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Once upon a time a long time ago in a land where no dreams were ever invoked.
A story teller and the wondrous in his mind was revealed as he finally spoke.
It all started when his face melted into his pillow and his body sunk deeply inside his bed.
He couldn't tell what was real or simply just a fantasy stuck inside his head.
Awakened in a land where anything and everything was possible.
The scenery was breath-taking and undeniable.
The beauty of it's landscape just blew his mind away.
So many profound words yet to describe that he needed to express and say.
He felt his body melting and dissolving and mixing and shifting into All four elements.
Earth into the solid state, water to liquid, air to gaseous and fire to plasma.
Molded and shaped he was Created into his best state, into a beautiful white diamond that never looked any brighter.
He had finally reached the endless points of creation.
Like traveling from every distant constellation.
A star that burned so bright yet a supernova just passing by.
The air was heavy to breathe he felt like his lungs were weak.
Like Inhaling fire yet exhaling desire. Now inspired by the way that his mind is wired.
The gravity was exhilarating and stuck in an unbalanced place.
His body just floated slowly in the midst of the night's air.
The moon light illuminated a fountain of life.
He wasn't too sure if he was ready enough to make a sacrifice.
Drink away or pretend and just lay there and stay.
He took a sip as the cold liquid touched the tip of his lips.
Now at last, Awakened from a bizarre dream. Present, future or past.
Just a beautiful Light that beamed gleamed and screamed in the darkest stream that lasts.
Black and white palette
Stringing words, pearls of wisdom
Bejewelled poetry
Justin Dec 2018

Like I’m trapped in a dream
Nothing is as it may seem

Floating though this illusion some call life
Trying our best to avoid strife

Ignoring the chaos
Lurking beneath the surface

Mindlessly slipping out of reality
Deep, deep into insanity
Bansi Adroja Dec 2018
It's odd how much people change
old friends from childhood
feel like strangers
and you wonder
whatever happened to them

I have changed too
detached from myself in a way
it's almost uncomfortable
not feeling like me
like a dreamscape
it is almost somewhere safe
A Poem a Day: Disassociation 101
Hunter Green Oct 2018
Is there a difference between being anxious and being careful,
The fear of not taking caution, when all you’ve taken in the past is lost in sin.
My streams of encouragement aren’t running dry, but they seem to be damming up at my mind.
You can’t understand the weight these feathers have on my heart,
Your scales work in reality,
Mine float along in a dreamscape endless fantasy,
Pulled down at one end where I see all future of peace and perfection.
All I can see is the undefined, the forgotten in time, only mine.
Help me drown and wake up back here, I won’t get far up here, looking for my dreamt of dear, all I need is one good hear,
Listening to your whispers of truth.
Helena Jun 2018
The flat pasture was disturbed by a dip
A markèd groove in its dark, mossy surface
I tipped my head over the hole, inching gradually towards the centre
Smooth and immaculate
The water served as a perfect mirror; my face against the dusky sky
I squinted into its inky eyes, searching for familiarity
But curiosity got the better of me
And I fell.

The initial contact was the worst:
A shock of cold slapped my face and I saw nothing
But an ominous blur of dappled green light
The heavy water pushed me further – down, down –
To uncertain depths
Movement stung my skin, so I decided to freeze.

Unconsciously I drifted to the mouth again
And shot up
Spluttering and gasping; the air was damp and heavy
Pathetic and sopping, I crawled out and sat beside the edge
The sky had darkened a little
Though there were still enough streaks of blue for the pool to reflect back at me
Pure as before
I tried to emulate this static perfection
But drops and tears ran down my body in a restless stream
And I couldn’t control it.
I don’t considered this to be finished and would like to edit it further. I want it to flow nicely and I feel the phrasing is a little clunky in parts. All suggestions/comments for improvement welcome.
Indyloto May 2017
Siamo già
dentro i sogni
che non sappiamo vivere
Star BG May 2017
Creative enhanced blood cells move within
as I harvest kind words.
They enter the mind to explode
expanding, blooming,
tickling senses to write.

The moon is lit to enhance as
well the sun with its rays bright.
And when it rains moisture touches skin
to anoint cells with boost bringing forth words.

Words to enrich and inspire others
All in the day of a poet.
A poet, who flies in dreamscape fantasies.

StarBG © 2017
Star BG May 2017
If perhaps we meet
upon road of my dreamscape reality,
I will be the one with feather in hat,
and candle in heart.
The one who sings with birds,
and radiates sun.
The one who looks into your eyes
to smile at the beauty I see there.
The one who whispers a poetic love song,
as wind encircles day.
If perhaps we meet
on the rainbow highway of life,
I shall reach out hand
and smile widely,
Smile, giggle, laugh whole heartily,
as we move on the carousel of life,
inside love, peace,
and harmony.

StarBG © 2017
inspired by LADY RF
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