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Feb 2017 · 533
Birdy in a cage.
Acuriousnature Feb 2017
If you're telling me that I'm just running away,
It's just all the more reason for me to go.
This poem-> basic lazy effortless heartless.
But. It's allmyeffort. Buried beneath the surface.

"If it comes back, that's when you'll know."
Acuriousnature Aug 2016
Ay, mine eyes be such, the great admirer

Taking your words to heart?
Though, understanding them?

I believe i have a skewed view of the true layers hidden beneath the rows upon rows of your starlight garden.
I am but a bird above your garden, admiring the upper beauty shone brightly  in the starlight.
I have but the faintest clue about the memories and experiences that root so deeply into your poems,
Nor the meanings behind the words that hold the earth so tenderly.
Ay, mine eyes be such, the great admirer
But as the greatest trees stand tall in their royal crowning,  their historic roots support them whole heartedly, with their focus all upon the lifting of the grand finale.
Deeply do your roots reach down into thine heart. And deeply so.
For how can one reach the stars without a strong story below?
Ay, mine eyes be such, the great admirer.

I cannot be so bold as to claim to know what each poem means, for that would be to have lived in your story with each passing breath.
Nay, i can only express the emotions that these words give me in relation to mine own,
curiousity, like flower garden, grown.
Ay, mine eyes be such, the great admirer
My homage to a poet that to this day I still admire. May their life be filled with joy.

Another old poem recovered through the annals of time
Acuriousnature Aug 2016
Blithering blather of bothering biting bothers that botherly blather their blantant blatherings of bumbling bemusings brought by bringing blue berries back by blue babaoons bumping beehives behind bubba bears big buggy before biggoted bums braving boorish battles
Just something I wrote a few years back. Time for some retro posts!
Apr 2016 · 410
A letter to the past
Acuriousnature Apr 2016
I wish for you to find someone, one to erase me from your heart while planting a garden over your wounds and be the house for your heart thoughout the storms.

Forgive me.

Thank you.

Apr 2016 · 405
One April day
Acuriousnature Apr 2016
And as I watched the
April snow, a Phantom wind
You letting me go
That's all I have to say
Apr 2016 · 754
Resonant discord
Acuriousnature Apr 2016
You write another poem,
You sing another song,
You found another lover,
The feelings were so strong

It's harmony! It's melody! (No!)
I feel it isn't long
Before the strike of midnight fright
The lyrics were all wrong
Ahh! ^_^ back to my favourite rhythms agains <3 let's get the beat back <3
Apr 2016 · 554
Rhyme work.
Acuriousnature Apr 2016
New .year same .me,
Though I'm .changing gradua.lly,
Tryna .reachhh, of the .man I'm s'posed to .be,
Be the .best, better .than rest,
.get this off my .chest
Be the .dime not the .penny cuz I ain't. get any where.
cause you're there. and I'm here.
and it's me fear I'm crying tears drinking cheers.~ them up but not me. I be me, that's it quite honestly.
Trying out an off beat tempo. No clue where I'm going with this. Just praying I can write until I'm where I wanna be again
Apr 2016 · 519
Dining on dreams
Acuriousnature Apr 2016
I dreamed of us again.
The table you set down, the candles you lit, that silly little frown, when you said not to spit.

I dreamed of us again.
The  music in the air, the scent of bulalo, how I played with your hair, "welcome home mahal ko."

I dreamed of us again.
The scent of you lingers,
Your skin soft and fair,
With a brush of my fingers,
I swear that you're there.

I dreamed of us again.
With your eyes shining bright,
As we look upon stars,
I remember our fights,
As love turned into wars.
Quick practice sketching. Inspired by dinner for two by another hello poetry artist ~~~ Ysa Pa. I hope you don't mind my roughly done work.
Apr 2016 · 506
{The End?}
Acuriousnature Apr 2016
And on the headstone where I watched out love die:


Is there really no goodbye?
Apr 2016 · 534
It's here to stay
Acuriousnature Apr 2016




Again for
A little obsessed with acrostics lately. I can't write well so it focuses me... Kinda ehe.
Apr 2016 · 653
Acuriousnature Apr 2016
Why burn bridges
When you can destroy worlds?
A beautiful destruction,
Skin against skin,
Lips crushed together,
Hands in each other's hair,
Screaming, crying,
Love and hate flying,
Emotions slamming together,
Falling apart,
Till the very end.
This love was always my hurricane,
But in the eye of the storm,
I remember,
I can't every put it into words anymore. Peace, balance,  it's all I want now.
Apr 2016 · 716
Acuriousnature Apr 2016
I Romanticize
And visualize
The Real eyes  
Full of Despise
So Dramatized yet
Can't Realize the  
Real Lies so quick
Disguised by
Their Improvised
Alibis that will arise
When ice flame dies
baptized by
Unholy flies now
Desensitized by  
So blessed by those
Bedeviled Snake eyes
That traumatize,  
Yet tantalize my soul
And likewise,
These ****** skies
Sorrowed demise,
Was brought upon by  
White lies.
Now tainting lives,  
Once colorized,
so grey.
Your eyes.

