Sally A Bayan Apr 6

Pity him, or her...pity them
Pity those victims of devastation
And infestations
And molestation
Pity the children...those abandoned babies
But it is not enough... something beyond pity.

Pity those in extreme poverty,
Suffering from incapabilities...
Pity those with agonizing hearts
Because of missing body parts
Marred, disfigured, debilitated
But, it is not enough something beyond pity.

Pity even those with aching hearts
Devastated, with broken hearts
Who find it difficult to heal
Believe again, a cruel world, so real.

Be guided,in reflecting,
There are others more deserving,
Beware of those who are self-serving
Know who are in most need of caring
Know that, beyond pity, there's more to be done
Much can be done...If we all try to be one.


Copyright April 6, 2017
Rosalia Rosario A. Bayan

#abandonedbabies #abusedchildren #molestation #devastation #incapabilities #pity #npmimportant

Brent Kincaid Feb 25

He was sitting on a fencepost
A mouth harp in his hand
He started making music
Like a ghostly rubber band.
He called me a stranger
And, I asked him how he knew.
He raised his head and stared
And seemed to look me through.

He said:
There is nothing down this highway
But heartbreak and a tale
Nobody will friend you here
There’s nothing good for sale
We are here with no way out
So move right on away
You only have your freedom
If you don't let yourself stay.

Some people think it’s heaven
‘Cause they never had a chance
They never had a friend before
A storybook romance.
They made some stupid choices
Now there’s a piper to pay.
They’re deaf to rhyme or reason
No matter what you say.
Some believe they never had
The character to change,
That they were born without a dream
The hopeless and strange.

But we know lonely backroads
That never reach the bay.
We live in fogs of memory
Here in Futile Quay.
Where once we were children;
Now we never smile.
Our trip down this highway
Is a never-ending mile.
So go on back to comfort
To security and plans.
Stay too long in Futile Quay
You’re out of fortune’s hands.

Jon Po Dom Feb 25

City besieged
So many fallen
Beneath your feet
Joy and Laughter
Replaced by
Horrors unseen

I see the pain
In your eye
Senseless fighting
Bombs falling from the sky
Screaming, Yelling
Children crying
Blood on your streets

The world on its knees
Hoping for peace
Your beauty forsaken
Loved ones taken
A path of destruction
Complete devastation
Will you ever be
Aleppo again?

JM 10/3/16

Atoosa Kourosh Feb 25

Drove through snowstorms over icy roads
Warmed by the fire of my love for you
Following a lifeline of energy
Thought it led to your heart, warm and true
But there was only burning pain as you pushed me back
Erasing all the joy I ever knew
Signs were there that it was a trap
But the mine exploding in my face was my first clue

Open hearts are always more vulnerable
Atta Santoso Jan 4

One day I saw you
pale skin, brown hair and everything's gold
brown eyes and blue sky matched well.

'Who is he?' I asked my self, bravely took a step forward to make sure you were a human being.
You were, indeed, a human being.

All the girls acted dumb and you were like a cactus erected deep to the really wet ground. Steady, dangerous but dying.
All the boys looking like you, jealous.
They were the plants grew on dry ground.
They need water for living.

and all the dumb girls
they wouldn't leave until the death of the steady cactus
money was all you have
and everything else i didn't really need
Kept watching your deathbed

I thought it'll be entertaining
Thinking you were like the others
dumb, and dumb, and dumb.

Oh no! I felt something on my cheeks
Wet and salt I taste and wet
Tears? Was it tears?
The lightning strucked to the center of my heart,
I didn't enjoy this.

Your deathbed was my deathbed
I was in terrible pain
But why?

And did you know?
The reason off the pain that i felt?
It's because
I fell in love with a dying cactus

1:03 am
Temporal Fugue Dec 2016

I look upon the devastation
it's totality, serene
Nothing left for preservation
every nook and cranny, clean

No vestiges of life
no hint of joys or pains
An apathy of strife
no light within, remains

To mark a date and time
where such a thing occurred
Or who would claim the crime
the memories now, are blurred

I am what I have made
of this there is no doubt
The reaper has been paid
my inward eye, turns out

One of my first poems, I'm still tweaking it :D
Brent Kincaid Dec 2016

You idiots!
You unconscionable poltroons!
Your minds have the intelligence
Of helium filled balloons!
You had a chance to save us
But when it came down to the wire
You chose to let a circus clown
Win the race and play with fire.

