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If you make it
a friend
will make you
Bad decision are made when in haste.
You don't need to rush in order to achieve something
This will make you regret later on and it will be a tough fall to get back up from
Anais Vionet Dec 2020
300 nights I’ve been here a-pacin’,
I’ve got clothes, all shiny and new!
This whole year, my time’s been a-wastin',
someday this endless virus will be through.

On the news, they say there’s a serum,
soon I’ll have to take one or two.
Crowded clubs, where music’s a-playin’,
I bet I can get into one or two.

There are boys, out there just for kissin',
and someday, I’ll kiss one or two.
I’ll find out, just what I’ve been missin',
I’ll bet I won’t get home 'til one or two.

There are guys, of nineteen or twenty,
and they know, just what to do.
Shiny toys, just waitin’ for choosin’,
maybe I’ll pick one... or two!
*ok, funny note. I post my poems on several websites and on Quora, several of my readers lobbied me to change the last line of this poem - to follow the "one or two" theme. So, in a way, the last line is "crowd sourced" - and I must say also much improved  =]
Thanks to those guys!
*tapping lacquered finger nails impatiently on the table*
Amy Nov 2020
All I ever waited for
I always waited in vain

Nothing I desired
Was meant to be in the end
Meant to be mine

Is there something wrong with me?

Nothing and no one
Ever could comfort my burning soul

I learned to live with it
It belongs to me, I accept it

Though some nights I wonder
How it would be
To be listened to and understood
To be comforted and held

Like rain
So sad and yet so beautiful

A gloomy day
Wrapped up in endless hope
An endless disappointment

Still, I pray
My voice doesn´t even shake anymore
It feels like everything is ignoring my existence

Oh what hate I felt towards you
Ever since I can remember
I tried to love you
But I doubt you wanted me to

A month of success
But for who?

My name seems to be missing
On every single list
Like I am outside the circle

Maybe it should make me proud
Maybe I should cry
Or laugh

But all I can think of is silence
Anais Vionet Nov 2020
Yesterday, I saw a NASA announcement.
it said they found “Unambiguous”
water on the moon.

I had just finished my morning walk
and frankly, that sounded delicious
and refreshing.

So, I went to Amazon and searched.
I couldn’t find ANY reference to
“Unambiguous moon water” at ALL.

How ridiculous, I mean, why go
and ADVERTISE something that
We can’t get on AMAZON??

*** people. This is AMERICA.
Ok, this is a humorous poke at expectations, in our impatient, now-culture. Come ON - I'm not quite THAT clueless  =]
Slime-God Nov 2020
I feel such distance
in these few cold, dying months.
How can they last, so?
Home is the spring rain.
Debbie Lydon Jul 2020
Retire, you screaming and reckless strain,
I want to dilute your desire to hate,
Dissipate, you loveless disease of the brain,
Let's try to make warm what could have been a cold fate.

Bloom, you timid tomorrow of mine,
I want to make room for another's petals,
Flood, you gluttonous gutters of time,
Give us the flowers, not just the nettles.

Linger, oh memory of a phantom friend,
I want to be a singer of your secret tune,
Be a full moon, you impending end,
Smiling crescents shine a liars light in my darkened room.

Awake, you sleepy and half-hearted hope,
I want to dance now but I'm dust that soon settles,
Come back, you lost lifeline and dreamer's rope,
Show me your flowers, I'm weary of nettles.
audrey Jun 2020
choking on my tea
every time i take a sip
i'm too impatient

chamomile calms me
just before i fall asleep
my dreams are softer

magic tea, cast spells
conjure hope for my worry
mix starlight and moss
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