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Although I am always cold
Maybe I have burdened my self...
With too much linen to wear and carry?
Although it brings my warmth, it is slowly suffocating me...
Last night,
I saw rows of men
Sat circling around you
Innocent and harmless victims
Lack of wisdom, blinded by fake persona
Exchanging ideas?
I guess not,
You keep feeding them lies
Brainwashed them
Way beyond anything I can comprehend
I don't have time to engange in repeated version
same game anyway

Used to call you my mentor.
But many little birds opened my eyes
You're only a poser
Pretends to be outwardly postive

I remember, one time you said
"Who are you? You're nothing compared to me. Don't you know who I am?"
Agony, messed me up
But I wiped my tear-stained cheeks
Oh boy, I knew it from the entire island

You are a…
Sneaky manipulator
Convincing predator
Self-interested individual
Drown in superiority dellusion
Sympathy collector
Thoughts saboteur
Sweet nothing

Wolf Racoon in sheep’s clothing
A wolf would be overly good
Smelly rotten soul
Well-oiled word
From a poisonous tounge

True self always revealed
Once you get closer to them
Others might not know & fell for your fake persona
I sit and wonder why he does it
Regardless of the reason
Clearly you aren’t ashamed

You're nothing but a
Disgushting racoon in sheep’s clothing.
120519 | 2 PM |A's kost sidakarya

semalam dia muncul dengan taringnya dn aku malas berinteraksi dengannya.
Darryl M May 8
Before I met you,
I used to have the Great Wall.
But around you, all my walls are Jericho.
They come tumbling down.
It’s a pity, coz I’m standing on the peak of the wall.
But now I’m falling for you.

Hugging you is like letting the genie out of the magic lamp.
I always have three wishes after the hug;
To Love you forever,
To Keep you forever,
And to be kept by your heart forever.

If love was a clothing,
You’d look good in it.
Makeup made in love looks good on you.
Neither vibrant nor pastel;
Dull nor neon;
It never does seem
To work with the fabrics I wear

Colors, dearly loved and undiscovered
Drape, fit, and paint onto us
they are selfish

I belong to color

I recognize what I cannot improve,
because I love what could not be

I judge what follows through
because I hate what can improve,

Despite all these colors,
that have conditioned me
I cherish what I need
Despite the impermanence,
of what I want
The boy with the green henley, I’m in lust
And I must tell this story of the first day.
The beaming sun, the grass full of distrust
That first day was perfect and all of play -
Leaning over each other, talking of class
And of past fancies, our favorite candies
And we both know who has the roundest ***
I put on a little Daft Punk, dancies
Together - while, the sun left for the moon,
darkening the sky, pulling the two of
Us - with dinner and a second date soon
The two of us, snug as an older glove.
Closer now, the boy with the laugh like bells -
He won’t ever give me visions of all of the hells.
Ian Mar 6
Walking through the store,
Surrounded by racks of other lived world's,
Given to be shared with someone else,
My hands brushing across jackets and shoes,
Feeling where someone tripped,
Or where a moth found it's way.

My thoughts meander to my own world,
The scuffs decorating my shoes,
The fraying strings of this jacket,
The torn pocket of these jeans,
All part of me here, and wondering,
Just how much you'd see of me in them.

I'm passing the time all the while,
My search idling between,
The articles of lives, and the ones moving around me,
Waiting for the certain one that led me here,
Leaving me to fend alone for just a moment,
A slight grin my only clue to run on.

Wandering back down, my mind was a flutter,
Before me, radiant and glowing,
The magnificence of your presence
Breathing a whole new meaning,
To a prismatic dress,
And a perfect black jacket,
Captured so brilliantly,
In my enamored mind.
Floor Feb 15
Lacking the feeling of empathy I walk amongst the pavement.
They told me sad was the word I had to put on, but I chose a different dress. Now I can feel how itchy the fabric is and I regret my choice. It never was my choice in the first place, I remembered. The dress restricts me and makes me feel numb, it turns my vision blurry and my body invisible. The sleeves tickle my arms and leave thin red marks where it touches my skin. I wish I could pull new jeans out of my closet, and leave the dress on the floor for once.
Stark Oct 2018
i have this jacket of yours

weathered and worn

from those memories we shared

from your life before mine

a reminder of

the winds of fall

leaves fluttering down

in a cascade of withering color

a reminder of

the snow days

where the light flakes melted on your tongue

on this jacket

a reminder of the spring

with hail punctuated with sun

nature tormenting us

with her turbulent emotions

a reminder of

the blazing heat that tore

through the atmosphere

burning everyone, including the jacket off your back

and lastly,

the jacket holds you

what remains of you

in its stretched seams,

broken zippers,

and empty pockets

in this jacket holds-

my love for you
Van Byrde Oct 2018
Her heel is adorned with rubies
her temple with sapphires
her calf is painted in gold
and her glorious thighs in kohl

The curve of her hip is tucked in lapis
the swell of her breast is caressed by jade
skin so rich she shines like onyx
eyes so warm she can make a man

This is all she wears
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