Who could know you have learned
Nothing at all from before
When you elected those two morons
Run the show while you snored?
Who could guess that people who
Claim to be so Christian and good,
Would act like from the ears up
They were made entirely of wood?

You imbeciles!
Do you not see what you have done?
You chose a man who seems to think
Lying and embezzling are great fun.
You did not choose the candidate
With experience and knowledge;
You chose the guy who swindled those
Who signed up for his bogus college!

Millions of us with wisdom predicted
This man who praises Vladimir Putin
Would want to start World War Three
Because he is so fond of shooting!
He thinks, without a bit of experience,
He can simply put on another act
And all the rest of the world will
See his mad delusions as facts.

You chowderheads!
You have sold your country out!
Later when it all falls apart
You'll blame someone else and pout.
Now you cheer and chant USA,
And pretend you are so damned brave
The rest of us fear for the world
And hope there is something to save.

Arcassin B Nov 2016

By Arcassin Burnham

Don't let your food get cold in these cold days,
Not what my mom told me or anyone in my family
For that matter,
I'm in my right mind I don't really need a therapist,
Working on a hypothesis to be an ignorant bitch,
Trying to make people hate me with false accusations which,
Won't do good for you in the long run for your life is in abyss,
Intentions were cruel, the world is so doomed,
Laughing at us,
Worry about you and whoever else is around because,
In midst of darkness knowing you could make it special (special)
You could make it special (special),
You could make it special (special),
Won't be no wealth collected,
We'll be poor and defenceless,
Be careful who you keep close to you with this independence,
My family never listens to me , now here comes the end and,
Don't make me say I told you so in utter hopes to really hope
That we could make it out alive due to your petty ignorance,
Free thinker , Glad To Say I'm Very Gifted,

In The Center Of Wickedness , You Could Make It Special,
Knowing God Is The King Yeah He Could Make It Special....
You could make it special (special).....
Keep Your Faith By Your side And You Could Make It Special,
There's No Fear In Your Eyes If You Believe You're Special.....
You could make it special (special),

While You Rappers rocking Jesus pieces,
We'll be turned to pieces leaking from the depth of being
Deceived by a demonic doubtful reason that you've brung
Upon us hoping this would control a population of people unaware
Of what you got going on,
Very strong, who you leaning on,
Is it true protectors,
Having a wall built around us so we can't fly with feathers,
What kind of vision is this,
We can not condone in this,
The tapestry is off a little bit of this idealist,
Are there just fucking pessimists?,
Trying to see you fall down like peasants you're meant to be,
Learning all the secrets and plans of the enemy,
Words alone remind you of the world that it needs to be,
Bad intentions is where the road to hell is paid usually,
A good friend taught me that in a state of being consciously,
Aware of everything and anything that comes around me,
Glad to say we're Gifted, this is not the end of you and me,

In The Center Of Wickedness , You Could Make It Special,
Knowing God Is The King Yeah He Could Make It Special....
You could make it special (special).....
Keep Your Faith By Your side And You Could Make It Special,
There's No Fear In Your Eyes If You Believe You're Special.....
You could make it special (special).


On the Photographic Site,
When one opens a new page,
The Infinity Symbol opens up,
In reality,
Beauty on Earth
Is NOT Infinite.
Humanity is destroying many of the most beautiful places on Earth.
Environmental Devastation is taking its toll.
Many beautiful animal species
Are going extinct.
If you're more attuned to erotic photography,
The sex appeal of most women
Only lasts so long,
Let's face it,
Most erotic photography
Is basically
A lot of erotic photos
Are really more about the Desire for Power
Than Appreciation of the Beauty
Of the Human Body.
In contrast,
When, I get an email from Human Rights Watch,
I just wonder,
"Who is getting wiped out today?"
Humanity seems to have an endless supply
Of Psychopathic Dictators,
Nihilistic Terrorists and Gangsters.
Of course, many Ecopsychologists or Ecopsychiatrists
Would say that the Moral Decline of Humanity
Is linked with our ABUSE of the Earth's Environment.
Because the Glaciers of the Himalayas are melting,
And Fresh Water is becoming Scarce,
We're losing a Wholesome Sense of Sensuality
And more and more desperate and angry people
Want to blow themselves up.

Elaina Oct 2013

Earlier today,
my brother lost his best friend.

He knew
Is now gone.

Sadness has moved in.
Devastation has a front row seat.
Emptiness is all around.

Feels right
Everything feels wrong.

Anguished Sobbs
Heart wrentching moans

Overwhelming loss
Pure immeasurable pain.

How can I help?
What can be done?
Why did it have to be?

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