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An old diner to sit down,
Chuck's bodies are digging out the grave now
Who's got time to try to lie
When the boss had a niece
Until you blew her brains out from behind.
They don't know that, slow the roll back.
Take a breath and compose that,
"You don't know anything" face, show that.
Shake your head no, Sam.

Randall tells a lie to buy some time
But why?
Does it matter when evidence is climbing up
Like ladder to expose the truth.
If the bell tolls, Chuck, it's rung for you.
Keep that calm face for now,
Knowing you tied your own noose.

It's too late to turn back on anything,
It's too late to turn back on everything.
Eloisa 2d
I am trying to find the proper time to write
the ending that I have tried to forget.
Just allow me to re-read the past chapters that made our story beautiful.
In time, I would be able to transform the pain of our past into a wonderful  epilogue.
Dream Fisher Nov 2
The job is done now, see.
You let your mind start to race,
Where a clear conscious once stood,
Death sits calmly in its place.
You look in the mirror to see a bit clearer.
How did we get here so fast?
Retrace a memory from the past.

In a job you didn't like,
You took for your family, that's clear,
All the cards were laid just right,
I can hear that phone ringing from here.
Miss Fitch was coming in hot
So you came back screaming on that wire,
Took a job in shady dealings.
One phone call and you're fired.

Now you're home, act natural.
Smile at all those right places
It was a trigger you had to pull,
Inside an internal war, he faces
Just don't look back, that's the present trick
Or your own mind may make you sick.
Em MacKenzie Oct 5
Why do me the courtesy
of meeting me half way?
Unleashing your opinions of me,
putting fears to rest and keeping pain at bay.
You might aswell just ****** me,
this game I never signed up to play,
yet still I’m screaming it out internally
but it’s not my place to say.
I guess I’ll keep quiet for another day.
Poetic T Sep 20
They say life's
        A story.

Me, I never read mine.

I lived it, who wants to know
     The beginning and the ending.

live your story,
     Skip chapters,

Remember your writing it.
Lillian May Sep 15
By your presence I am bound.
it must be a great satisfaction to always know,
I am faithfully yours.
I, held open to you, as a book you could read when convenient
light skimming and waiting room sitting.
but I, being never your favorite novel,
was stuck back on the shelf full of "I'll finish it later"'s,
whilst I've written chapter upon chapter on you.
Well chapters are meant to end and books are meant to be read
I'll read my own book then
My first day of school
A backpack full of jitters;
My mother’s eyes
Say more
With that one last wave
At the door.

To live
Is to tick boxes off the list.
The more, the merrier —
Then, the more sparse
Only a new beginning
Can bring.

Do we grow bolder
Writing more chapters —
Now we take time
To reconsider.

When was the last time
I trembled,
Showered in waterfalls
Of the unknown

The pinnacle —
I would rather miss what was
Than what could have been.
Nylee Aug 31
Another page turn
There is a full stop
A new chapter begins
With fresh black ink.
New days come and go,
And fade into the past.
A future that I barely know,
Has appeared at last.

Soon I'll leave my old home,
For an new chapter I will find.
But the farther I roam,
The more I want to look behind.

I've been given a great life,
With friends and family that care.
Through whatever struggle or strife,
They have always been right there.

But what will I do when I'm all alone,
And far from their embrace.
Will I regret leaving home?
Will tears stain my face?

Who will be there to help me?
When my world falls apart.
Will I be happy?
Or will I end up with a broken heart?

Though many questions fill my mind.
As well as worries and fears.
There is someone I can always find,
Even through blinding tears.

So with an open heart,
God has comforted me.
Giving me a brand new start,
And showing where I am meant to be.

As I go through this new chapter,
Wherever it may lead.
No matter what comes after,
God is the only one I need.
An old poem I wrote for graduation last year.
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