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Acuriousnature Aug 2014
Spin with me. In circles
and spiral. Take this raw
emotion and spin them
through your spindle of
stories. Each string thing
lingering upon your fingers
like a spiders silk.
Emotions raw
Now singled out and wound together. Each emotion trailing into a single thread.

By you gentle hand you tie
my heart through the
needles eye.

Your Eye for me expertly
manipulating me to see the dreamscapes of my heart
So that I may see my
beauty reflected in your
refine(ed) spool.
Unwinding my twisted
cords. Singing to my like a
snake charmer.

Under your feathered
touch and soothing
I cannot resist you
Without hitch
With every stitch
There's not
One knot
Not a knot
For naught of simple
adoration for you
A recent piece made with the inspiration of a fellow poet dear to me

— The End —