Beloved Reprise
Oh how I love these tragic romances <3
Apr 2016 · 947
{Our world together}
Acuriousnature Apr 2016
If I am the water,
and you are the land,
then we, sweetly,
shall meet upon sand.
Where water seeps into the land
and where land embraces the water. Each within there freedoms
to come and go.  

Wrote this one a while back but never got around to posting her here :)
Apr 2016 · 361
A Poets wish
Acuriousnature Apr 2016
To kiss the hearts of strangers truly,

Without being so rude, unruly,

Wishing stars so brightly shining,
Lead us to our silver linings,

Dreams lining our hearts with clouds on which our dreary eyes do rest,
With sore behinds and tired minds, we know we've tried our best, so rest upon the nest of dreams that free us from this test of time.

Time, a penny for your thoughts, for your dreams I'll pay a dime, with you it feels sublime to sweeten moment with your memory, think not about what used to be, but back upon our history.

His-story, a story told across the seas inside our dream, our conflict ceased, we are one team.

Strangers, friends. To this there is no end to the joy we share within one spoken letter, between the you and me, each one no better
A stranger texted me once and requested me a poem and I tried one out of thin air :)
Acuriousnature Apr 2016
Retar Puso "white" plus "heart"
Aeoprrstu - alphabetical order
Par es tu or - "pairs to err?"
Pears Tour - "pairs to err"

Hmm .....
White Heart Pears Tour?

Wild Heart Plus Two
Wild Hearts Pair Together
Windows Hold Painful Tremors
Wandering Hearts Pave Trails
Wherever Heart Pains Travel
Whoever Hurts, Push Through
Whirling Havoc, Peaceful Tornado
Whispering Havoc, Peaceful Times
With Her Pieces Together
Watching Human Populations Thriving
With Hunger People Thirst
With Hope People Try
Withdraw Here, Petty Thieves
Wonderful Horses, Ponies Too
Wishes Have Ponderous Thoughts,
Words Hold Power There
Words Hold Precious Things
With Hate People "Thu-ffer"

Haha okay so I'm messing around but this is so much fun!

Wondering How People Think
With Hubris Princes Topple
With Haste Poor Tidings
Work Hard, Plentiful Tidings
Wanted, Humble Proper Teachings
Warped Hatred Produces Terror
Working Hands Produce Treasures
Worried hesitations produce Trepidations?
Wave Hello Pretty Thing
Where's Harry Potters Trunk
Not so much poetry as a creativity bomb free free to add on in the comments ^_^. I don't even know where this started anymore. But I got fascinated with the wordplay as I dawdled
Apr 2016 · 394
Late (4w)
Acuriousnature Apr 2016
(L)ong (A)fter ,

                     (T)he (E)nd
This one, sigh. So many ways that this one reaches into me. And the more I linger on it, the more I'm swept away under waves of emotions filled with memory and melodies both joyful and sorrowful
Apr 2016 · 377
Hope (4w)
Acuriousnature Apr 2016
This one never fails to bring a warm feeling to my heart, even on a bad day.
Apr 2016 · 575
Fear (4w)
Acuriousnature Apr 2016
First in a series of four word poems
Apr 2016 · 20.3k
{Crush Soda}
Acuriousnature Apr 2016

How bubbly I feel whenever you're around me <3
Apr 2016 · 12.8k
{I'll always be your flirt}
Acuriousnature Apr 2016
Why? Simply that,
Somedays, It's just so

