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Sam Jan 21
I lurk outside the syndicate
roaming it's vast walls
I wish to be apart
yet, I remain feral at heart
I crave the attention those  who lay within
those who pick their flowers
who sing in their choirs

I yearn so deeply to belong
but found myself
running with the wolves
howling at the moon

The lost children
forsaken at the gate
we found a place our own
under the starlight

Prancing in forests
chasing mountaintops
we are together
we are whole
two indigo eyes Oct 2018
You say i'll never be secure
I'll always be the one jealous of her.
I think she's just who you'd prefer.
You only see skin color. I'm pale and thinner.
Maybe if I was thicker, hair was longer,
You wouldn't long for her.
Or have me thinking im mediocre and crying all October.
I was hoping our memories would hold you over.
It's my birthday, no reason to stay sober.
Try to remember me before
I made mistakes, i just wanted to explore.
I got ahead of myself, i wandered too far.
Fell from a cliff tryin to get my **** licked.
Lost my inocence, then got lost in your forest.
Wanted to climb sequoias, now all I gots a toothpick,
and kindling, but I cant keep our flame lit.
so my hearts ripped and my minds split.
Do I choose love, do I choose happiness?
Do I walk away? i wont hear the end of it
My heart knows what my mind dont admit.
I could drive myself crazy, loosing my whits.
So i walk slow follow the signals, see it from your angle, stare out my window, watch the smoke flow.
I never wanna see you go as easily as this wind blows my clouds low, away from my home.
Try to grasp it, but it slips through my hold.
Always felt like you broke the mold.
Everyone before you was placebo, you were my libido.
Turned me into a loving creature, instead of who I am now, feral with fever. ******* for leisure, smoking until I cant see clear.
Wish I could go back to who you knew last year.
Blade Maiden Sep 2018
The wolves are hungry tonight
and so is she
her heart does know no fright
with her pack she longs to be

Under the bloodmoon
see her limbs grow
her feral body is to swoon
turning wolf into lady from head to toe

Her brothers and sisters sharp teethed
running with the winds of winter
in this cold and star-bright night they will feast
blood smearings in the snow look just like cinder

Hear her song howling through the air
all ice melts underneath her fiery feet
as they catch and bite and tear
lucky ones see her eyes before their demise they meet

'Tis the night of the hunt
benighted men will not run
shouting "Begone! Animal! ****!"
happily she devours them, flayed bodies in the morning sun

She's always lurking, ******* for your smell
Dripping wet her mouth with the juice of life
no one lived for the story to tell
of the wolf woman, dark wood's feral wife
Serena M Jun 2018
She is frost-bitten newborn kitten
Left out in the cold
Mother rescued, but euthanized
‘Cause she was just “a little too old”
These violent mishappenings occur

Will she be found, drowned, sold?
Will we let her die out if the cold?
She is the swift foxes prey
Dear God, please let us pray

Lost kitten, be warm tonight
Lost kitten, sense the danger
and know when to take flight

She has become feral and the man does not understand her
Will she ever know how it feels to purr?

Counting down, 9 lives
8, 7, 6
A narrow escape on the highway
A miracle occurs in the cold light of day

Coaxed tenderly by a gentle soul
Now she lives in the warm barn and sleeps with the foal
Her name is Cleo

I believe in gentle souls
They help me sleep at night
I cannot save this world alone
I am too weak to fight

I am Cleo
But God, please tell me
When I look into the headlights
Will it save me
or will it end me?

And will there ever be a warm place waiting for me?

“Cradle me in your arms
I won’t bite you if I know I am safe from harm.”

Someday, I will adopt Cleo’s one-eyed brother
I’ll ****** him softly as he purrs to sleep,
I will be his mother
Sadman Apr 2018
Thinking in the wild is not mild.

You live by securing water.
You live by securing fire.
You live by making traps.
You live by making stockpiles.
You live by killing predators.
You live by killing prey.
You live by checking details.
You live by checking instincts.
You live by using trust.
You live by using betrayal.
You live by killing pests.
You live by killing rabid pets.

No abandoned child ever smiled.

You live alone. You live shunned.
You live in pain. You live in shame.
You live. You eat. You drink. You survive.
Every day spent even when sick, or hurt,
Or hungry, or thirsty, or cold, or hot.
When you’re alone, what’s left to celebrate?
What’s left in your mind?
What’s being feral like?
Brigitta Cuadros Jan 2018
I love, therefore you are,
I fight, therefore I am!
Drifting back to the ocean
like it never even happened
unraveled dreams washed clean
crystalline renaissance bestowed    
by wind mountain spring waters
rising from the heart
of mother earth

A remnant light glows deeply
of one love's untamed wonders
an unfastened feather glides abandoned
rushing waters floating
alighting pilgrim blissfully sails on
stranded without wings
a fallen wild feather free as bird
wanting a place to be let free

Sun in the summer air
wind in buoyant feathered hair
softly dancing upon
wild river restless ripples
to feel the love of holding on
adrift asunder whence it touched on
destiny's far-reaching
journey yonder
holding onto flowing rivers
rolling towards the sea

The incoming tidal waters blossom
surge to greet wind river's gentle saunter
converging slackening passage
salt on feral feathered fragments
arousing currents babbling swirl
imbibed by the impassioned sea

Wild rivers' born intentions
a different kind of drifting passage
to kiss the distant horizon
where the sown sunlight settles
submerged in shoreless ocean waters
    to be free all at sea at last

someone you used to know  2017
Celeste Briefs Aug 2017
Deep within the core of Earth
Night slithers and writhes
Like a snake in the desert
Landscape of your freedom
The star-studded blanket
I dare not call you 'cat'
For there are too few letters
To spell out your spell-bound beauty

Born of the darkness you bring to my eyes
Silent surveyor, so sleek and fragile
A warrior stokes the fire in your heart
O mistress of invisibility
Moonbeam sparkles in your eyes
A flash
You leap like you have wings
I feel you watching me
As I walk down the street
Musical entity
Your familiar spirit comforts me

Ah rough-loving spirit of independence
I do believe you are the ancestor
Of star-gazing,
dream-dwelling children
You fill your own desires
And those of the poet's heart
For she wishes to praise you
In all your glory
Wild and feral at heart
a simple ode to my favorite spirit-animal, The Cat. this one goes out to my sweet, softy baby-girl, Leina, who is my best friend and little sister. I love you!
Celeste Briefs Aug 2017
Feeling its texture
Brush against my heart
Seek out the unbelievable
As I tear myself apart

A sense of something distant
Yet so close I can feel it
A taste for fiercest vision
Hear the howling of my wild kin

I feel wild tonight
Untethered soul takes flight
Much too fast to catch
Far too strong to fight
A touch of fear
In my feral blood
Begins to lil so barbarically
So unnatural it's natural

Seeing its reflection
In the shadows of my eyes
Eaten up by forgotten fascinations
Resurrected recollections
Hide behind my hindsight

A sense of something bitter
Yet too sweet to spit out
Cold breath reaches out for insanity
Wild goddesses begin to shout
The most intoxicating hurricane
A most chaotic recipe

I rage against the ancient storm
Fall like rain upon the soil
The passion in my heart so warm
It's beating ignites the frozen world

I feel wild tonight
Untethered soul takes flight
Much too fast to catch
Far too strong to fight
Trees feed me
The milk of their roots
I do not believe
In any other food

I am wild forever
Forever I am free
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