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Ghostverses Feb 21
heaven on earth.
a strange phrase for such a dreadful place.
i always ask myself, "what makes earth so.. peaceful?"
I have yet to get answer.
sitting here, hearing the rain drip down buildings and houses.
Maybe I can count to a thousand reasons why.
maybe I'm just delusional.
that word.
makes very many people happy.
but why not me?
am i afraid?
or am i just dull.
a planet we humans call home.
but are we really home?
questions like these keep me up at night.
heaven on earth.
why is it so cold?
honestly, I thought about this while my boyfriend is peacefully sleeping. I don't know.. maybe i think better when my partner is a ease. :)
Ghostverses Jan 13
Today's sunlight will forever be my eternal darkness
Just a little quote I made up. Wanted to get some opinions about it
tree Aug 2023
writing isn't easy when
the only language i speak
is that of her laugh
is using contractions cheating??
Ghostverses Aug 2021
I forever stand with you
even if it's till our dreams end
if I told you to stay in
would you break my little rotten apple?
Just cause' you ended up in a grave?
Look at the end and read the end words :)
Ghostverses Apr 2021
I love how you imagine us together
Oh how knifes are so pretty.
Idk i just came up with this while in math class
Michael T Chase Mar 2021
Problem solving is about mental checklists:
1. Getting the "groceries";
2. Not getting munchies.

In divine revelation, two explanations go together if they are on the same subject.
If not, they usually are counters of each other in my heart, unifying only in wisdom.
Or, they can never morph their qualities into different ones.
Same for linear algebra.

In Plato's pedagogy of music, philosophy, then physics, math progresses from simple sound differences, to logic, to matter and space, because these mirror denser aspects of reflection requiring greater precision.
Ghostverses Feb 2021
White, fluffy, wet.
Smiles, laughs, joy.
Air, ice, clouds.
Every flake is unique on it's own.
Apart as but together make tons.
Schools are out, students are about.
Cars are sliding, trucks are providing.
Roads are frozen, salt is spreadin'.
You are the reason why I stay in the-
I made this in the middle of my first period class. Hope you enjoy! <3
vonny Apr 2020
Sunlight pours through a glass pane, filling the room with gentle warmth,

kissing my face.

and i know one truth.

i love you <3
happiness is great
Àŧùl Nov 2019
Today I received it!
My own novel!
7 Seconds: A Typical Guy, Atypical Life!
My HP Poem #1811
©Atul Kaushal
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