destroyed me and to this day I have problems, hope you like
yogirlturkey Sep 2018
it felt like my heart and soul were right next to each other
falling out of my chest slowly
t hurt more than it ever did out of just realizations
i couldn't walk
i felt like throwing myself on the wood floor of the entrance of my new home
it felt like there was a black hole inside me
"come on open your present"
i don't answer because of the ******' pain
i throw myself on my bed and keep crying and crying...
"hey, open your gift!"
i don't bother to answer just to see if she'll come and comfort me
i left my door open on purpose
"hey, do you want to open your gift?" she sees me crying and sighs
she lays down next to me, hugs me and sighs once again
i'm still crying and i don't really know the reason why yet
"what did he say to you that made you cry this hard?"
i cry harder and i can barely breathe
i stop just to answer
i think twice before saying what 'i want' to say, but i don't care at this point
i should be able to express myself 'exactly' how i feel it, so then i say...
"he's just a ******' *******"
this isn't really a poem but i wanted to put it out there, i hope you can feel it with just my words and explanation. :)
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