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Debbie Lydon Jul 29
Retire, you screaming and reckless strain,
I want to dilute your desire to hate,
Dissipate, you loveless disease of the brain,
Let's try to make warm what could have been a cold fate.

Bloom, you timid tomorrow of mine,
I want to make room for another's petals,
Flood, you gluttonous gutters of time,
Give us the flowers, not just the nettles.

Linger, oh memory of a phantom friend,
I want to be a singer of your secret tune,
Be a full moon, you impending end,
Smiling crescents shine a liars light in my darkened room.

Awake, you sleepy and half-hearted hope,
I want to dance now but I'm dust that soon settles,
Come back, you lost lifeline and dreamer's rope,
Show me your flowers, I'm weary of nettles.
audrey Jun 8
choking on my tea
every time i take a sip
i'm too impatient

chamomile calms me
just before i fall asleep
my dreams are softer

magic tea, cast spells
conjure hope for my worry
mix starlight and moss
AmeriMav Jan 2019
Alarm rings, I wake
With more ease than recent past
My mind full of you

Screen full of your words
Reminds me of your morning
And how you miss me

Exciting moment
I shower for the day now
Thoughts of you cascade

Ticking away time
Like the thunder of spring storms
Bringing needed rain

Breathless pause I wait for you
"Call me" on the screen is "Read"
Haiku Sonnet
Emily Oct 2018
Presuming on your goodness,
Believing in your ability,
Perceiving you will not break me.

Willing to obey your instructions,
Hoping you will teach me,
Waiting impatiently.

A thirst for learning is a virtue,
E’en when paired with impatience,
I don’t take philosophy courses,
Not because I’m smarter and always right,
But because I’m jaded.
I know each person in our
Lewis & Clark exploration through what we think is ours,
Comes to moments of great clearing clarity,
Of unlocking more parts of our mind,
New abilities like a videogame,
For which I cannot hate,
Or love,
More or less,
For to find myself,
The greatest of mysteries solved, what joy!
I cannot know myself,
The worst of betrayals, what sorrow!
But seeing as I’m the most central force,
In only this galaxy and the next,
I cannot afford the time for you,
To go through this too.
Jessica Jarvis Aug 2018
I’m stuck between impatience and time moving too fast.
If only certain moments could hold off and last,
Yet let me be the first to set the record straight.
I know that, in the end, it will all be worth the wait.
I’m not here because I want to relive the past.
While times have been perfect, the idea is too vast:
To stay where you are, red, and not look for what’s ahead.
However, why is the future an idea i’m urged to dread?
While this time is exciting, and often inviting,
I see the circumstance filled with crying and spiting.
No, I’m not scared, or maybe I was.
I’ve learned that I can’t live that way, only because
I’ll suffer that way in this current time I’m in,
And living right now is already hard enough to begin.
I’m not here to sulk, i’m not here to brag.
I’m just impatiently enduring the drag
Of time, of now, wanting it to slow to yellow,
While I’m eager, insisting on life’s green light, “go.”
Time, a constant thing, still looks me in the face
To say, “you think you know it all, but I will set the pace”.
No matter the task, the toll, the race, I’m in it for the ride.
Meanwhile, I’ll tell my impatient indecisiveness that it’ll have to subside.
Maybe time is like traffic. “Do I gas it, or hit the breaks?”
Either way, I’m afraid of collisions, so that’s a risk I just won’t take.
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