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vonny Apr 13
Sunlight pours through a glass pane, filling the room with gentle warmth,

kissing my face.

and i know one truth.

i love you <3
happiness is great
Äŧül Nov 2019
Today I received it!
My own novel!
7 Seconds: A Typical Guy, Atypical Life!
My HP Poem #1811
©Atul Kaushal
Maude Laurent Nov 2019
Got a pass
From English class
To play an instrument
For cross country,
I didn't have to finish my
35 minute
Question timed
Fun Friday.....!!!!!!!YYAYYYAYYAYA
Ackerrman Oct 2019
Bouncing bubbles, thin dew stands jubilant
Atop Poppie’s vibrant, happy colour.
Poppies in summer time are in a trance,
Smiling rapturously: scarlet music!
C notes rise on a breeze, crimson follows
In a waltz, a samba- zounds, Fiddlesticks!
The garden would be desperately hollow,
Daffodils mope until crimson rhythm
Bursts spontaneous, famous elation
Ricochets, the hanging baskets fathom,
The chain braking freedom born stagnation.
Poppies will dance for the rest of their lives
And drink the sweet nectar, high as a kite.
Third piece  from a series of garden flower sonnets
Zoe Grace Aug 2019
I ******* love the snow, i was dancing around like a little five year old.
Ginger R Jul 2019
It's been a while
Dear old friend
But I wish
To open you again
My mind has been emptied
Into the fold of my notebooks
Instead of here
For over a year
So one may hope
That I've grown
As I return
I forgot about HP for so long and it just helped me through some really dark stuff...
So yeah. Ok, now watch me close this and forget about it for a couple months lol
hannah Jul 2019
I’m not saying
That I’m jealous
I just wish
You would look at me
Like you look at her
The way you laugh
And show her your art
And make jokes
That aren’t really fun
That evoke her
I would do anything
For that to be me
Sitting side by side
Writing in class
With her looking on
Definitely not jealous
There's a new girl and my crush definitely isn't talking to her and I'm definitely not being a petty trash goblin.
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