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Sh Sep 18
such a human emotion.

So quick am I to turn my back,
to close my eyes against the truth

So adamant that it must be wrong

it must

For if I am right I would have to face the consequences of something that is out of my control.

If denial is my first instinct, to claw my way out of the quicksand

then why,

when I came out,

did I never except denial from you?
ED Greene Sep 14
You poked your head through my curtains

And caused
the winds to stir

They sway instead of
hanging strait

And now the picture obscures

If you come in
my dreams spill out

But what a lovely view.
Harley Oliver Dec 2014
my skin & my flesh
all through my veins.
they tell me, let it out
so i do, but i can't
and i hide it
so no one sees
everybody knows
but nobody really knows
so i cover it up.
no swimming
never swimming
always drowning,
drowning in these
S O P H I E Sep 5
when i was a child
my father never checked the closet
i never asked him too
i knew what was hiding there
the secrecy and the skeletons i lay to rest
i kept it shut tightly
locked and sealed
like my mouth
never open long enough
for anyone to know what was going on inside
not even a locksmith could pry open
my closet doors
im gay lol
A mask that everyone could see
Something to hide behind
A “shield” for me

It stung like needles
Burned like a brand
This mask placed by a hollow hand

I could never be rid of it
Never just be free
For what would my family think of me

It took a push from someone
A helpful hand
To finally remove that burning brand

They helped me take off the mask
Saw what was inside
And accepted me as I sat there and cried

They gave me a space
A place to be free
Until I was able to finally be me

I went to see my family
Without the mask, in open air
I steeled myself to be prepared

But instead of yelling
Of bitter frost
I found that my hope was not lost

I met with acceptance
Knowing care
A hearth’s warmth and gentle air

One day I left the mask behind
Not just for that day, but for all time
The burning brand, the stinging mark
Left in that closet in the dark
I wrote this about my experience coming out as well as the dysphoria I experienced (and still do experience). I've been out for a few years now, but I wanted to write this. This is my first published poem on here. I hope that you all enjoy.
blackbiird Aug 4

Even a tortured soul
needs a place to cry.
I’m so glad
That you’re my

R Amber Jun 30
i spend the afternoon, gently
weaving a conversation
about myself into
the hands of my mother
who shoos me away, leaving,
going, turning away after
i ask her,
"how would you react
if i were gay?"
and i am gay

and well, there could have been
worse outcomes, an aftermath
that could have broken me
but the silence
was deafening
and i could not cover my ears
but my mouth was zipped
shut, no words; and my mom
threw away the key

we let the night
pass by like a ghost
and the next day, the sun
was rebirthed; my mom
slips me the key
to my mouth
and i unzip it
but it continues
to be silent
with my voice kept unheard
Livin’ like harry potter,
In the closet I hide wishing everything was better.
Love wins they say,
But why do I see people killed every day?
Humanity I need you now,
Accept the people who are giving vows
To the one they love and so proud about,
Because acceptance is all their heart shouts
Now, I stand with pride with the colors in my heart,
With my family and friends that’s with me since the start.
to my 13 yrs old self who wrote this, im 17 now and openly gay. it was hard at first tbh. a lot of obstacle got in my way before reaching where i am now, a lot of opportunities were taken away from me because of my homophobic teachers but im okay. youre a month a few weeks from starting college and pursuing a girl youve love since you were 12. you did well, i did well
Chiquita Jun 4
lavender has always been just that - lavender.


I met her.

lavender is stealing is kisses in the kitchen,
nosey neighbours peering over,
two souls, simply smitten.
lavender is sneaking glances across the crowd,
spotting her smile - seventh heaven, standing on a cloud.
lavender is nerves getting the best of you,
but feelings you’re willing to push through.
lavender is being shy,
‘stay a while longer, don’t say bye’.
lavender is laughing out of your stomach,
wanting to show her off in public.
lavender is melting with each message,
slipping away from the world for just a few seconds.
lavender is a racing heartbeat when she lays on your chest,
then contentment, as your jumping heart takes a rest.
lavender is forever looking at her lips,
mind filled with thoughts about dancing with her, hands around her hips.

I met her.


lavender is accepted in every garden,
I will keep my lavender hidden.

lavender will always be just that - lavender.
I recently came out. I met an amazing girl. My life will be forever changed.
Why do you care so much are you gay?
A question I remember often being asked.
How illogical it is to assume your child
will be anything other than straight,
to be raised on the belief that other
was either a phase or a sin.
Maybe I just care about people as human beings -
or maybe there was something more to it.
How wrong it felt to push my sexuality in a corner
and pretend it did not exist.

Once I pushed past that,
the feeling was surreal.
Finally embracing your true self
is a feeling you never forget.
I did not choose this;
To fall in love with words, personalities, feelings,
never confined to gender,
but I have accepted it.
That is what is most liberating.
I feel free.
~ I.M
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