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Pax May 10
If all these people hated me
will you hate me as well?

If all these people laugh at me
will you laugh with them?

If all these people left me stranded
will you leave me as well?

Well, everything is left unsaid
I hope someone knew
deep inside iM hurting myself

Sorry dramatic isn't it, sometimes this feelings comes and goes, i just want to put it out there like its nothing, like crying alone is a regular thing.. Sigh..
Mnamri Dec 2019
A sailor without a
A shoulder missing a
Chaotic control slipping off my
Chained to unreasonable

Calmness as a God
You disappear into
the fog

While life sails on by
singing sweet goodbyes
Strung Oct 2019
All at once
Or nothing at all—
I’m falling—
Blackhole kind of lovely lines
Cutting cross my angled fists
These endless daunting lists I fill to burn.
deyrah Oct 2019
Love comes with the season.
Or so they say.
But the seasons come and go.
So, do we play??
We are stranded here, off love...
Do we stay??
I’m starting to feel
Less and less poetic
Like a part of me
Is slowly being drained
But not replaced
Hollow and shallow
I cannot not be a poet
For it has grown to be
A huge important part of me
Assisting in who I am
And what I want to be
But I already feel stranded
Far out in the sea
Flashing back to the day when i was hated
Stray me was stranded
I did nothing but everything's just graded
Innocent me was cheated
Some mistakes have been banded
Anger won't be melted
Sweetner brought a bitter at taste
All i want is being faded
Shout out to universe,  wish it would be granted
YexMarie Feb 2019
Stranded on a deserted island,
Confused and terrified
With nothing on her hand
Struggles to think straight by the seaside

Her soul screams
As she lies down on the hot sand
For her life seems so faraway
Reality becomes a nightmare

Even on the sunniest, clear sky day
Feels like a moonless, pitch-black night to her
Although the swaying palm trees give out a warm breeze,
It's still unlike the warmth she feels at home
When life hits you right down
Jacob Reilly Dec 2018
Well... sometimes I wish I could be alone, and sometimes I really feel alone. And it's a nice feeling for the most part. But having people who you can trust and be open with and love is always a nice thought. Despite the fact that most of the time they leave you stranded and isolated... but that's the beauty of numbness
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