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Ylzm Apr 18
Hush, Baby, Hush.
Soothing and Pillowy, Lush is Love.
Waters Rush, Rain Pour, Tears Fall.
Sleep, My Baby, Sleep.
For Dreams, Life's Balm, Soothes.
You deserve someone
Who’ll bring down the stars for you

Intelligence is just another
Set of instincts
Don’t ignore your intelligence

You’re better than you think
You’ll be better than now

Trust your eyes

You made mistakes
You learnt
That means you were successful

Step to step

If you feel
Like you’re slipping
Maybe you just need to slip a bit

Take your time
It’s your world

Is a form of

There are problems
You won’t be able to-
(allowed to)
And that’s okay
It’s not your fault

It’s okay to close the doors
Let’s find some peace and quiet

Does it feel hopeless?

Sometimes you can’t help but feel helpless
It’s okay
You can’t be confident all the time

Sometimes we achieve
Unexpected things
Things I told myself when there was no one to comfort me
Ellie Phant Aug 2018
A cat’s purr provokes a precious symbiosis
as cherished old bones rattle
haunches wrapped in warm white velvet
press gently against
my half-broken hummingbird heart
soothing two souls at once
Amanda Jun 2018
I write away my sadness
The stars listen to my pain
Night wind whispers "You'll be alright"
Hums a lullaby in harmony with falling rain

I write to heal this wounded heart
The sunshine lends me hope with a warm glow
Pillowy puffs of clouds remind me to rest
Rustling leaves on branches seem to say "Take it slow"

I write to escape the world awhile
Transform tormenting ache into art
Other things give comfort, not like my pen
I write to soothe my soul, heal this broken heart.
Writing is such a release for me
Salmabanu Hatim May 2018
Your presence in my life is antiseptic,
Germs like anger,jealousy and hatred are no more.
Your musical soothing words are
My pride and ego has disappeared,
I am at peace.
Your beautiful smile is analgesic,
It has relieved me of tension and anxiety,
I am happy.
Your tender touch is anti-inflammatory,
It has soothed my pains and aches,
I am a better person.
Ella Apr 2018
Eyes as sweet as the break of dawn
Cliché even when forlorn
Your words soothe the worst wounds
Butterflies be gone
Now there's a hive
My heart
My soul
Indescribable Feelings  
Unrecognisable even
When strong
When gone
Heart in hand
Sinking in sand
Is this what you planned?
To hook me on your smile
To take me to your land
Of Beauty
Of Death
Our Beauty
Our Death
Never Die
"No, I'm not crying,
someone is just watering my eyes."
It's spilling out of my ***
All over the floor
Draped over the steps
Out of the door
It's infecting others
Because I want you so bad
It's all my fault
It's all me
This poem started out happily
I made an effort so it was good
I guess when the heart wants to speak
It does.
I suppose it would.
Dustin Dean Mar 2018
No need for dark cemeteries
In that hardened mind of yours
For I’ll meet you on the estuary
Very soon, bright and blue

So be still, like the river ahead
But run deep from troubles
When they call your name
With fervent enthusiasm
Like the burning sunset
Which we all yearn to meet

So be free, like a bee to be
And fly high from sorrow
When they curse your name
Until we meet on the estuary
Very soon, bright and blue
Mary-Rose H Sep 2017
In a
of quiet,
through the
busyness buzz,
a soothing thought
to my consciousness,
consoles my heart:

*"I'm going to be okay."
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