Than being

I'll be honest with my feelings. Just, I'll be flirty about it, so maybe it won't hurt so much when you say no. I'll just laugh it off and continue being your favourite flirt
Sep 2015 · 411
{Winter's Eternal Song}
Acuriousnature Sep 2015
Tonight the snow falls again like the cold within my heart
All hopes of spring gently washed away under Winter's Fall
The cold, soothing, seething
The Healing reigns of spring, now stains my heart,
My tears river, in time reborn.
This whirling landscape screaming out my broken serenade to the ghost that I once knew,
Before me, Before you . . .
My heart within winter's clutches even as my hand grasps towards it's rebirth into spring,
The searing winds and the numbing cold,
Pain and comfort both.
yes I know not everyone is ready for the snow but I can't help it ^_^ hope you enjoy
Acuriousnature Jan 2015
Joy to the world,
Oh, Happiness is dead
A lie sold to the people.
The devil that they've bed,
An evil ploy, material toys,
Replacing Joy instead
just a mini piece that i'd written, with plan for completion later on. i'm not sure where to take it next and the words haven't told me where they wanna go just yet. hope you enjoy the appetizer
Acuriousnature Dec 2014
To see angels crying and stressing over how low they are compared to the gods of perfections.

I curse their vile words, their cruel vanity.
Then to threaten suicide? (Not you, others)
How about us down buried in this **** hole down below.
Do we have no hope too?
**** That!
Just because we are beneath those blessed wings doesn't mean that we should totally give up if even the angels can't fly.
I have my own wings!
I will fly again!
I will never die like this!

How vicious a blow to receive from those with power.
Be humble but do not belittle the ones who look up towards your glory.
Give thanks for your blessings. Even in your shortcomings why must you curse those above you.
Look Below.
We live There.
We dream of living where you are right now.
Don't look back with regrets,
  we have been through worse.
Don't believe me? We have scars to prove it.

So Fly!
Be of your wings.
Be Free.

I fly with one wing.
And I am honoured to see the sky.

I am Wind
If i have offended anyone, i apologize in advance.

this was an on the spot rant i made to a friend about people who were in positions less difficult than mine yet falling just as much as i was and with more despair. to be critical and encouraging at the same time.. my difficulty in expressing both is my ever growing personality. evolving through my own life experiences as well as the experiences of others.
Acuriousnature Dec 2014
Wait. What was I talking about? I hear such strange things. Such disturbing thoughts.

How relaxing.

Ahh yes, i was relaxing in my lounge chair.

How Frustrating.
I Misplaced my ideas in the depth of my kind.

Yes I do believe I am such a person to bestow kindness towards others.
Though I Haven't the clue the sorts of.

Wait. This wasn't what i was speaking of earlier.

Infuriated i should be had not my curiousity been aroused awoken.
My friend the call to attention has spoken.
Seek to find it's end by all ends you may enlighten.

Be Frightened?
Nay, Tis but a play for play is for the youth of all, be stick or stones or colored ball. At the ball awaits the guests. You guessed it. The Royal Tea of Royalty for Royal tea for three today. Some tea for three at play..
Though I haven't a clue the sorts of...

Repeat again now.
Hey. . . Please stay.
Was this the topic?  Nay.
For Shame.
I speak of you my dame. 'Tis ye beckoned my name.
Come join my fun and game. Only yourself to blame.
No worries now. I'm tame.
From wind I am it's flame
Haven't a clue the sorts of...
Dec 2014 · 941
{Moonlight Wishes}
Acuriousnature Dec 2014
Why make wishes to the stars at night?
Your wish shall take forever love.
Send your dreams to the sun above,
  that bathes warmth strong and bright.
That sooner you may pleasures take.
From desires in you, make.
It's been a while since i've posted here no? :)
Acuriousnature Aug 2014
Good Morning, My Sweetheart,
Good Morning, to Thee,
Oh yes, Quite a,
Beautiful Morning, it be.
This Morning,
Your Love Letter,
Came unto Me.

My heart set ablaze,
Not with passionate fire.
But filled with the light,
Of hope and desire.

With your distant light,
4 years shone down to me.
Without hope, chance, (or) encouragement,
You still believed in me.

I gave you not a word,
No glimmer, no spark.
No hope (that) I'd return (to you),
With love in my heart.

You look at me now,
A gentle heart broken.
But you stay me gently,
Your true heart has spoken.

A powerful love,
Without lusting desires.
A sweet lullaby,
Without passion filled fires.

For lust and for passion,
These things have their place.
Not here and not now,
Not this sacred place.
I dare not destroy but,
This gift of God's grace.
Lest my actions, destroy,
The glow of thy face.

To send me a love,
Who Loved (me) from afar.
Your heavenly light,
Shining down, like a star.

So distant you were,
I felt your warmth not.
(But) you guided my way,
Gave me refuge, (that) I sought.

