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We were nothing but broken promises
And jagged lies, searching for someone
To make us whole
Twelfth part....
ællæ Aug 2021
Fingers heartbound
Knotted up in air
Gaze darting lost
Watching dancing
Frozen in movement
Desire for desire
Masked by panic
Lost in descent
Bodies complement
Space absent touch
Concern ego lust
Parting hesitate
Andrew Layman Oct 2020
Eyes so gray
as storm clouds gather
and heaven looks away
the wind comes strong
and what is left of me
crashes against the rocks
the rest of me goes astray.
Michael R Burch Mar 2020
Geode, a Resemblance
by Michael R. Burch

Take this geode with its rough exterior—
crude-skinned, brilliant-hearted ...

a diode of amethyst—wild, electric;
its sequined cavity—parted, revealing.

Find in its fire all brittle passion,
each jagged shard relentlessly aching.

Each spire inward—a fission startled;
in its shattered entrails—fractured light,

the heart ice breaking.

Published by Poet Lore, Poetry Magazine and the Net Poetry and Art Competition. Keywords/Tags: Geode, amethyst, quartz, rock, stone, sequin, sequined, jagged, shard, brilliant, fire, passion, light, fission, ice
Anastasia Sep 2019
there's something about you
that drives me insane
something about you
thats takes all the pain
something about you
soothing like rain
something about you
that lingers like a stain
there you are
in the back of my mind
every single second
every minute
all the time
waves crashing
against jagged rocks
im falling for you
i don't think i can stop
Anastasia Aug 2019
and ******
the glass

to the ground
red jewels

it doesn't hurt
when it rips
into my flesh

it doesn't hurt
but you do
Eloisa Aug 2019
One day,
you will just look back
at your rough and dark past,
and you will then realize that
the jagged road you have wandered
was either a path through personal enlightenment
or a road that was never to be taken.
Sabila Siddiqui Jul 2019
With her jagged edges she stands,
gazing upon the connection between the well versed,
as her language remains misunderstood,
dark and chaotic.

Her edges are sharp,
and grooves are too deep.
The rhythm of her heart
& blood pulsation
feel out of orbit.

An outsider,
an outcast
trying to jam to fit in puzzles;
blunting her edges,
painting herself with different hues to blend.
Yet within she is out of tune.
Anastasia Jul 2019
She didn't quite have a clear understanding of what she had come home to
Her parents lying on the floor
Jagged bits of the shattered mirror
And a bloodred carpet
Her older sister upstairs in the bathtub
With reflective glass in her wrists
She stepped outside
It was too much
She'd have to live with her aunt
She didn't want to
The weeds that grew around her house leaned against her ankles
Queen Anne's Lace to her thighs
Dandelions tickled her feet as she walked
She stood in front of the bridge
And thought


She decided


She called her boyfriend
He rushed over
And held her in his arms
As she tried to cry
Tried to feel emotion
He called the cops for her
She told him about her aunt
He almost cried
He held her tighter
With me
He said
She said yes
And finally cried
A story. I don't know. I'm just feeling... sad.
Anastasia May 2019

a night colored ocean
white clouds, floating above.
casting shadows along the jagged, watery surface.
or perhaps
they are the silhouettes
of beasts
leviathans beneath the surface
with water filtering through their jagged teeth,
scales as sharp as needles.
or maybe
there are just clouds.
soft tufts of water
above a jagged
Inspired by a passage of a book I read.
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