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Kitten Yvad Mar 15
this blue
cloud sheep squish
and right by my face

like baked goods
and i wonder as
my anxiety rolls over
me in waves

why does the
cloud sheep squish
smell like this?

like the acacia bakery
under my window
it hints at baclavas

the warm ever ambiance fights  back against the cold blue air,
which is heavy,
baby, rolls with
waiting water steam;
baked good steam
like fresh laundry
freshly baked laundry dreams

i touch it by my face
i know its there
use as a face pillow
not to wonder what
its saccharine insides

i fall asleep anxiety
faint idea of
fresh baked pastry scent
blue cloud sheep squish
and peppermint
When the cold rain enters
it makes me remember
lifetimes of past Decembers
and their nasty embers.
Each drop a designer
momentary reminder
of a recreational resigner's
unchecked timer.
I am not reborn
in the rain's misty scorn
I see Satan's horns
in rain clouds formed.

Sensory recall
makes me fall
into the needle
of a lifestyle fetal
crying for my mommy
of a ****** haunting
my past life is flaunting
through raindrops upon me
their ripples are bombing
my mentality modeling
of the unguarded godly.

in descent
in cement
mixed with saline
so I may dream
maiming Maybelline
makes me made to scream
drowning in memory
separating what's ahead of me
with the possible death of me
after a moment of leveling
water brings devil's wings.

I guess I'm like this forever
mainlined or severed
would've been much better
than stuck in the nether
between order and chaos
mortars of raindrops
show where my aim lost
and the insane cost
of the water in the syringe
raining into my veins
so I cry and I cringe
when it rains all the same.
Q D Malcolm Oct 2020
Go somewhere else where I can see you
Go somewhere where there's light on the
Somewhere where there's the calling of
Where their clamour floats like plankton through the
And you are sitting under the linden
On the spot where you feel most
Between two big
Where do you go?
José Vaca Oct 2020
They invite you to dwell on nothing and everything at once. Oddities that soften the sounds that surround you and amplify the beat of life in each breath you take. Far from strangers but hidden in plain sight. Indulging your focus through a narrow tunnel view. Dilating your pupils and lifting your skin through spontaneous extraordinary sensory awareness while depriving you the passage of time. A temporal trap in eternity before you snap and walk away.
Brandon Sep 2020
It started with questions
answers poured out like waterfalls
crashing in tempo, truth flooded our ears

it was met with your gaze
a quiet stare that lit my soul
the fire grew, yearning for more

then, your touch
searching with tenderness
grazing me as if you were rose petals

did I provide the right answers?
Naveen Malhotra Aug 2020
Eyes are sensory organs
They receive what's fed to them
You read what brain read of them
Beauty doesn't lie in beholder's eyes
The blind can appreciate beauty
Despite the eyes failing in duty
Eyes are no repositories
You guys to churn beautiful and ugly
Casey Rodger Jun 2020
I see the clouds above me,
They're floating in the sky,
I wonder what they see,
And wonder why they cry.

I listen to the fire,
While sitting in its glow,
Not a thing does it require,
But wood for it to grow.

Gently does the breeze,
Whisper to my skin,
I wander if the trees,
Mind about the wind.

I will not shut my eyes,
Wont miss one part of this,
The sun is giving the skies,
A loving goodnight kiss.
Serene May 2020
This candle is honey and vanilla scented,
But it’s so much more than just some sweet savory smell
It smells like 2:00 am on a Saturday
laying on the carpet with my best friends
Laughing about everything and nothing
Not wanting the night to end
Pumpkin pie smells like a chilly October day back in 2008
When we sat on the couch in front of the fireplace
And everything felt okay
Isn’t it strange how you can travel back in time?
All you need is a dash of cinnamon and nutmeg
And suddenly it’s Christmas 2009 when my heart felt light and everything was fine
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