My heart is still shattered,
From memories before.
Just wait for my love,
Just a little bit more.

I know, that my heart,
yearns to love, and to care,
For someone so special,
Tender, Loving, There.
A little piece I made. The joy is so young and childish. :) how sweetly innocence flourishes
Aug 2014 · 279
Distances between us
Acuriousnature Aug 2014
Wish remain wishes.
stars are just the past.
Dreams are just for make believe.
Some good things never last
Acuriousnature Aug 2014
For these bonded ties,
our lifelines of love.
Keeping us 'float
'bove the troubled waters.
Our bridge we crossed
together for each other.
In separating truly
the oceans are skies.
No long am I floating among the stars
but falling and drowning in this sloshing heir.
It seems my kingdom come
has fallen in the future.
A future different
than we live now

My course once steady
as I tagged along with you
now goes with the flow
unknown to me.
The pattern of these stars
foreign to me.
My eyes deceived,
blinded to sea.
Sealed my fate to be,

Unable to follow
where you may go.
Lest you deny me so.
No waves to tell me
your waters flow.
This stagnant water
reeking of the innocent blood.
Never leaving.
The wind beneath my bloodied sail, has left me 'neath it's silent veil.
No longer does it sing your lullaby to me. All that's left is the ghostly lull.
A bye.
A bit of spouting. Emotional release.
Aug 2014 · 629
Cotton ball wishes
Acuriousnature Aug 2014
Talking to you gets my worries away
You make it
So easy (to put)
My head
On the hay

With cotton ball wishes
Our poems we play
Each other a birdsong
To dreamland, away!
Short little piece
Aug 2014 · 1.3k
{The romance of Pusong Bato}
Acuriousnature Aug 2014
And beneath all the lies, is where I lie for laying down my truths beneath the gold of lies like a swarm of flies covering the bodies of the truth. Turning away all who would reach the glorious truth of me. Lies that grow to hide from what you see is a better side to me, the best that I can be, I have not two sides but three. One part shared 'tween you and me. This I tell you honestly.

And yet to be free like a diamond from the dirt wiped cleaned of all my hurts around my heart. My heart may be stone but I tell you I'm a beauty. Don't throw me away, polish me, and then you'll see. The crude form before you it craves to be seen. Unruly, barbaric, yet hidden, my gleam. Take me now gently, wash me down by the the stream,
Cut down the grime and look to my dream,
Cut through to my heart, all is not what it's seems.
A diamond I am yet I yearn to be fire, emblazoned by your light, you gave me my desire
The name can be read in English and Tagalog (Filipino)

Stone hearted people have their own feelings and desires too.
Aug 2014 · 368
{Stay, My heart}
Acuriousnature Aug 2014
Oh cruelest teacher
My starlight maiden
My mortal heart trembles in your presences and longs for you with omniscient prose
Be it passion or lust my desires lay here. Love?
Aye, love it be.
For how now my muse sits by my side. Songs of glory and rain. Her melody cools down my heart,
through harmony, my pain

Stay me awhile more
Stay me here I pray
That you may ease  
disturb-ed heart
my whispered requiem
Aug 2014 · 4.1k
Food for the camel
Acuriousnature Aug 2014
Meal is still lame like an injured camel. For lame are  the camels name Amel and Elma and Emal and Lema.
For all these are blind to their danger, their gamble
But truly I tell but one camel is lame
Now I beg ye fair maiden please tell me it's name?
It started as a poem that became a riddle :3. If you'd like, please comment which camel you think isn't lame ^_^
Aug 2014 · 607
{Little night crazies}
Acuriousnature Aug 2014
For phone foes of pho are the best. Their blood is the drink of the birds in the nest.
The blood hungry villains dig deep in the ground
Digging much faster than any ole hound
These birds on the wing are quite strong so it seems
Their thirst for the living is shown in their gleam
The dead are forgotten
Dirt covers their bed
Their bodies are rotten
So why are they REaD.
I wasn't sure what the word *phone* was supposed to be but I could decipher the original word
Aug 2014 · 450
{Under the starlight touch}
Acuriousnature Aug 2014
Spin with me. In circles
and spiral. Take this raw
emotion and spin them
through your spindle of
stories. Each string thing
lingering upon your fingers
like a spiders silk.
Emotions raw
Now singled out and wound together. Each emotion trailing into a single thread.

By you gentle hand you tie
my heart through the
needles eye.

