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Breon Aug 29
What could we do, but
Reach out and defy rapture
As the light took us?
Come the fire, come what remains,
Our dust will be together.
Modern fears require modern coping mechanisms.
common ground is a common
ground of a mindgame
common is a common knowledge,
knowledge of mindgame
common is a common knowledge,
ground knowledge
mindgame is mindgame of

a ground knowledge
a ground game is a mindgame ground game
a ground game is a common ground game
a ground game is knowledge’s ground game
ground knowledge is ground game of ground knowledge
ground knowledge is ground game of mindgame
mindgame is knowledge's ground game

mindgame is knowledge's ground knowledge
devastation is a ground game devastation
devastation is a knowledge ground game knowledge
devastation is a knowledge mindgame knowledge
devastation is devastation of a ground game
devastation is devastation of a common ground devastation
mindgame is a devastation of a common ground
my writing is called philosophical writing. i only uses middle ages words,words liked gracious,extravaganza,etc… this poem is about time taking the ground game of time to a ground game. i don’t add capitalization’s on my writing.
YH May 26
life is beautiful
but it is also sad
of all the good things
there is also the bad
and it feels as though the bad is always embracing the good
that there is more bad than there is good in this world

and when the mind is overloaded with the negative
sometimes the drowning can't be stopped

the world starts to understand
that the happiest people may just be the saddest
and it fills me with grief
as it is anything but untrue
true to the point it hurts me

my secret was being revealed

it strips me off my feigned confidence
and leaves me with an empty shell
empty of love
of all the good things in life

i am sad for myself
who have turned out this way

and in the end i only have myself to hold
but i do not like me
not now
not ever

so tell me

how shall i live?

— Y.H.

my own personal epiphany,
gentle fervor.
i'm asking
how do i appreciate the good
if the bad never goes away

it is my mind that i have no control over
it is just me all along

(c) Y.H.
Gheeft Apr 7
The journey you took that I didn't
Your laughter in me ring each minute.
The mild touch of your hands as rose
The love between us that death broke.

The exist entrance you entered
The door shut at the sight of my appearance
Your sweet smell gone with it's fragrance
Like the cold winter breeze blown from a distance

The scourging pain I feel
That you do left me quick
Slowly silently, far away you creeped
My dear little sis, leaving so quick

The journey you took that I didn't
Your laughter ring in me each minute
The mild touch of your hands as rose
The love between us that death broke.
Written by GIFT O.O
The act of grieving.
It’s unlike anything I’ve
Ever had to go through.
Survived through 17 years of
Mental torture at the hands of
A mother who should have loved me;
But alcoholism had her by the throat
That never received any justice.
Physical abuse and mental abuse
For years by a man who should have
Cherished me but instead hated me.
12 hours of labor with no medication.
No relief of the spine crushing pain.
And yet the simple act of you dying.
             Of you leaving me behind,
                           In this world without you.
Has crushed and devastated me.
     Leaving me
                          annihilated and listless.
And without

My best friend, my cheerleader, my fan, my sounding board, my dad, my confidant, my partner in crime, my moral backbone, my courage, my strength, my forever compass, my mother figure, my only family.

I don’t know how to exist here.

The act of grieving,
Has left me tired and restless.
And I’m unsure if I’ll finish the act
Or the act will finish me.
   Exit stage…..
                                                        ­        Right.
mes Jan 31
My heart deserted me
My eyes fell in desperation
Arms up high
High as the troubled sky
my body into perpetual negation.
Though with the void of the motion
An attempt of devotion
drags tranquility to this heart of mine.
But I won’t cage it
Let it burst into the pit,
If devastation erodes
So be it.
You and I will always be a story.

These moments and time we spent
together has been written.

You cannot come to me and
tell me that you forgot me.

Its not that simple to forget me.
On Instagram it is not named but it is called written.
Ashley Tarantino Nov 2018
A reflection is a sea of sadness.
A reverse of everything wrong.
A place to stop and watch the madness,
      claiming the weak and the strong.
Shattered glass.
Shards of a life,
           scattered on the floor.
They stab and break your broken heart,
       Until it beats no more.
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