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I S A A C Jul 21
stifled in this house of mirrors
thought my promised love was here
my flaws become all too clear
critical seeds deposited deep
i can see them blossom here
rose petals, swollen fruits
but no pair in this house of mirrors
cracked the case, racked my brain
all this data, i need to leave it
in this house of mirrors my confidence is decaying
my ego grows tired, i lean into yoga
realize my ego’s expired, my old life is over
my stability is fading
in this house of mirrors i saw possibilities
in this house of mirrors i saw atrocities
in the shadows of ambiguity, i almost lost me
balancing beam, shattering dreams
warped perception, endless maze
biological embrace, removal of societal shame
this house of mirrors lives with me today
Shofi Ahmed Aug 2021
The rose in front of me
often seems like is
the cherry picked one
treasured in the most epic hunt.

Down the blue sky
the clouds get clear over time
and the truth shows up:
It’s no invention.
A made in heaven pair found on Earth!
next to never (a pair of ones)

squeezed between nuh-uh and fugetaboutit,

is that long gone notion in the nation of concepts,

like one true love, the connected lines on each of our

bodies, certifying we are a pair of ones, a strong hand.

there are chores to be done:

reread Guy de Maupassant,

delete two thousand unread emails

cry for my so lost children

let Walt Whitman wash over my body like oil

kick the guy out of bed so he can make us coffee.

a ton of stuff to do, good thing, we got a strong hand,

that pair of ones.

which I am now informed is called a pair of


Who Knew?

7:51 Sun Jul 12
Void Jul 2020
The stars

In her eyes

Make me

Feel alive

She is the day

And I am the night

And when we

Both collide;

She fills the void

In my chest

With her

Illuminating light
Cameron Mar 2020
Love hurts when it can't be shared.
Say to the one I love? I would not dare.
I'd like to think that we'd make a great pair.
But should I share, it would end with despair.

Love and Dare.
Always a pair.

The friendship is strong,
the bond constructed,
Though it hasn't been that long,
My love could be obstructed.

Love and Dare.

Should I say love,
he might say no.
Is it worth the risk?
I wish it was so.

Love and Dare.
A nightmare.

Or a dream come true.
You never know if you don't ask.
It's hard to love a friend more than a friend, because you could lose that friend if they say no. The hardest question is if that risk is worth it. Is it?
Ash or KC Feb 2018
You use your coded words,
Building up my feelings for you.
I never shared my secrets like that.
Never said how lonely I felt,
But now I don't feel as alone.
You are there in my life.
You inspire the words that I write.
My twisted metaphors,
My once empty writing,
They hold you in them.
You're there in name.
You're there in comparison.
You're there because i put you there.
When a poet falls for a hacker,
They realize that they can hack more than just software,
Or bypass firewalls.
They can hack our feelings,
Bypass the walls we set up,
And infiltrate our systems.
I'm at the time of writing this, seem to have found myself to have fallen for somebody, a rare thing that has happened to me.
Kiss in flame,
An unending blaze.
A sleek smoke dance
Gently spun
Changing to a sweeter one.

His body enfolded
In a warm glow;
Fire resonates within us.
Passion fuel without smoldering;
We make love while the world’s unfolding.
For “R” series
annh Oct 2019
You ask,
Use ten words
When two will do?

‘Cos a pair is always eight words too few.
‘"The efficiency of the cleaning solution in liquefying wizards suggested the operation of an antithetical principal, which--"
"Did you have to get him started?" Cimorene asked reproachfully.’
- Patricia C. Wrede, Calling On Dragons
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