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felixmae Nov 3
she reminded me of pennies
two faced
and in everybody's pants
Chelsea Nov 1
We fight for Marta B’s Truth
With Edie and Thea’s love

Because of Harvey’s radical action.

We fight for the bricks thrown
With every hard won right

Because of every sacrificed life.  

We fight on shadowed shoulders
With the ones who didn’t survive

Because we owe it to them to thrive.

We fight with uncloestable pride.

We fight in town streets and city halls
With rainbows and glitter and conviction

Because they opened the doors for our joy.
Better believe we’re gonna march through in feathered pink neon boas with glow-in-the-dark matching boots.  Roar through in leather jackets on motor cycles.

Enjoy the parade.

Because if you try and push us back?

We’re still grenades.

And the closet is wide open now
With clothes that fit us like Kevlar.

And very expensive shoes.

Fight back all you want


You’re gonna lose.
#lgbtq #lgbtqia #gay #lesbian #bisexual #transgender #queer #intersex #asexual #bidenharris2020
L is for love is love. We all deserve love.
G is for greatness! We stand up for our greatness.
B is for both! We can choose both!
T is for touch. We touch our souls, and know who we are.
Q is for queens and kings, and that place in between.
I is for icons. We are very important.
A is acceptance, which we fight for!
+ is for many more, there is no end.
Sh Sep 18
such a human emotion.

So quick am I to turn my back,
to close my eyes against the truth

So adamant that it must be wrong

it must

For if I am right I would have to face the consequences of something that is out of my control.

If denial is my first instinct, to claw my way out of the quicksand

then why,

when I came out,

did I never except denial from you?
Sh Sep 18
They say we are like beasts in the night;

Senseless and wild.
Menacing fangs, ready to devour the world.

In truth, we are like wolves;

Untamed with teeth to rip apart all who dares threaten our packs.

With furs to cuddle the biting cold away, sharp ears and eyes to pick up on the first signs of danger.

In truth, we are like cats;

Finding our home back from the streets,

Or simply knowing how to get away from the hand that feeds nothing but pain.

In truth, we are like rats;

Blamed for a disease we do not have,

Deemed filthy and wretched by all who refuse know us.

In truth, we are like crows;

Beloved by the outcasts,

Flock together into groups, loyal with a love that can bring gods down.

In truth, we are like mint;

Impossible to get rid of, no matter how many of us you pluck out of this earth.

Persistent and all the more lovely for it.

You say we are like seeds planted in pots;

Destined to settle down the way the gardeners dictated, all other possible futures disregarded.

In truth, we are like the moon;

the phases are nothing but your refusal to see as us a whole.
A mask that everyone could see
Something to hide behind
A “shield” for me

It stung like needles
Burned like a brand
This mask placed by a hollow hand

I could never be rid of it
Never just be free
For what would my family think of me

It took a push from someone
A helpful hand
To finally remove that burning brand

They helped me take off the mask
Saw what was inside
And accepted me as I sat there and cried

They gave me a space
A place to be free
Until I was able to finally be me

I went to see my family
Without the mask, in open air
I steeled myself to be prepared

But instead of yelling
Of bitter frost
I found that my hope was not lost

I met with acceptance
Knowing care
A hearth’s warmth and gentle air

One day I left the mask behind
Not just for that day, but for all time
The burning brand, the stinging mark
Left in that closet in the dark
I wrote this about my experience coming out as well as the dysphoria I experienced (and still do experience). I've been out for a few years now, but I wanted to write this. This is my first published poem on here. I hope that you all enjoy.
Kitten Yvad Aug 22
passion flower and agave bloom, wild saturated pretty     and saccharine

i dip my tongue
cry into this fresh fruit
my heart racing
at the taste

of all the love they said
could not be true

for me but you see
ya sattar

im in the higher
than our star at noon
and lavender milk
sweet like our twilight moon

harvesting my soul;
i reap at dawn
seeds you sowed with me
and the electrifying
spoils of its fruit
I share under the stars

how else do i say thankyou
for working those
barren fields with me

for you;
you marveling at the
acres of rich soil untended to

I'm lost in a gentle sun
our tan limbs
like vines entangled blissfully
Kitten Yvad Aug 15
i always seem in love
when the "river runs dry"
but floods on my banks

please explain
what you mean;
when you say
the river's run dry

drenched a monsoon
full moon my tide's still high
found a bunch of love notes from a few days after the beginning of quarantine🌱
Kitten Yvad Aug 1
your body is like water
whirring rushing
ever winding, you follow me.
breathwork , decompartmemtalizes us
into layers, celebrated layers;
you come to me as
a river
sarah crouse Jul 10
the princess locked herself away
behind tall walls of grey
so no one could see her die inside
and she can hide behind her pride

the dashing rogue saw these walls
she wanted to explore its halls
she wanted to see every inch
and find out why she's so quick to flinch

the rogue found an ornate gate
but saw the lock and had to wait
but she's impatient to see her free
so she set out to find the key

she travelled far and wide
to where the dragon resides
at the top of the highest mountains
surrounded by deadly lava fountains

the golden key dangled from its neck
beneath wicked teeth that kept you in check
but the rogue devised a cunning plan
to get the key as quick as she can

with clever words, she tricked the dragon
to give the key without any nagging
so back down the mountain, she walked
to match the key with the lock.
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