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Anastasia Apr 28
darkness in my heart
flashing lights in my brain
the rise and fall
of your breathing
as you sleep next to me
i can imagine it perfectly
soothing my rapid breath
the warmth
of your chest
as your arms are wrapped around me
i can feel it on my skin
like it's real
casting my anxiety
far from here
thinking of your body
hands exploring
comfort in a familiar place
relieves the burning sensation
on my fingertips
lips on mine
pressing softly
petal soft
my favorite kind of dream
chases away
all my nightmares
hands in my hair
twisting my tresses
braiding with ribbons
calms my buzzing nerves
walking barefoot
in clear water
hand in mine
pacifies the static behind my eyes
all the dreams i wish i could have
May the day soothe you and bring you all the strength you need
pour into your being how ever many cups of sweetness are needed to balance out the sour taste

May the day remind you, you are capable of whatever dream, you wish to reach for
that your years have grown your roots, so there is no need to worry; even from afar I can see you’re a tree that can weather storms.
Chloe Apr 3
Rain drops fall down
Bathing my skin
And covering the town
Quenching a thirsty earth
As the rain gives birth
To new life
And lulling me to sleep
As the drops pitter patter on my roof
Drowning out the nightmares
As my soul it soothes
I’ve begun to believe
Rain can heal most anything
For when I’ve had a bad day
And I say, “I’m done, I quit”
The rain washes down my face as if to say
“Just breathe, that’s it!”
The rain makes me shiver
Because it makes me wet and cold
But kissing in the rain brings other shivers entirely
But that’s a story I’ll leave untold
What do you love about the rain?
Only one thing can calm my raging seas
can soothe the overwhelming sense of doom
only one thing can warm me and give me light
in my darkest hours

She smooths over the bruises
and kisses my scars

Only one person has ever truly accepted me
Has taken my hand without fear or greed
She is the purest thing in my life
The only thing I need.
platonic love is still love
Carmen Jane Dec 2019
Intertwined fingers
Awaiting and trembling
For your words, that soothe.
Ylzm Apr 2019
Hush, Baby, Hush.
Soothing and Pillowy, Lush is Love.
Waters Rush, Rain Pour, Tears Fall.
Sleep, My Baby, Sleep.
For Dreams, Life's Balm, Soothes.
Zeynep Çiçek Jan 2019
You deserve someone
Who’ll bring down the stars for you

Intelligence is just another
Set of instincts
Don’t ignore your intelligence

You’re better than you think
You’ll be better than now

Trust your eyes

You made mistakes
You learnt
That means you were successful

Step to step

If you feel
Like you’re slipping
Maybe you just need to slip a bit

Take your time
It’s your world

Is a form of

There are problems
You won’t be able to-
(allowed to)
And that’s okay
It’s not your fault

It’s okay to close the doors
Let’s find some peace and quiet

Does it feel hopeless?

Sometimes you can’t help but feel helpless
It’s okay
You can’t be confident all the time

Sometimes we achieve
Unexpected things
Things I told myself when there was no one to comfort me
Ellie Phant Aug 2018
A cat’s purr provokes a precious symbiosis
as cherished old bones rattle
haunches wrapped in warm white velvet
press gently against
my half-broken hummingbird heart
soothing two souls at once
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