Your Eye for me expertly
manipulating me to see the dreamscapes of my heart
So that I may see my
beauty reflected in your
refine(ed) spool.
Unwinding my twisted
cords. Singing to my like a
snake charmer.

Under your feathered
touch and soothing
I cannot resist you
Without hitch
With every stitch
There's not
One knot
Not a knot
For naught of simple
adoration for you
A recent piece made with the inspiration of a fellow poet dear to me
Aug 2014 · 507
{State of recovery}
Acuriousnature Aug 2014
Stay down soldier.
Don't wake up again
Stay here inside your mind again.
Your heart's under attack again.

It's safer in your dreams my friend
Don't dream of you and her my friend
Don't dream about the bitter end
Just dream of something else right now and lend.

Your thoughts
To work that you've still to do
To family, friends, your puppy too
Don't think about your love true
The color of your hearts not blue

It's RED.
This Love's not dead
She's in your head
Just lead
There by by yourself instead
Leaving you with the chilling dread

Be Strong.
In this you can't be wrong
To sing the song
Of love gone wrong
Of love that lasted 4 years long
You lost the place that you belong

Move on
Go forth and don't look back
Accept the past and let it last
But stay on this old track
Don't let the demons stack
The odds against your soul under attack
They seize your soul, a snack

This is a simple test
No answer is the best
Inside this meaningless quest
Beat upon you breast
In vain your heart distressed
It's pieces a mess
You dress
Your heart upon it's nest
Without it's buggered pest

Pestering perishing
That's the thing
That horrid ring
Preventing you
Who claims to sing
The song itself is glorying
The brutal heart's devouring
By devils with their pointed sting

By day you rule with smiles so bright
By night night you cry till mornings light
And yet your heart and mind still fight
Believing that their path is right

Who writes your story
By what right

This maddening confusion now tearing apart your rhythm with out care for all the efforts you have given to keep within the lines tearing out all of the logic all the structure all the spines and yet within the chaos you betray us to the dark. I am you and I am me.

Now let's keep this between us three. The trinity completes the form that makes us whole even with the hole between. Our shiny chrome battered as we encircle the hole. Where once our love once used to be.

Where was I again? I've lost my track.

These words will lead themselves again
With disregard for foe or friend
Even with knees at prayers bend
Begging for mercy
Heaven send

This poem will end just like many stories

It ends incomplete
Missing something
No glory
The confusion reigns my mind tonight. Incomplete thoughts run together forever.
Aug 2014 · 477
Thanksgiving [haiku]
Acuriousnature Aug 2014
On Thanksgiving Day
We Celebrate With Turkey
How Come No Chicken?
Just a little haiku from my younger self
Jul 2014 · 310
A mere wish [10w]
Acuriousnature Jul 2014
I merely wish
A sight
A sound
Beauty of nature
My first on the spot attempt at a ten word piece
Acuriousnature Jul 2014
To love you, sweet
Each morning, greet
With your tender words without social sugaries
As if love laid bare for me to see
Who without mere flirt
Only through passion had captured my heart like a lover
Yet without the romance
Or the lovers dance

Even then so close to me you are
To hold my hand and heart as a lover would and to have our hearts entwined so intimately
The fair skin of this maidens emotions freed to the touch of my heart

And even without the love between a man and woman we have still been so intimate
Beyond the mortal bounds of flesh
Our love now beyond man and woman
Between two Souls
My lover, My friend
A more recent piece created during a friendly sparring match. We would build our replying pieces based off the words of the other. Felt this was well to show ;). Enjoy
Jul 2014 · 395
Oh sleep
Acuriousnature Jul 2014
Oh sleep. Say not a peep.
I cannot hope my words will seep to my dear friend
If sleeping you make her by the end
My short plea to my friend before they slept on me :) they managed a few more messages before nodding off
Acuriousnature Jul 2014
I guess even angels,
Have burdens to bear
Beneath all the laughter,
And  smiles that they wear
In memory of those lost to suicide
Jul 2014 · 349
Acuriousnature Jul 2014
Look into a Thinker's mind,
So logical but cold
Now look into a lovers heart,
So foolish yet so bold.

Look into this broken heart,
And tell of what you see,
Do you see a shattered world,
Or do you just see me?

Look into this spirit's ghost,
Now tell me what you feel?
Do you feel these angel wings,
Or just the Devil's deal?

Look into the quiet soul,
And tell of what you find,
May you see my precious Heart,
But do not seek my Mind...
Four years ago I wrote this.
'Twas the start of many journey's.

— The End —