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Life is a synthetic orchestra,
Rising to reforest a

Nightmare of fears,
Lest I interpret the tears

Connections are fake,
Oaths of loyalty taken, not awake

Pulses of procrastination,
Pleading retro incarnation

Facing inexorable destiny,
Nonexistent clemency

Reversed piano chords,
The stabbing swords

Of eternity,
Became his vanity
If a teen concert could do this to me all the time...I'm never going again. Like Palak Datta and Fantasio Millian described: "poetry is pain".
Jay 5d
your "daughter" is depressed
I use daughter in that way because
I still haven't worked up the courage to tell you
because I wouldn't expect you to understand the discomfort
the yearning desire for something I'm not
because allowing you my dearest thoughts
would have you
assume control of a brain I wish were locked away
into a cell with no key
so I ask
were you aware that your child suffers
from a disease that spreads but doesn't
a bitter substance that has living unbearable
and I can't breathe, mom
because I spent so long fighting my brain
I assumed there would be strength but
rather I'd have darkness consume me than
continue the battle for light
I ask once more
did you know I wasn't happy?

Let us not be too serious and shake things off, let us not be negative and rap things up. Actually johnny inspired me with this type of humor HAHA, try it too...the last tone should always sound the same. BREAK IT DOWN!!!
dims Oct 18
let’s both play a game of truth, you can tell me lies
and i won’t know because i can’t look you in the eyes

suicide is dangerous
because i will die alone
so please just shoot me in the head and hold my hand before i go

and i hope i rot in hell
and i hope i rot in jail
and i hope my death is celebrated
and let’s go back to the hotel

i can crumble in the bathroom
drink wine that’s mixed with ****
and i wanna hear you in the bedroom
so i can remind myself that nobody will miss me.

i hope i rot in hell
i hope i rot in jail

these thoughts that i have are enough
to excuse my ****** in the court
please just say it was self defense
please make it make sense.
yes this was based off a movie character i have a emotional connection with. no i will not say who
Evie G Oct 17
Aloof in the wind, perfectly poised to the sun.
Dressed in the disguise of men he’d seen in movies.
Waiting, in the wrinkles of leather jackets
Waiting, intoxicating scent of cigarettes
Hiding with teeth infested vines
Hiding, fingers meshed into the roots
Cowering, it can’t hide from a mind so sharp it wounds him
A disgusting entity , suffering.
Oozing, contorting to fit the eye of the beholder
Repulsive vines splutter bitter sap that once seemed so sweet to me
Yeah so this was some vent poetry, I think we’ve all unfortunately met someone like this. Any comments are much appreciated.
Evie G Oct 14
to be the girl in those adverts ,
A tragic line
to every gentle rib
I fetishise her fragile fingers
A monstrous beast reflected in the mirror, the worst possibility.

Tis poetic, there she stares
Says her lines; remaining fair,
Into my face, My acting is heavy handed and awkward
She’s a consumable reality,
She’s easy on the eyes
The fragile female,

We are a tragedy of ages, her Juliet, I Faustus
They silently boo while I slop onto the stage
A lazy slob,The **** of society, just don’t eat you fat ****. men like curvy girls We don’t want to see you, You’re so brave!  You’re the problem, it’s not hard hide your mass from view, unkempt, repulsive, vile. hide yourself it offends my sharp eyes.
I open my drooling mouth to speak, but there are chins smothering my mouth
My eyes clouded by greasy cellulite
I don’t want to exist like this.

So just stop eating.

I’d give an arm and a leg,
my pale teeth,
my parasitic possibility
my child
Hey, bit of a violent change from my last post but I wrote it a while ago. If you have any better title ideas or notes PLEASE COMMENT :)
Victoria Oct 8
You lie to yourself saying
"It'll get better"
But you're on the verge of crying
In the empty warmth of his sweater

You're jealous of the things he can do
But you know that deep down the problem is you

You think about the days
You wrote him thousands of letters
Of promises and hopes and dreams
Guess that you're a destined debtor

He says that he believes in you
But what am I supposed to do?
Artem Mars Sep 30
I'm scared you'll do something
I'm scared it's my fault
because I am a coward
and you are not
that scares me
a lot
you don't want to be your dad
but you don't see
I already am my dad
because he was my hero
but he's not a good person
I'm scared you will do something
and I think I know why
it's because of me
and all that I did
but if you look closer
I'm the only one that's bad
You told me you'd be fine
but it's kind of selfish
to leave the planet
and not care what it does to me
you think I'd be better
it would destroy me
I'll talk you down
I know it's not your fault
guess. just guess. :)
Spriha Kant Sep 21
Either vent out whatever is boiling inside you and extinguish that fire that is burning your soul and heart or keep quiet with deliveries of fake smiles and live your whole life as a pyre.
Choose wisely !
Just a motivational quote.....
NM Sep 18
The worst part about betrayal, is that it never comes from an enemy.

Wasn't sure how else to word this better, it just came from a painful place.
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