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Sammie Oct 2018
Write about love, if you may!
I would be curious to know what you'd say
Write about birds and their long flight!
I am sure even you love to see that sight!
Write about your passion and dream
To which your heart shouts out and scream!
Write about all your sorrow
For I am right here to take them away as I borrow!
Write all about what takes you higher
Cause I know you aren't just a flame but the whole fire!!
When poet friend wants to write something for you and asks you what it should be about!!!?
Acuriousnature Jul 2014
Oh sleep. Say not a peep.
I cannot hope my words will seep to my dear friend
If sleeping you make her by the end
My short plea to my friend before they slept on me :) they managed a few more messages before nodding off

— The End —